9 Shortest Snake In The World (With Pictures)

1. Barbados Thread snake

The Barbados thread snake is one species of thread snake. Barbados thread snakes can be found in Barbados, a Caribbean island called Barbados. Barbados Threadsnakes is located on the island of Barbados.

Barbados Threadsnake has a brown color. They feed on insects’ larvae, particularly termites and ants. Its habitat is restricted to the eastern forests of Barbados.

2. Brahminy Blind Snake

Indotyphlops braminus, often referred to in the popular name of”the brahmin blind snake or other names, is a nonvenomous, blind snake species, mostly found within Africa and Asia. They’re shining black, silver grey or even purple.

They consume eggs, larvae, and pupae of ants as well as termites. The majority of adults of Brahminy Blindsnakes range in size from 4.4-6.5 inches. They typically occur in both agricultural and urban zones.

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3. Variegated Snail Eater

Dipsas variegata, also known as the snail-eater with various colors, is a snake within South America. A variegated snail-eater is a snake that lives within South America. Snake is a boa in brown with black and yellow spots against a black background. It is said to feed mostly on the tree snails and snails.

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4. Texas Blind Snake

It is believed that the Texas blind snake looks like a shining earthworm. It is native in the southern Southwestern United States and adjacent to northern Mexico. Texas blind snake appears like an earthworm with a shiny appearance.

They feed on larvae and pupae of insect termites, earthworms, and ants. It is known that the Texas blind snake measures tiny between 3 to 13 inches long. They are found in stony hillsides, prairies, and sandy or rock.

5. Flat-headed Snake

Flat-headed snakes are among the smallest Illinois snake. The species is scarce and restricted to Southern Mississippi River bluffs. The color of the general area is gray-brown, tan, or a little reddish-brown.

The snakes feed on centipedes and various insects and their larvae. The flat-headed snake is typically 7 to 8 inches long. The soil is slightly moist beneath rocks or underground caves.

6. Peters’ Thread Snake

Peters’s Threadsnake is a type of snake belonging to the Leptotyphlopidae family, and it is widespread in Eastern in both Southern Africa from southern Tanzania south. The small snake averages 20 centimeters in length.

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7. Lined Snake

Tropidoclonion is a genus of snake belonging to the family Natricinae in the family Colubridae. The snake with a striped pattern is found in the Great Plains states, extending from south-central South Dakota to Texas.

Lined Snakes are brown or gray with a light-colored stripe running down the back. Banded Snakes are primarily a source of earthworms and other small invertebrates. The striped snake is small and can range from 22 to 38 cm in length. The snake with a striped pattern is usually located in open grassland and woodland habitats.

8. Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus, more commonly referred to as the ring-necked snake or the ringneck snake, is a non-lethal type of colubrid snake. They are prevalent throughout most parts of the United States, central Mexico, and Canada’s southeastern region.

Ring-necked snakes usually have dark colors and have an attractive stripe of light-colored hairs around their necks. Their diet is mostly smaller salamanders, earthworms, and slugs. Sometimes, they also consume frogs, lizards, and even some young snakes.

Ring-necked Snakes measure between 8 and 14 inches in length. Ringneck snakes are found in all habitats. However, they are more likely to live in woodlands.

9. Short-headed Garter Snake

The shorthead garter snake, also known as the short-headed garter snake, is a tiny type of colubrid. This species is native to the Northeastern United States. They are brown, with lighter shades of cream, tan and dull gold.

The snake is small in size and has 254-559 millimeters. The garter snake with shortheads is usually seen in old fields, meadows, and wooded areas.

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