9 Tallest Whale In The World (With Pictures)

1. Blue Whale (98 feet / 30 meters)

Blue whales are among the giant animal to have ever lived on Earth. This majestic marine mammal. Blue whales appear to be accurate blue underwater, but their colour is more scattered blue-grey on the surface.

Lue whales consume krill, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans found in all oceans of Earth. Its size can reach up to 98 feet/ 30 meters in length. Blue whales are abundant across all oceans, except for the Arctic.

2. Fin Whale (90 feet / 27.5 meters)

Fin whales are the second largest whale species on the planet and are second in size only after the Blue Whale. Fin whales are sleek, sleek bodies and V-shaped heads. Fin whales eat tiny schooling fish (including capelin, herring, and the sand lance.

Its size can reach up to 90 feet/ 27.5 meters. They discovered deep oceans offshore the major oceans, but mainly at latitudes from temperate to polar.

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3. Sperm Whale (67 feet/ 20.5 meters)

The sperm whale, also called cachalot, is the enormous toothed Whale with teeth and the most significant predator. Sperm whales are generally dark grey, but certain whales may have white spots on their belly.

Their diet is comprised of species like sharks, squids, and fish. The size of the Whale can be as large as 67ft 20.5 meters. The sperm whale favors areas that are not surrounded by frozen waters.

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4. Right Whale (60 feet/ 18.3 meters)

Black whales, also known as right whales, comprise three giant baleen whales in the family Eubalaena. They are callosities, and white patches of roughened skin are found on their heads.

Baleen whales, also known as right whales, feed on copepods. Its size can be up to 60 feet 18.3 meters. Callosities of the Right Whale are the habitat for huge cyamids or whale lice populations.

5. Bowhead Whale (59 feet / 18 meters)

The Bowhead Whale is one of the baleen whale species that belongs to the family of Balaenidae. The Bryde’s whales are similar to sei whales but tend to be smaller, and they prefer warm waters.

Bowhead whales are dark in body, with a distinct white chin, different from other cetaceans. Bowhead Whales are Herbivores, which means they consume plants.

The size of the bowhead whale can reach as long as 59ft or 18 meters. It is also the sole baleen whale that can live its entire existence in the Arctic and subarctic water.

6. Humpback Whale (52 feet / 16 meters)

Humpback whales are one of the baleen whale species. They’re primarily grey or black, with white undersides on their flippers, flukes, and bellies. Humpback whales feed on shrimps, crustaceans, small fish, and crustaceans.

The size of the Whale can be up to 52 feet or 16 meters in length. They reside along the coastlines of all oceans, and they can be found being close to shore and into the harbors or rivers.

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7. Sei Whale (52 feet/16 meters)

Sei whales are baleen, the third-largest of rorquals, following the blue Whale and a fin whale. They are dark blue-grey or black and are cream or white-colored on their side.

Sei whales consume any food available locally in the case of a Shoal (school) species such as plankton, fish, or squid. Its size can reach lengths of up to 52 feet or sixteen meters long. Live within subtropical, tropical, and subpolar waters throughout the world.

8. Gray Whale (49 feet/ 15 meters)

Gray whales are is also known as the grey Whale, also known as the grey back Whale, Pacific Gray Whale. They have a mottled grey body with tiny eyes situated close to the mouth’s corners.

Their diet includes a wide variety of crustaceans, including amphipods and ghost shrimp. The size of the Gray Whale can reach between 49 andor 15 meters, and grey whales can reach lengths of up to 49 feet/15 meters. Gray Whale usually lives in waters up to 100 meters in depth.

9. Bryde’s Whale (46 feet/14 meters)

Bryde’s Whale, also known as the Bryde’s Whale complex, includes three species of rorqual and perhaps four. They resemble sei whales but are much smaller and prefer warmer water.

Bryde’s whales primarily feed on school fish such as mackerels, anchovies, sardines, and herrings. Its size can reach lengths of up to 46 feet or 14 meters. Bryde’s whales are found in subtropical and tropical waters across the Pacific.

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