9 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best

A French Bulldog can bring joy and a smile to anyone who loves snuggles. Apart from snuggles, the French are also famous for tearing the couch around the house. 

They can do booty scooting all over the floor in a heartbeat. In this article, we will talk about nine reasons why French Bulldogs are the best breed ever.

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They are a high-energy dog breed, but they also usually power down quickly due to being small in size. However, they can switch back into strike mode within minutes as well. That being said, Frenchies tend to be friendly, energetic, and funny, making them so prevalent out there. Here are nine reasons why French bulldogs are the best breed ever.

9 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Breed

French BuBulldogdapts well and tends to be happy in small spaces. 

If you live in an apartment or reside in a house with little floor space, then a French Bulldog is what you need. Frenchies tend to be perfectly happy in small places, and sometimes they prefer to retreat to a small crate when they feel threatened. 

Single couples, families including senior citizens, all can have these Frenchies.

Due to their quiet nature and satisfaction just being by the side with their owner.

French BuBulldogs ok in cool weather.

Believe it or not, but when you want to go for a walk with your pup in cool weather, Frenchie will be fine. However, a doggy sweater or a warm coat that fits their body will be needed when going outside in colder temperatures.

French bulldogs are Clowney and funny around other dogs. 

French BuBulldogends to be very affectionate and friendly not only to humans but also to other dogs. 

They can quickly get along with other dog breeds and even clown around them. French Bulldogs always look for clowning whenever they get the chance.

Frenchies Love Humans. 

A French bulldog will always love his human family and is always considered dependably amiable. Just like golden retrievers, Frenchies love their owner and their family. 

However, due to being highly sensitive, criticism should be avoided. Avoid shouting or yelling at your Frenchie as they have the habit of taking it seriously and mope around. It’s best to give positive reinforcement as they respond well to that.

Frenchies Are Like Couch Potatoes And Don’t Need A Lot Of Exercises. 

Believe it or not, your adult french buBulldogill be very restful and dignified. They don’t need a lot of exercises if you go for a daily walk.

A 30-minute daily walk two times a day is all you need to keep your friendly energy level low as well as happy. You will love to snuggle with them as they make the best couch potatoes while you watch your favorite TV show.

Frenchies Are Highly Entertaining. 

Many people have stated that French bulldogs are best for people who need sitcoms. Your buddy will always run around and prance in your room. 

They are known for rolling around and skittering across the floor while chattering at you. Frenchies has also been seen singing along with their favorite tune in the car when it comes to entertainment, French BuBulldogops the doggies world entertainment list with their squawks, yips, snuggle, gargles, and skittering behavior as they talk to you.

French Bulldogs Are A Low-maintenance Breed. 

Although they are low maintenance, you need to give them proper bath diets and grooming for their goofiness. French BuBulldogan go for vocal protest over the indignant position of being doused.

Princes Make Great Babysitters. 

Recently, Frenchie has been noticed looking after a baby orangutan named Malone, abandoned by his mother in the Twycross zoo England. A nine-year-old French Bulldog stepped in and took care of the baby orangutan guy. 

Both Malone and French BuBulldoglso became best friends, and they both sleep together until Malone joins his other companion at the zoo.

Frenchies are talkative

French BuBulldogs are not much into it when it comes to bark, but they do like to talk. The French BuBulldogses, a very complex system of gargles, yips, and yawns, convey an illusion of their language.

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