Akita Chihuahua Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

If you happen to look for an Akita Chihuahua Mix or consider adopting one, then here is the guide that will help us understand the pros and cons of a Chihuahua Akita Mix. Let me tell you, having an Akita Chihuahua Mix will affect your lifestyle to different degrees. Do understand how much your lifestyle or your family’s lifestyle will be affected by keeping them around and make sure you follow all the factors and consider them properly. 

We have also talked about the physical appearance, temperament, health condition, gloomy requirement, dietary requirement, training needs, exercise needs, compatibility, tola tolerability, adaptability, and the cost of ownership. We tried to bring a complete guide on Akita Chihuahua Mix. If you liked our post, then make sure you share it. With more information, let’s learn what exactly a Chihuahua Akita Mix is moving.

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What Is Akita Chihuahua Mix? An Akita Chihuahua Mix is a hybrid dog that tends to be very friendly, obedient, and energetic originated by crossbreeding Akita and Chihuahua by modern-day designer breeders in the United States.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Physical Appearance

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

It’s nearly impossible to determine the exact physical appearance of an Akita Chihuahua Mix puppy. After conducting extensive research on the parents and gathering information to give us an idea of how an average Akita Chihuahua Mix pup will look like, we’re providing you with the information. It is crucial to remember that the information below is a prediction and cannot be guaranteed as accurate. 

However, you can find the information at least 80% accurate as a hybrid dog. Each Chihuahua Mixed With Akita puppy will have a different physical appearance and appearance, making them different and lovely from each other. This attracts people, and that is why they are highly sought-after by breeders and United States Population.

Akita usually comes with a double coat on its body making them perfect for the winter season as they can easily regulate their body temperature and keep themselves well in extremely cold weather when the temperature drops. On the other hand, Chihuahua usually features single-layer Coats on their body helping them in surviving extreme hot temperatures.

Both of the dog breeds are very adverse in their own term. So, what about the offspring. An Akita Chihuahua Mix is likely to you have a single layer coat on its body in major cases while you may also find some Chihuahua Akita Mix puppies with a double or thick coat. However whether it’s a single-layer coated Akita Chihuahua Mix or a double-layer coated Chihuahua Mixed With Akita, both will have the uniqueness you are looking for.

Akita usually comes in four or five different color combinations which could include brindle, red fawn, white fawn, and sesame. On the other hand, Chihuahua usually features black, fawn, chocolate, gold, cream, and white color. So, a Chihuahua Akita Mix is going to inherit the same kind of color features from their parents. An Akita Chihuahua Mix is likely to come in a white, black, fawn, chocolate, brindle, and sesame color. You may also find cream and gold Akita And Chihuahua Mix but with a higher price tag.

Akita is a medium to large-sized dog breed and on the other hand, Chihuahua is a small-sized dog breed popularly known as a lapdog. An Akita And Chihuahua Mix is likely to be a small to medium-sized dog breed depending upon from whom and how much they have inherited its physical structure from each of their parent’s sides.

Akita2 feet to 2 feet, 4 inches tall at the shoulder.70 to 130 pounds.10 to 12 years.
Chihuahua6 inches to 9 inches tall at the shoulder.3 to 6 pounds.10 to 18 years.
Akita Chihuahua Mix8 inches to 22 inches Tall At The Shoulder.12 to 30 Lbs10 to 15 Years

Akita Chihuahua Mix Pros & Cons

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Akita Chihuahua Mix
  •  An Akita Chihuahua Mix will be a high-energy dog breed always keen to perform its best in outdoor sessions.
  • A Chihuahua Akita Mix will create a very fun and exciting environment around your family member.
  • An Akita Chihuahua Mix is a very easy-to-train dog breed making them perfect for obedience training and making them follow your command.
  • A Chihuahua Akita Mix is a very intelligent dog breed that can easily get along with your family member.
  • An Akita Chihuahua Mix can easily get along with kids especially with the ones they have been raised alongside.
  • The demand and the cost of an Akita Chihuahua Mix are getting higher and higher making it a suitable pet to have in your home.
  • Chihuahua Akita Mix will require extra close attention as well as attentive care to survive happily and lives a healthy life.
  • Akita Chihuahua Mix is prone to several health issues.
  • Chihuahua Akita Mix doesn’t do well a lot on its own for an extended amount of time making them prone to separation anxiety and depression.
  • Akita Chihuahua Mix is not suitable for novice owners or senior citizens because of the exercise need and the grooming effort.
  • Akita Chihuahua Mix is definitely going to impact as well as lift your monthly expenses.
  • An Akita Chihuahua Mix will require frequent visits for the occasional testing to be done in the veterinarian office due to health checkups.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Temperament & Personality

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

As I said in the past, every Akita Chihuahua Mix puppy’s temperament and character are unpredictable. You can only know the same temperament or personality by adopting one and then training them. After looking at the temperament of their parents and speaking with a few Akita Chihuahua Mix owners, we discovered some common personality traits which can be observed on most of the Chihuahua Akita Mix puppy. Let’s find out the kind of personality and temperament is expected of an Akita Chihuahua Mix.

To be honest, the aggressiveness of a dog totally depends upon its owner’s behavior and the tactics, he used to train and socialize his beloved dog. If you properly socialize your Chihuahua Akita Mix when they are young with the kids at the park, you will find them getting raised into a well-mannered dog by itself. It gives them the exposure that helps them getting aware of what behavior is appreciated and what is not. Plus, early training is also mandatory through the proper guide. All in all, training and proper socialization are going to decide if an Akita Chihuahua Mix is going to be aggressive or not. Talking about the nature of an Akita Chihuahua Mix, it has been seen that it does have some prey drive making them aggressive towards small animals or pets but not to kids or any human.

If we talk about the loyalty of its both parent, nobody can say that they are not loyal. So l, you can expect the same from the offspring as well. An Akita Chihuahua Mix is expected to be very loyal to their owner as well as to their family member if they feel loved, belonged, and cared for.

Akita Chihuahua Mix will not have a good quality of guarding capability making the not so good at being a watchdog. However, with proper training, you can make them a well-trained watchdog who can alert you if somebody breaks in.

First parent Akita is an average intelligent dog breed while on the other hand, Chihuahua tends to be more intelligent compared to the Akita. So, it has been noticed that most of the puppies inherit their traits from the Chihuahua sides. You can expect an Akita Chihuahua Mix to be a very intelligent dog breed who is capable of learning how to perform tricks, as well as how to listen to you and follow your command. Your dog is also intelligent enough to know the routes as well as to follow the guidelines if shown them correctly.

Talking about the overall friendliness of a Chihuahua Akita Mix, you can relax because an Akita Chihuahua Mix will be a very friendly dog. Plus, you will find them getting along with kids or other family members very easily. An Akita Chihuahua Mix loves attention and craves for it. Whoever gives them, they will accept it with friendliness. It is important to make your Chihuahua Akita Mix aware of strangers and teach them not to be so friendly with any stranger if they break-in.

Akita Chihuahua Mix will be a very energetic hybrid dog who will require an intense amount of exercise to keep its energy level at a minimum. Always ensure that you channelize your Akita Chihuahua Mix energy before you leave the door. It is because leaving a Chihuahua Akita Mix full of energy can make them start jumping on and off of the furniture destroying your things which you never want. Plus, exercising them will help them feel complete. Without proper exercise, an Akita Chihuahua Mix can feel depressed as well. if you are someone who tends to be very busy all day long then hire someone who can walk your dog at least for an hour once a day or for 30 minutes two times a day.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Health Condition

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

Unfortunately, every hybrid dog, including Akita Chihuahua Mix, is susceptible to various health issues that inherit from their parents. Hybrid dogs are more likely to suffer from health problems than pure breed dogs, and this is because they are mutts. Hybrid dogs aren’t very natural, and the breeding of many hybrid dogs is like going against nature. There are always consequences of doing something unnatural. 

The main problem in this instance is the health of the Chihuahua Akita Mix. To be safe, one of my preferred ways to protect my dog is to bring my dog to the vet for testing on his elbows, hips, skin, and coat. This method is more efficient in identifying any danger and getting it removed before it worsens or harms dogs. This method is recommended by us and should be practised.

Akita Health Issues

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Hyperthyroidism 

Chihuahua Health Issues

Chihuahua Health Issues
Chihuahua Health Issues

Akita Chihuahua Mix Health Issues

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Eye Problems
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Gum Diseases
  • Hyperthyroidism 

Akita Chihuahua Mix Care Guide

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

Akita Chihuahua Mix Grooming

The appearance of an Akita Chihuahua Mix puppy and its health is significantly affected by their grooming. Hybrid dogs require the highest quality grooming and care. Let’s take a look at the tools needed to groom your dog.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Grooming Tools

Bath time is the time where shampoo plays a significant function. It is essential to choose the correct shampoo for your pet. Shampoos that are chemically treated are popular and are used in the majority of cases. This helps save the cost of shampoo and can yield an abundance of profits.

If you’re looking for an effective shampoo that won’t cause skin irritations or burns on your Akita Chihuahua Mix, it is essential to find the perfect shampoo. These shampoos are excellent examples to use. They’re all made using organic ingredients that ensure the most effective results over time usage on Akita cross Chihuahua. It effectively gets rid of any dirt that’s been accumulating for a long time or even for months on the Akita cross Chihuahua’s coat.

 Dogs who bathe may develop dry skin. Dogs may experience dry skin after being bathed. The natural oil that they produce helps in keeping their skin moist, also gets washed away with the water during bath. This can cause dry skin for dogs, which could lead to increased shed and the development of dust mites.

Veterinarians and experts recommend using the best quality conditioner following shampooing your Akita x Chihuahua. A quality conditioner that is made of natural ingredients will ensure that your dog’s skin remains well-hydrated & moisturized after bathing as well as after shampooing. These conditioners are ideal for coats of Akita And Chihuahua Mix. It can also improve the look and appearance of the Chihuahua Akita Mix’s coat by frequent use.

 It is recommended to choose a top-quality brush that will eliminate any loose hairs that will likely fall off. Since Akita Chihuahua Mix shed lots during the shedding season, and daily, it is essential to use a high-quality brush. A high-quality brush is necessary for the best results. This is my preferred brush because of its soft bristle which allows grooming your dog to be easy (No-Pain Guarantee). The brush is also able to get rid of loose hairs which are likely to fall off over the coming days.

 This method is more efficient in the time of shedding rather than regularly. This tool can help you save your life and will be an excellent help during the season of shedding. A reliable de-shedding tool is vital. It’s not just going to aid in preventing excessive shedding but will allow you to work less and achieve better outcomes. This tool for de-shedding is worth a look.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Training & Exercise Requirement

It is important to train your Akita x Chihuahua when they are puppies or when they are young. Training an adult dog is like training a demon. You can never train a adult dogs and make them well-mannered dogs very easily. Always considered training your Chihuahua Akita Mix as soon as they get 2 months older with basic training.

With time, you can move further towards potty training, crate training, and obedience training. In the future, a Chihuahua Akita Mix will also be able to learn how to perform tricks for you like played play dead, rollover, and many more. A Chihuahua And Akita Mix is likely to listen to you and will follow your command due to the cravings for attention. Always use the positive reinforcement technique before being angry with your dog. Always reward your dog for being well mannered or for performing their best in the training session. It will encourage your dog to continue the enthusiasm in the upcoming days as well.

 An Akita Chihuahua Mix will require an intense amount of exercise for sure. It is recommended to exercise your Chihuahua Akita Mix at least 30 minutes in 16 hours. It will help them channelize their energy and from being destructive at home in your absence.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Dietary Requirement

Diet plays a significant role in determining how much your Akita Chihuahua Mix will remain healthy into the future. A dietary supplement will not give a noticeable effect within a few applications. It is essential to provide your Chihuahua And Akita Mix with the proper diet and supplementation routine regularly to see any positive effect on their health and appearance. I will tell you about the regular diet for pure breeds that is somewhat different from a hybrid dog dietary routine. Let’s look at the best foods and supplements for your dog, as well as what foods should be avoided.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Foods

 Foods that are made using human-grade ingredients under supervision are thought to be the finest. However, it may cost you more money but will keep your Akita x Chihuahua health to be at the top of its game. Believe it or not, myolliefoods are among the top on the market, especially when it comes to dogs. They make food specifically for the dog’s requirements.

I’ll tell you that most cheap food options are harmful to your health and don’t even carry the correct nutritional balance required to meet your dog’s needs. Make sure you choose the best protein-rich ingredients and top-quality human-grade ingredients when you cook your food.

 All foods that contain grain are considered extremely harmful for dogs. This is because grain can increase the chances of developing gum diseases and dental problems shortly. You should avoid eating cheap food. Researchers have found that even though they are cheaper than the ones you can buy in the grocery Akita Chihuahua Mix, however, they are not able to provide adequate nutrition for specific breeds of dogs.

You may think you are keeping your Chihuahua And Akita Mix in the best shape by giving them all the nutrition but the truth is that you’re not aware of the truth. You bought food and checked the label with the nutritional facts on the back of the product. It doesn’t guarantee you 100% certainty of the purity of protein-rich quality ingredients being included in the.

Many brands claim that they’ve been approved by corporations, agencies, organizations as well as businesses such as government agencies, but the reality is that they are there to earn profits for you, and aren’t preparing food for each specific breed of dog. You will notice that most food products on the market come with a label that states it is best for medium-sized dog breeds or puppies of a large dog breed depending upon the varieties of food. If you can, stay away from processed foods.

The worst food for your Chihuahua Akita Mix is the one that is suitable for humans. Although you may believe that a lot of human food, including fruits and vegetables, is great for dogs, the truth is that they only work if given in sufficient quantities. It is not advisable to feed an Akita Chihuahua Mix dog or any breed of dog fruit or vegetable, or any other human food. most human food is and digestible for dogs. Human foods such as grapes, caffeine, raisins, alcohol curd, etc. are dangerous for dogs…

Akita Chihuahua Mix Supplements

If you’re not aware, let me clear you, numerous studies show that this supplement like glucosamine helps in preventing issues like arthritis. Giving glucosamine to your dog could help increase its cartilage in its own way as well. Giving glucosamine to your dog has many advantages as it helps in maintaining synovial fluids which assist in lubricating the joints of your dog. It also helps cushion cartilage. Many dog owners are unaware that their dog’s cartilage is affected by the production of glucosamine. The majority of glucosamine supplements on the market typically source from the oyster and crabs, shrimps, or some other plant source synthesized. Glycosamine is also made naturally by the body of dogs. Here are some glucosamine supplements that are good for Chihuahua Akita Mix.

 It’s a must-have ingredient to your dog’s diet. It is a great supplement that supports your dog’s heart health, promotes their coat shininess, silkiness and helps reduce the flaky or itchy skin. It also assists in relieving your dog of allergies. It is recommended to select high-quality Omega 3 fatty acids fish oil for your pet. Here are few great products of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acid oil for your dog. Be sure that the fish oil you select comes from wild fish and not pond fish from farms. Select the most natural fish oil as well as the easiest to absorb. Fish oil should be an ongoing element in your Chihuahua Akita Mix’s dietary routine as it will provide the nutritional boost that is essential to your Akita Chihuahua Mix protecting them from most of the ailments that plague the body. Think about adding Omega 3 fatty acids to your pet’s diet. They’re good for dogs but not enough. If you give it to your dog excessively, it will not cause any negative effects. But, Omega 6 can have adverse effects if it is fed in large amounts.

 Dogs need antioxidants to protect their bodies from harm caused by free radicals. In reality, every dog’s body has its own kind of natural antioxidant defense system that protects the body from free radicals that come from outside. You can add a few antioxidants to your pet’s diet. It can enter your dog’s body and attack free radicals without harming them or creating any negative effects. The most potent antioxidants for puppies are selenium.bbeta carotene vitamin c and vitamin e. For adult dogs, polyphenols and vitamin c, as well as vitamin D, have proven to be very beneficial in boosting their health and immune system. This can also help prevent any kind of disease and develop cancer or diabetes.

 There are many probiotics in the local Chihuahua And Akita Mix and online that claim they are beneficial and safe for dogs however they are not. Probiotics that are not of high quality should be avoided since they may do more harm than benefit. If you don’t know then I’ll explain to you: probiotics are just the beneficial bacteria that aid in keeping out bad bacteria and make it difficult for the bad bacteria to get back and get absorbed into the body. Probiotics can also help prevent your dog from becoming sick. Probiotics are usually suggested to increase the number of beneficial bacteria that are present in the body when your dog is sick.

Akita Chihuahua Mix Adaptability

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

Akita Chihuahua Mix Compatibility

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

Akita Chihuahua Mix Tolerability

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Akita Chihuahua Mix

My Thought & Message For You

Should Your Adopt Akita Chihuahua Mix? Being Frank, you should not adopt a Chihuahua x Akita if you have no experience with the pure breed or have a minimum budget. An Akita Mixed With Chihuahua will impact your monthly expenses and lift them if not appropriately managed. Plus, an Akita Mixed With Chihuahua like this one requires special care and attention, which is not possible for everyone to provide. 

The grooming requirements and the health issue seem to be the major concerns for the Chihuahua x Akita owner. However, it doesn’t make them less lovable or cute. A Chihuahua Mixed With Akita will always be popular due to its uniqueness, personality, and unique appearance. However, pure breed over hybrid dogs should be considered as they come with fewer disadvantages and more advantages. 

It’s totally up to you. If you can manage the budget of your Chihuahua cross Akita, then go ahead. A Chihuahua Mixed With Akita is a perfect companion for those who have experience with dogs or who can manage all its needs, including expenses. This article seems incomplete without the correct data, so we would request you to submit your dog profile in the menu section and make us aware of what breed your dog is and what its weight and health condition are. 

We will help you by preparing and gifting you a good care guide for free specially made for your dog. Your dog profile will help us understand what care they need and what mistakes you are making. If you happen to adopt a Chihuahua x Akita puppy, then share its weight, colour, and other information with us. 

It will be included in this article to enhance the data and the knowledge. I hope you liked our post and if you do so, make sure you share this one as it will encourage me to share more with you. I hope that I will get to see you in another post. Until then take care and goodbye.

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