9 Reason Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else?

When I was a novice, I asked why my dog humped me and no one else. Well, now I know because I have been caring for and petting more than 12 dog breeds in my Kennel club and running a thriving adoption center. If you don’t know, then let me tell you, a dog can hump on you out of 9 reasons. 

There is not always sexual arousal in dogs behind their humping on you. This article will tell you 11 reasons why dog humps on you and no one else. 

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Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else? A dog can start humping on you due to sexual arousal, lack of exercise, medical issues, excitement, habitual behavior, seeking attention, or due to their genetically programmed traits.  

9 Reason Why My Dog Hump Me And No One Else

Why Does My Dog Hump Me And No One Else?
9 Reason Why My Dog Hump Me And No One Else
  1. Due To Excitement
  2. Sexual Arousal
  3. Compulsive or Habitual Behaviour
  4. Out Of Boredom
  5. Medical Problems
  6. Social Status
  7. To Seek Attention
  8. Genetically Programmed Traits
  9. To Play With You

Due To Excitement


You are everything to your dog and whenever your dog sight you, due to excitement, he may start humping on you. This could be the primary reason why your dog could humping on you. Dogs and humans share a special bonding with each other and whenever you come back home, they always want to greet you at the door.

By getting the smell of you, they can pick up their own level of excitement making them hump on you. Humping could be the other way of showing his happiness and excitement which is more common in high-energy dog breeds, especially large breeds.

It is natural for them to get excited but if you don’t administer the humping nature of your dog, it could get habitual. You should ignore this kind of habit by not giving them attention when you come back home or when they start humping.

You can also say words like “No”, “stop”, “get off” or any other verbal indication that you have used previously to stop them from doing any unwanted behavior.

Sexual Arousal 

Most dog owners often things that whenever a dog comes the primary cause could be sexual arousal which could be true. If you haven’t neuter your dog then bi-sexual arousal can occur humping on your dog. It has been seen commonly on young dogs as well as puppies.

The very first thing that you should do is to get your dog neutered. The other thing that you can do is to redirect their attention by giving them something that can keep them busy all day long. It could be anything from a stuffed toy to a game like a fetch.

As soon as they do something that you want them to do, reward them with high-value treats to appreciate them. In this way, your dog will get a notion that this kind of behavior will be appreciated instead of humping.

Compulsive or Habitual Behaviour

As you know, licking and barking is a very common habit of every single dog, a humping can also become habitual. If their owner doesn’t address the problem or acknowledge it properly, then their dog starts humping on them. It can become habitual.

It has been seen that few dogs tend to have to hump compulsive behavior which can only be corrected or altered by giving them proper training. Apart from that, a dog can also get anxious about it making them hump on you. The compulsive and habitual behavior can make your dog jump on you.

The very first thing that you must do is to find out the cause of humping. Once you find out of it’s a compulsive behavior or habitual behavior, work on it by giving them proper training as well as rewarding them for good behavior. Whenever your dog starts humping on you, start ignoring them by standing up and walking off.

Out Of Boredom

If you don’t provide something to your dog that can keep them all day long busy then they may get bored. Out of boredom, he may start humping on you to kill their boredom as well as to keep themselves busy with you.

Plus, if you ignore their behavior without making them realize what’ll be appreciated, it won’t make any difference at all. Reward them for good behavior and ignore them for unwanted behavior.

The dog usually gets bored when there is nothing much for their mental and physical stimulation. In order to tackle this kind of problem, the best solution would be to play games with your dog and give them proper attention. You can play games like fetch or tug of war at home very easily. You can also give your dogs some stuffed toys or chewable toys.

Medical Problems

A dog can also start humping on you due to a prostate issue and to let you know that they need help. Other than that, a dog may also hump on you due to feeling itching in their genitals.

Medical problems can also make a dog hump. If your dog is suffering from any infection or disease then they may want to scratch their genitals by humping on you or rubbing their body through humping.

In order to acknowledge the problem or to know if it is the cause or the primary reason, you will need to visit your nearby veterinarian’s office. Seeking professional help would be a better solution.

Social Status

It has been noticed that dog tends to hump on each other in order to know the other dog consent. Plus, In order to get social status, a dog can start humping. They also bump to be the leader of the pack or the Alpha but it is only possible if there is two or more dog in your home.

It is almost impossible that a dog wants to be a pack leader of its owner. This kind of trait is only possible between dogs as well as animals. However, whatever the reason is, a dog may start humping due to social status. Plus, if you have not socialized your dog properly when they were puppies, then this could also encourage them to bump on you.

You should start ignoring your dog because there is nothing else you need to do here. If this is the cause then let me clear you – dominating behavior is only possible and has been only seen between animals as well as dogs. It’s not possible between dog and human relationships.

If you notice that the dog is trying to dominate you then maybe, you have made some very poor choices from your side or haven’t given the needed training which led them to do so. At that moment, you should not be harsh on your dog or choose any kind of extreme training method to alter this kind of behavior. Just use the positive reinforcement technique to tackle the issue.

To Seek Attention

If you have been keeping your dog outside your home for most of the time or if you haven’t given your proper attention to your dog then your dog may start humping on you. Plus if you don’t acknowledge the problem right away, it can get habitual making you worried about this kind of behavior just like now.

A dog can start humping on you to seek some attention. The most owner tends to give attention whenever their dog starts humping on them by talking to them or by handling them, which is wrong.

When you notice your dog humping on you start ignoring them are using any verbal word if this is the cause. You should get stand up and walk away out of the door. The best thing would be to get somewhere where your dog can’t reach you for few minutes and then come back.

If you notice your dog getting being calm then try to give them some commands like sit or bark. If they listen to you then appreciate them by giving a pat on his back or rewarding them with a treat. In this way, your dog will get the notion that humping is not appreciated by you. Instead of that, whenever he will listen to your command – he will be rewarded as well as will get attention from you.

Genetically Programmed Traits

It has been found that just like humans, animals also do masturbate. In dogs, humping could be a genetically programmed traits that is being occurred right now.

If you have noticed your dog humping on you recently then this could be another cause. Remember, a neutered dog can also hump because they still have the ability to sense. Their sensitive muscle still tends to be active after being neutered.

The first thing is to get your dog neutered. If you notice your dog pumping on a pillow or anything else then let them do so to enjoy themselves. However, if your dog starts humping on you then stop giving attention and move from there right away. If you don’t want to get your dog neutered then you can also start nudging your dog using your hand or elbow.

However, make sure that you are not being too harsh on your dog or using too much strength. Be gentle without rushing or pushing. Another thing that you can do is to consult or get a help of a certified dog trainer to encounter the problem and alter his behavior.

To Play With You

A dog may also bump on you to spend some playtime with you or to cuddle. A dog usually feels belonged and loved whenever they are playing with you. Whenever you spend some time with your dog, cuddle them or play with them but suddenly, they start humping on you then this could be the reason. It just because they are very much into it, living in the movement, and tend to get over-excited. It is a very common behavior in puppies as well as young dogs.

When you notice your dog humping on you, start playing with them and walk out the dog. It will give your dog a gesture that humping will end their fun time resulting in nothing else than just disappointment. Repeating this a few times will help you out in altering this behavior.

Why Does My Female Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

Why Does My Female Dog Hump Me and No One Else?
Why Does My Female Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

It’s not very usual or common to notice a female dog hump. However, it doesn’t mean that female dogs do not hump at all. Whenever a female dog humps on you or anything, it is only because of the heat. Male and female dogs mostly hump due to sexual arousal. It may seem very weird to some dog owners or some people, but it is widespread for a female dog to hump as it is a regular sexual activity. 

Usually, it has been found that female dogs tend to do such behavior as a form of foreplay. It is widespread in the heat period and rare when the females are not in heat. It could be straightforward to induce her and stop her from humping compared to male dogs. 

A male dog can start humping due to many other reasons if we exclude sexual arousal. Recently, researchers found that a female dog may also hump due to nervousness. 

How To Stop Dog Humping On You And No One Else?

How To Stop Dog Humping On You And No One Else?
How To Stop Dog Humping On You And No One Else?

The first thing to stop your dog from humping on you is to find out the cause or triggering such behavior. If you successfully find the motivation that triggers such behavior, you can easily tackle it or correct it. Another thing that has been found very successful when tried out by most dog owners is not giving them the attention they crave. You should stop giving attention to your dog when they start humping on you. The dog usually loves attention from its owner, whether it’s negative or positive. 

In most cases, dogs usually hump on their owner to seek some attention even they get a negative one. Showing angriness or madness on your dog is nothing else than giving them the attention that they want. Ignoring them and stop giving them attention would be the best solution to stop your dog from humping on you. 


Final Thought

By now, I hope that I have managed to answer why my dog humps me and no one else. You need to understand that it is not any disorder or a disease that must be treated but behavior or a habit that needs to be altered. 

What I learned from my experience and perspective is that we should embrace our pets and try to keep them in the proper care. We’ve shared many other guides on dog care that can help you give your dog the best possible care in the world and raise them into a well-mannered dog. 

Our dog’s greatest fear is that we don’t come back home when we leave our dog. Forget everything that your dog has been doing, and regardless of their positive or negative behavior, you should enjoy every part of your daily life with them. I hope that I managed to give you all the information needed to know why dogs hump on their owner but no one else. If you find this post helpful, do share this post as it will encourage me to write more about them and share with you.

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. We believe that every piece of data and information is incomplete even we put all the effort, interviews and research. If you happen to find any mistake in the article, then let us know by commenting below; we will correct it as soon as possible. I hope that we will get to see you on another post and then take care and goodbye.

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