Are German Shepherds Calm Dogs? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

You are home after a hectic day, and your German Shepherd is bouncing off walls.

It starts jumping on you with a demand to go out.

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Extreme surfing, chewing furniture, and excessive barking is getting out of control with the growing age of your dog.

You may not realize the seriousness of the matter until your German Shepherd is a fully grown-up dog with heavy weight, and you are no more able to manage its hyperactive nature.

The situation lets you in wondering when your darling German Shepherd is going to be calm down. Along with this, a wide range of questions may pop up in your mind.

Are German shepherds calm dogs? Unfortunately, the German Shepherd is not a calm breed because of their working history. They are wired to chase, catch along with other athletic activities. The Breed contains a lot of energy than the other dog breeds, and the same is why they are quite low on the calm scale.

However, the level of hyperactivity may vary depending on their medical condition and as well as age.

The good point in the overall discussion is that you can easily train your German shepherds to be calm and behave well. All you have to do is to use their quick learning behavior in your favor.

Moving ahead, let’s bring the points in a sequence and discuss them all one by one.

Are German shepherds calm?

If your question is related to the young GSD, then no, they are not calm.

But if your concern is an adult GSD, then yes, with the growing age, they learn to be calm even if you are not training them.

From 5 to 7 years of their age, you may notice a calmer German shepherd compared with the previous age.

However, you should not expect a full couch potato when it’s about German Shepherds.

As mentioned above, German shepherds are good enough to learn new lessons so you can make them calm in puppyhood.

So, you should start training pups for nice behavior soon after adopting a German shepherd.

Now, the question is, are German shepherds hyper, or are they just energetic?

Are German Shepherds hyper?

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German shepherds include themselves in the herders and are famous because of their guarding nature. The loyalty to their parents forces GSD to be rude when they feel something fishy.

Are German shepherds hyper? Yes, almost all of the German shepherd pups are hyper because of their herder nature. Therefore, they are rich in energy and may get hyper if not exercised. Moreover, focusing on other possible reasons, such as boredom and improper training, makes them hyper.

The large structured Breed is people-oriented and suffers from separation anxiety if you are not spending quality time.

Separation anxiety results in other behavioral issues, and hyperactivity is one of them.

Knowing that GSD is a hyper dog is not the end of the story; you must look at the reasons and the proper training methods.

Firstly, know about the possible reasons for a hyper German shepherd puppy.

Lack of exercise

Of course, the large body of the German Shepherd expects excessive exercise daily.

For GSD parents, it’s a guideline that you can skip meals of this Breed but not their exercise.

German shepherds are known for herding, and as a pet, they don’t get the intensive types of activities, so let them in a regular workout.

Otherwise, they will chew everything, jump on each person, and bark over silly objects. Do you want this?

So dog parents must have time for their Shepherd’s exercise.

Rewarding behavioral issues

Sometimes it is good not to give attention and even a gaze to your darling German Shepherd, especially when showing hyperactive behavior.

Providing them food or even trying to calm them down means you are rewarding their bad behavior.

German shepherd puppy will learn that it will be entertained with this exciting behavior.

Therefore, try to avoid them and don’t encourage their tactics to grab your attention.


Most of the time, hyperactivity in the Breed is the result of boredom.

There is a possibility that parents leave their dogs alone at home while going to work, which becomes the reason for the hyper German Shepherd.

If you don’t have enough time or permission to take your pup out with you, then you must train it to be alone at home without chewing the furniture.

Lack of training

German shepherd breed is more prone to get aggressive or destructive tendencies, so their training is crucial.

Know that the Breed is a big responsibility even from the first day after adoption.

It would be best if you raised a well-mannered and social German shepherd who is calm.

If you feel that your dog is hyper even without the provocation and triggers, it’s due to a lack of training.

The wrong type of food

Mostly, dog parents are kind to their puppies and share all of their food with them.

Wait! Are the leftovers safe for your German Shepherd? Think twice before offering human food to your pups.

Some certain types of food may cause hyperactivity in your pup, resulting in other behavioral issues.

Foods such as chocolate and onions are quite toxic to your darling pup leading to death.

Still, if you are uncertain about the type of food suitable for the pup, you must consult the vet.

 Separation anxiety

The people-oriented and social Breed often suffer from separation anxiety, mostly when the owners leave them alone while going on vacations.

Separation anxiety can also happen when the owner leaves the pup alone for the entire day.

Being destructive and hyper is the only way in which German shepherds express their anger or separation anxiety.

Can you train a German shepherd to be calm?

The best trait of German shepherds is that they are easy to train and are quite obedient.

Can you train a German shepherd to be calm? Yes, of course, German shepherds include themselves into the Breed that is much easy to prepare. They love to obey their leader and adopt new behavior quickly. Therefore, you can train your Shepherd to ditch its destructive habits and to be calm even when left alone at home.

For this purpose, parents can follow the effective ways of training their darling furball.

Regular exercise

People who are not aware of German Shepherd’s basic needs may find this heading useless.  It is crucial to mention that the German Shepherd needs a lot and many exercises to function properly.

If you don’t want to raise an aggressive or hyper dog, then you must let it exercise regularly. German Shepherds is an energetic and active breed; this is the reason they need plenty to have to exercise.

Reward good behavior

Know that your German Shepherd is quite intelligent to connect the chains and interpret situations accordingly.

You must reward all of its good behaviors so that it will be stick to that specific behavior.

It is highly recommended not to encourage hyper behavior of your pup and don’t even give it attention when behaving badly.

Play games

If you explore how to train your German Shepherd to be calm, you will get a list of games. There is a wide range of games specific for hyper dogs.

Games such as hide and seek and fetch the Frisbee are most effective for your hyper German Shepherd.

Teach about “sit” and “wait.”

Teaching your dog about sit and wait for cues is always a good approach to make it calm.

When your Shepherd is trained enough to obey your commands, then it will be quite easy for you to calm it down when hyper.

To wrap it up

If you ask, are German shepherds calm dogs, then the straightforward answer is no.

Even none of the dogs is calm by birth.

Parents will have to raise their dogs in a manner to make them calm. And when it’s about German shepherds, your duty starts from day one.

This energetic Breed will be hyper and aggressive if not trained or exercised properly. Positive encouragement at good behavior is the key to make your Shepherd calm.

Teach them about some basic commands rather than just ignoring their behavior. No matter the actual reason behind your dog’s hyperactivity, you can easily train it to be calm.

All you have to do is to be consistent and polite for effective learning sessions.


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