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Are German Shepherds Calm? Training Tips Included

Are you wondering are German Shepherds calm or if will you always have a hyper dog? If you didn’t already know this, German Shepherds are an energetic breed. We’ll discuss how to help them become calmer with training.

Are German Shepherds calm? 

Unfortunately, German Shepherds are not a calm breed because of their working history. They are wired to chase and catch, along with other athletic activities. This dog breed has a lot of energy compared to other dog breeds.

However, the level of hyperactivity may vary depending on their medical condition and as well as age.

The good point in the overall discussion is that you can easily train your German Shepherd to be calm and behaved. 

Are German Shepherds calm dogs?

If your question is related to German Shepherd puppies, then no, they are not calm, because they are a puppy.

But if you’re wondering about an adult German Shepherd, then yes, they learn to be calm even if you are not training them.

When do German Shepherds calm down?

German Shepherds start to calm down between ages 5 to 7. You will notice a calmer German Shepherd compared with previous ages.

However, you should not expect a full couch potato when it’s about German Shepherds.

Now, the question is, are German Shepherds hyper, or are they just energetic?

Hyper German Shepherd

Yes, almost all German Shepherds are hyper because of their herder nature. They may get hyper if not exercised. 

Separation anxiety results in other behavioral issues, and hyperactivity is one of them.

Knowing that German Shepherds are hyper dogs is not the end of the story; you must look at the reasons why and training methods to help them.

The possible reasons for a hyper German Shepherd dog:

1. Lack of exercise

German Shepherds are known for herding, and as a pet, they don’t always get enough exercise. Otherwise, they will chew everything, jump on each person, and bark over silly objects. Do you want this?

So dog parents must have time to exercise their dogs.

2. Rewarding behavioral issues

Sometimes it is good not to give attention to them, especially when showing hyperactive behavior.

Providing them food or even trying to calm them down means you are rewarding their bad behavior.

3. Boredom

If they are bored they tend to get hyper and destructive. Provide them with toys and activities that will tire them out like a good chewing bone, a snuffle mat, and other thinking-intensive activities.

4. Lack of training

The German Shepherd breed is more prone to get aggressive or destructive tendencies, so their training is crucial.

Know that this breed is a big responsibility. If you feel that your dog is hyper even without the provocation and triggers, it’s due to a lack of training.

5. The wrong type of food

Some types of food may cause hyperactivity in your dog, resulting in other behavioral issues. Test out giving your dog homemade food if you suspect your dog is reacting to their kibble.

If you are uncertain about the type of food suitable for your dog, consult your vet.

6. Separation anxiety

German Shepherds often suffer from separation anxiety. Being destructive and hyper is the only way a German Shepherd knows to express anger or separation anxiety.

How to calm a German Shepherd

Yes. The best trait about German Shepherds is that they are easy to train and are quite obedient. They love to obey their leader and adopt new behavior quickly. Work with a dog trainer to help train your dog to stop its destructive behavior.

1. Regular exercise

German Shepherds need a lot of exercise to function properly. If you don’t want to raise an aggressive or hyper dog, then you must exercise it regularly. 

German Shepherds are an energetic and active breed; this is the reason they need plenty of exercise.

2. Reward good behavior

You must reward all of its good behaviors so that it will stick to that specific behavior.

It is highly recommended not to encourage hyper behavior of your dog and don’t even give it attention when behaving badly.

3. Play games

There is a wide range of games specific for hyper dogs. Games such as Frisbee, mind games like a snuffle mat, and Kongs are great for hyper German Shepherds.

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