9 Fastest Fishes In The World (With Pictures)

1. Black Marlin

Black marlins are a type of marlin found in subtropical and tropical areas that are part of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The fish is a dark blue dorsal area with a light belly silvery-white in hue. Black marlins are a food source for cuttlefish, squid, dolphinfish and octopuses.

They also eat mackerels, or swordfish and trevallies. Males can grow to 4.65 meters and weigh 500 kgs; however, females tend to be much more significant. They usually live in shallow water above the thermocline, between 15 and 30 degrees C near shore, close to islands, continents, and coral reefs.

2. Sailfish (68 mph)

A sailfish is the two marine species of the Genus Istiophorus that are part of the family Istiophoridae. Sailfish have a long, round spear that extends from its snout. Sailfish feed primarily in the daylight hours, eating fish and squids.

The length of a sailfish is 51.18-63.78 inches, and it is 13-20 inches. Atlantic sailfish can be located in water that is warm in the Atlantic. They race toward their target with speeds of up to 68 miles per hour.

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3. Striped Marlin (50 mph)

The striped marlin can be described as a species of marlin found in the Indo-Pacific region, from tropical to temperate oceans. Striped marlins are huge oceanic fishes with long, round bill small teeth and an enormous dorsal fin. They consume large bones of fish as well as Squids.

Striped marlin can be opportunistic fish consumers such as mackerel, anchovy and sardine. They can attain 12 feet in length and weigh up to 450 pounds of striped marlin’s capacity to swim for long distances with speeds of up to 50 miles an hour ends.

Striped marlin is found in the tropical and temperate water of both the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Marlins with stripes are said to travel at speeds as high as 50 miles per hour.

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4. Wahoo

Wahoo Fitness is a fitness technology firm based in Atlanta. Atlantic Wahoos are steel-blue above and light blue below. They feed on other pelagic fishes and squid. Wahoos typically grow between 40 to 65 inches long. Wahoos are common in subtropical and tropical waters all over the world. They can travel up to 48 the speed of sound.

5. Mako shark (70-80mph)

Mako sharks are one of two varieties of active, swift sharks that are potentially dangerous members of the family of mackerel sharks. Mako sharks are located from New England to Florida. They’re slender and have pointed snouts, Crescent-shaped tails and long, thin teeth.

Their food sources are marine fishes like bluefish and tuna, swordfish, marine mammals, and other sharks. Mako sharks develop slowly and can reach as long as 13 feet in length. Mako sharks swim at speeds of 70 to 80 mph.

6. Atlantic bluefin tuna (43 mph)

A. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is a type of tuna that belongs to the family of Scombridae. Bluefin tuna are found primarily within the North Atlantic pelagic ecosystem. Atlantic bluefins originate from both the eastern and western Atlantic oceans.

Atlantic bluefins have massive torpedo-shaped bodies which are almost circular in cross-section. They are the most important tuna species and can grow to 13 feet tall and 2,000 pounds. Bluefin Tuna enjoy both cold waters and tropical waters. Some species of tuna can swim at speeds of 43 miles an hour.

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7. Blue shark (43 mph)

The Blue Shark, commonly referred to by the name of the great blue shark, is a requiem shark species. Blue sharks are found along the shores of all continents, except Antarctica.

Blue sharks are renowned for their striking deep-blue colouration contrasted with their pure white belly. Blue sharks can grow as long as 13 feet in length. However, they typically are 10 feet in length. Blue sharks are found in cold and warm water; however, they can avoid frigid temperatures. Blue sharks reach speeds of 43 mph/70 kilometres per hour.

8. Bonefish (40 mph)

Bonefish are the main species in the family of bonefish. Bonefish look blue-greenish on top, with bright silvery scales around the edges and beneath. Bonefish mature from three to four years old and range from 17-18 inches overall.

Inshore fish living in shallow waters, often less than one foot in depth. The average speed of bonefish is about 40 mph.

9. Swordfish (60 mph)

Swordfish, often referred to as broadbills in certain countries are giant predators that migrate extensively—distinguished by their length. The swordfish is among the ocean’s fastest and strongest predators and a major fishery species wherever it is found. The swordfish has an elongated, flattened, long bill resembling an eagle.

They are typically 3 meters long, and the highest reported length is 4.55 meters. Swordfish are commonly found in temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic. They can attain speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

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