9 Most Common Shark In Australia (With Pictures)

1. Great white shark

Great white sharks, commonly referred to by the name of white shark, also known as the great white, is a species of mackerel shark. White sharks are huge, fat fishes that have bodies that are shaped like blunt torpedos.

They feed on fish and other sharks. They also are prey to seals, sea turtles, porpoises, and sea lions, as well as small whales and dolphins.

The largest great white sharks can be as long as 20 feet and can weigh the weight of 520 to 1,100 kilograms. They can be found in coastal and down to depths of 1200m along the slope of continental.

2. Tiger shark

The Tiger shark is a kind of requiem shark and is the only known species belonging to the Genus Galeocerdo. Its body color is grey and has dark horizontal bars of gray and spots that run along its flanks.

They have an underside that is white or pale. They consume lobsters, crabs, shellfish and bony fish, squid skates, small sharks, porpoises, and rays.

Sharks typically have a length of 325- 425 cm and weigh in the range of 175-635 kg. Tiger sharks are typically located in warm and tropical temperate waters.

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3. Zebra shark

The Zebra shark is one of the species of carpet shark. It is also the only member of the family Stegostomatidae. Zebra sharks’ birth color is dark brown, with yellowish stripes. Zebra sharks feed mostly on crustaceans and mollusks, and small fish.

Zebra sharks have an average length of 8 feet and weigh between 44 and 66 lbs. They live in coral reefs that are shallow in tropical oceans.

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4. Bull shark

Bull sharks are among the most dangerous sharks in the world, according to a variety of experts. They’re gray on top with a white underside, and their fins are adorned with dark tips.

They primarily prey to fish, but they also consume other shark species, including birds, marine mammals, and turtles. Bull sharks can grow up to seven feet in length, and females can reach 11 feet.

They typically weigh 130 kilograms. Bull sharks can be seen throughout the waters of coastal waters around the globe.

5. Grey Nurse

The grey nurse population of sharks (Carcharias taurus) is found in the waters in Western Australia. Grey nurse sharks have an extremely stout body that’s greyish-brown to grey above and off-white beneath.

The grey nurse shark is an enormous stout body that is greyish-brown to grey above and off-white beneath. Grey nurse sharks consume mostly crabs, lobsters, small sharks and fish, Squid, and rays.

Grey nurse sharks can grow to at minimum 3.6 meters in length and weigh up to 330kg. Grey Nurse Sharks tend to reside in shallow waters inshore.

6. Whale shark

Whale sharks are the biggest sharks and, in fact, the largest of all fishes that are alive today. Every whale shark has its own distinctive pattern of spots that is as human fingerprints.

They can only consume small fish, shrimp, and plankton using their gill Rakers. These massive animals can grow as long as 39 feet and weigh 18.7 tons in metric. The whale shark can be found in the warm and tropical seas of the world.

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7. Great Hammerhead

Great hammerheads are the biggest shark species that are hammerhead that is part of the family of Sphyrnidae. They’re dusky brown or light gray dorsal side and then fade to a cream-colored bottom, with a caudal fin that is symmetrical.

They hunt stingrays and cephalopods (octopus and Squid) as well as crustaceans and other sharks. They have a maximum measured size of 20′ and a weight of 991 pounds. The great hammerhead is found in oceans that are tropical all over the globe.

8. Port Jackson shark

A Port Jackson shark is a kind of nocturnal, oviparous bullhead shark in the family of Heterodontidae. This medium-sized shark features the head as blunt and has a small mouth and large crests that are visible above the eyes.

The species feeds on the echinoderm, crustaceans, mollusks, and a small amount of fish. It is believed that the Port Jackson Shark grows to 1.65 meters in length. Rocky habitats are the most prevalent habitat, but sandy and muddy and seagrass beds.

9. Thresher shark

Thresher sharks are huge lamniform sharks belonging to the family of Alopiidae that are found throughout tropical and temperate oceans around the globe. Thresher sharks can be blue, gray-brown, purplish, or.

They are able to eat anchovies, sardines and mackerel, hake, and Squid. They develop slowly. However, they can reach 20 feet and live from between 19 and 50 years up to 230 kilograms (510 pounds) of weight. Common thresher sharks can be seen in the waters of temperate zones around the globe.

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