13 Rare Types Of Betta Fish (With Pictures)

Male bettas have devoted fathers who construct burrows to their babies by putting their mouths in them and then fiercely defending their young from predators. While some bettas can be captured from the wild, the majority of the bettas sold to the U.S. come from breeding farms in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia, where it’s customary to store the fish in tiny bottles.

The name of the fish comes from an old clan of warriors known as”the “Bettah.” Here, gamblers would wager on the fish’s courage, not the harm they could cause to the opponent. Betta fish are also called “plakat,” especially the shorter-finned kinds, therefore, as you could easily see the Betta fish don’t have the best reputation.

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Bettas are also available in many different shades. Their skin is made up of several layers of pigment. They range through yellow, red-black, Iridescent (which comprises green and blue), and an exterior coating that looks metallic that alters the way other colors appear. Bettas are known as fighting fish due to their ability to fight.

They are territorial, and males are particularly susceptible to aggression. Bettas are loved due to their numerous attractive shapes and colors; however, they aren’t created typically. Bettas of males tend to be larger than females and exhibit more prominent, vibrant colors with more intricate fineness.

This is why the majority of bettas that are kept for pets are male. The new owners of bettas are frequently shocked to see their new pet making tiny bubbles floating on top of the tank’s waters. Bettas are intelligent fish. They can identify their owners.

1. Albino betta fish

Albino betta fish
Albino betta fish

The most sought-after betta color on the planet is an albino-colored betta. Albino bettas that are true, unlike white bettas, are eyes that are red or pink. Betta fish are carnivores, and in the wild, they hunt larvae, insects, and insects’ eggs off the water’s surface.

Their sizes range from 1.5 2.5 to 2.5 inches. Bettas can be found in the shallow waters of ponds, marshes, or slow-moving rivers.

2. Siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish

The Siamese fighter fish, often called the Betta, is native to Southeast Asia. Have dark red, and dark blue are the most common colors. Siamese fighting fish consume brine shrimp, blackworms, frozen tubifex worms, and daphnia.

The length increases to a maximum of 6-8 centimeters. Siamese combat fish come from the Mekong Delta and are the most popular within the Chao Phraya River.

3. Purple Betta Fish

Purple Betta Fish
Purple Betta Fish

Reeding a purple betta fish appears to be a straightforward use of blue to cover an opaque red pigment. Purple Betta fish can range from bright purples and violets to blues.

Fish food that has enough protein to feed the needs of a purple betta is typically created by mixing other FishFish if we are talking about Purple Betta Fish size, so it’s about 2.25 up to 2.5 inches.

4. Genuine Blue Dragon Betta Fish

It’s not the case with an exclusive breed called”the True Blue Dragon betta, which is very difficult to breed correctly. A blue dragon-scale body can distinguish true Blue Dragon bettas. A healthy diet comprises dry bloodworms that have been dried, as well as brine shrimp or daphnias. Its size is about 2 inches.

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5. Green Betta Fish

Green Betta Fish
Green Betta Fish

Betta FishFish, referred to by the name of Siamese fighter fish, is quite common for beginners who are aquarists. Green bettas are generally solid-colored, and the light needs to be suitable for them to see the green color on their bodies.

They are fond of eating the meat of any kind. Their size is 2.5″-3.0 inches. Like tropical FishFish, Green bettas require to be kept in warm water.

6. White Betta Fish

White Betta Fish
White Betta Fish

White bettas will have solid white fins and scales, though the fins might appear more transparent in certain specimens. In the wild, they generally eat small, meaty creatures like bloodworms, worms, daphnia brine shrimps, mosquito larvae, and other FishFish. The average size of the species ranges from 1.5 2.5 to 2.5 inches.

7. Orange Dalmatian Betta Fish

Its Orange Dalmatian color scheme is one of the rarest oranges, and it is the rarest of oranges. Orange Dalmatian has a pale orangish hue complemented by dark, orange-colored spots and its fins. Orange Dalmatians can be produced through breeding two bettas of two distinct shades.

8. Cambodian Betta Fish

Cambodian Betta Fish
Cambodian Betta Fish

This photo shows a gorgeous young male with premium high-end Cambodian Betta Fish. Their ancestors hailed from central Thailand. The Cambodian betta fish is made up of a pale body which is usually white, flesh-colored, or light pink.

In the wild, they consume surface-dwelling insects, larvae, zooplankton as well as tiny crustaceans. Male Betta FishFish can be around 3 inches in length, and the Fish habitat is slow-moving streams or lakes with a lot of vegetation.

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9. Albimarginata Betta Fish

Albimarginata Betta Fish
Albimarginata Betta Fish

Betta albimarginata is one of the kinds of FishFish called betta native on the islands of Borneo, which is present inside the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Timur. They have ventrally a blackish head and a greyish yellow dorsally.

They consume small amounts of live or frozen meals like Daphnia, Artemia, or bloodworm. This species can reach a length of 2.8 centimeters. They can be found in the wild, in the rainforest of Borneo, and the plant’s root systems in shallow waters.

10. Macrostoma Betta Fish

Betta Macrostoma, often referred to by the name of Spotfin Betta, is one of the most sought-after betta fish in the world of fishkeeping. They are beautiful FishFish that have vibrant orange-colored. Betta macrostoma is a meat-based food, which makes them carnivores.

Betta Macrostoma can reach 4.5 inches tall. Betta macrostoma is found on the islands in Borneo within the Belait District of Brunei and in the northern part of Sarawak within Malaysia.

11. Marble Betta Fish

Marbles are similar to the horse-like pintos of the world of betta fish. The FishFish can dramatically alter its colors several times during its lifetime.

marbled Betta is a fish with half-light and dark colors on its fins and body, typically with a striking contrast in the shades. They are known to eat small meaty creatures like bloodworms, worms, daphnias, etc.

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12. Double Tail Betta Fish

Double tail bettas can be identified by having two distinct tails separated from the base. Double tail bettas are stunning-looking FishFish with very particular care requirements.

Carnivores are a species that is found in the wild. In the wild, they hunt larvae, insects, and eggs of insects that are deposited on the surface of the water. The Double Tail Betta Fish can grow as high as 2-3 inches.

13. Fantail Betta Fish

The FishFish is equipped with two caudal fins side-by-side; however, they are fused at a small puncture on the top. The FishFish is similar to the fantail goldfish. The ideal diet for betta fish includes various frozen-dried food items, fresh FishFish, and pellets and flakes, rich in protein content.

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