9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Worst Dogs

We already know that a German Shepherd makes excellent family dogs, but one should consider other factors as it influences your and your family’s life dramatically. 

Nevertheless, you are here because you want to know why Golden retrievers are the worst dog. This article will discuss nine surprising faults that make a golden retriever a terrible choice for the first time.

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Golden Retrievers Have A Stealing Habit. 

Golden retrievers are excellent at carrying things in their mouth, apart from your heart. Golden retrievers not only steal your heart but also enjoy stealing your belonging from you to parade around in the mouth. 

There are many instances when a Golden retriever has been noticed carrying dirty socks out of the laundry basket as soon as their owner turns around for even a second. 

The worst could happen with your underwear as well. Golden retriever likes to steal your belongings to make you chase them to get them back. It’s all like a game and playtime to a Golden retriever. 

It is widespread to notice a Golden retriever picking up things when walking them outside. 

They are frequently observed picking up tennis balls or someone’s gloves while carrying them home on the ground. Believe it or not, everything seems to be fair to a Golden retriever in its game.

Golden Retriever Life Is Too Short. 

Short lifespan is one of the worst factors for anyone looking for a cute pet and a companion. According to Wikipedia, golden retrievers live on average 10-12 years. If you ask any golden retriever owner, they will probably say that is too short.

Golden Retrievers Are Way Too Stubborn.

Believe it or not, many owners have stated how stubborn this dog is. When I first met a retriever in my life, I knew firsthand how stubborn this breed is. 

Apart from being highly intelligent and easy to train, a retriever also has a mind of its own. If your retriever doesn’t want to do something, then you can expect him to pick a fight with you as well. 

By that, I mean that your golden retriever will eat around and not move. They have been frequently noticed sitting around and not moving until their wish is fulfilled or they go their way. One of the best methods to coax him into going your way is by giving them high-value treats.

Golden Retrievers Are Extensively Friendly, Making Them Poor Guard Dogs. 

A Golden retriever will always want to get started whenever a stranger approaches. You can’t expect your house to be safe from a burglar in the presence of a Golden retriever. 

A Golden retriever will indeed start barking as soon as they notice a stranger. But When a stranger approaches, they have often been seen wagging their tail and greeting them with a smile. 

This is something that makes them an inferior guard dog as well as not the right dog for you. If you’re looking for a friend or a people dog, then a Golden retriever is what you want. Hence, if you are not very social or enjoy meeting new people, then this dog is not what you are looking for.

Golden Retrievers Are Messy.

A Golden retriever is not a good choice for people who like neat and orderly houses. Golden retrievers can be extremely Messy because their hair will be everywhere. Adding to that, this breed of dog also loves to get dirty in water and mud. 

This dog will walk through mud and plop down and roll around in it. Golden retrievers like mud baths as well, and it’s something that is the worst nightmare for any dog owner. Adding to that, a Golden retriever also never minds shaking all that mud off inside your house if they are mud-covered.

Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot. 

Believe it or not but the golden retriever is an aggressive shredder. In the shedding season, their undercoat will shed, and you can expect your golden retriever to shed at least two times a year. 

In spring, they will shed to have a lighter coat, and in the fall, they shed to have a warmer winter coat. After that, it is common to notice moderate shedding throughout the year. 

It is essential to feed your golden retriever a high-quality diet to maintain a healthy coat and reduce shedding. There are many things that one should do to control and consolidate all of that shedding.

Golden Retrievers Are Chewers. 

We know that all dogs chew on something but the golden retriever in particular loves chewing. It is guaranteed to notice a golden retriever carrying something in its mouth and chewing it. 

If you plan to have this breed, then make sure to have plenty of appropriate chewable toys in hand. In the absence of chewable toys, a retriever will find your belongings to chew on.

Golden Retrievers Cannot Be Left Alone. 

If you’re planning to keep a Golden retriever left alone on its own for an extended amount of time, then you need to think twice. Golden retrievers crave human attention and will always need one.

If you don’t have plans to make a Golden retriever an essential member of your family, then you should avoid getting this one. They love to be around their owner and family as they’re social, and they love to perform and be included in family activities. If you work all day but still want a Golden retriever, it is best to take your goldie to doggies camp or hire a sitter. It will also keep your golden from being bored or depressed all day long.

Golden Retrievers Are Prone To Health Issues. 

Like any other purebred dog, golden retrievers also have many other health issues, including epilepsy, heart disease, allergy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, hypothyroidism, and cancer. 

All these problems are common ones observed in Golden retrievers, and not all golden retrievers will have all of these problems. It is best to be aware of the health issues that can affect your golden retriever beforehand if it gets out of control.

Always get a Golden retriever from a reputable breeder and ask for health insurance and clearance paper. Health clearance will always guarantee your dog or puppy is tested and cleared for a specific condition.

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