Welcome! My name is Kelly and I’m so grateful you’re here!

I started this website because I have a deep love for pets. I have nine dogs, and most are either shelter puppies or puppies people were giving away. I also have eight cats-all shelter cats, three rabbits, a bird, and two guinea pigs. I also have about three feral cats that I am feeding and trying to catch to bring them to our no-kill shelter. I believe every animal should have a home and the love they deserve. It breaks my heart to see so many animals in local shelters or even roaming the streets. So I am bringing to you pets looking for their forever home and tips and products that I love.

Table of Contents

Some might think I have a zoo, but my pets are my joy and happiness!

Let me tell you the story of Luna and Nova! One day my husband and I were on a drive and we noticed something on the side of the road, and it was two Pitbull puppies. We could tell that one was severely hurt, and both were very weak. We took them to the Vet to get checked out, and one of them had a broken elbow. They were so cute, and we decided to keep them- we found them for a reason. We named them Luna and Nova. They are getting bigger every day, and we are so blessed they came into our life.