Are German Shepherds Destructive? (Explained) 2022

You came back home after a hectic day and noticed that each thing is chewed up. You wonder that why you’re German Shepherd is destroying and ruining each object.

Are you regretting adopting this super energetic and giant breed!

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Don’t panic!

You are not dealing with a shark; it’s just a cute German shepherd with some tendencies. This destructive behavior of your German Shepherd forces you to think that “are they all destructive in nature or it’s just yours.”

Are German shepherds destructive? Yes, German shepherds are destructive if they are not trained or raised properly. It means the destructive nature varies from dog to dog. The German Shepherd is a super active breed, and if it is not served with a bundle of exercise, then it gets certain behavioral issues, and being destructive is one of them.

Some parents will say that their German Shepherd is well-mannered and never destroy things. While on the other hand, some will say that their pup is always destroying objects and chewing whatever comes in its way.

The difference is not in the German Shepherd’s nature, but it’s actually in how you are raising it. The German Shepherd is a breed that demands too much responsibility from the first day after adoption.

The breed is more prone to get behavioral issues if you are not providing them proper training and time. Along with this, there are multiple reasons which turn your sweet dog into a destructive one.

Getting more into the discussion will make you realize that sometimes destructive behavior is temporary, such as Teething, fear, and separation anxiety. But mostly it can be permanent due to lack of training.

Let’s have a look at the possible reasons for the destructive dog behavior.

Why are German shepherds so destructive?


If your German Shepherd is in its puppyhood and giving you a destructive type of behavior, Teething can be the reason. Most of the time, German puppies suffer from behavioral issues when they enter into their teething phase.

Moreover, they may start chewing everything to get rid of the irritation in their gums. This reason can be true when your puppy enters into the 6th month of its age, and suddenly it starts chewing objects.

Parents need to understand that their German Shepherd needs some special care in these months. Bringing suitable chewing toys is going to help your puppy, and it will not get destructive. 


Are German shepherds destructive?,Why are German shepherds so destructive?,Do German shepherds destroy things?,How to stop German shepherds from destroying things?,

When you are not home, and your pup has nothing to do, it will start the destruction. No matter what the size and age of your pup, it will destroy each thing in boredom.

Boredom can even fail the overall training of your German Shepherd, in which it forgets to behave well.

So, if you don’t have enough time to spend with your pup, then you must bring some toys or any entertainment for your darling German Shepherd.


There is a possibility that your German Shepherd is more destructive than the other dogs of the same breed. It is maybe due to the aggressive and dominant nature of your pup.

All you can do is to be patient and as well as consistent in the training sessions. Crate training or daycare is also a good approach when you are not around and still want to train your pup.

Separation anxiety

Moving ahead, the cause of the destructive behavior can be separation anxiety because your pup never wants to be alone.

When left alone, it may become more anxious, which forces it to destroy things in anger. Or maybe your pup is coping with separation anxiety by destruction.

To get rid of this behavior, you must bring some entertainment sources for your darling furball. There are recommendations that you must not leave your pup alone for longer periods.

Along with this, training your dog to behave well is another good approach to get rid of destruction. It’s crucial to mention if you are not training your dog properly, its destructive behavior may result in more behavioral issues.

Any fear

It can be due to some bad experience of your German Shepherd, which is causing it to become fearful and hence destroy everything.

Notice the surroundings or situations in which your dog is behaving destructively so that you can help it to get out of fear.

Do German shepherds destroy things?

Are German shepherds destructive?,Why are German shepherds so destructive?,Do German shepherds destroy things?,How to stop German shepherds from destroying things?,

The German Shepherd is a super energetic and active breed that is more prone to develop tendencies when their exercise needs are not met.

Do German shepherds destroy things? Yes, when your German Shepherd suffers from an illness, Teething, separation anxiety, and fear, it may ruin something. Within these destructive tendencies, the German Shepherd can destroy everything. You will find them digging holes and chewing up furniture, shoes, etc.

This happens when your dog is not getting the right type of exercise according to its breed and temperament.

No matter the root of this destructive behavior, you can easily train your puppy to calm down. Let’s have a look at the most effective methods for your German Shepherd to calm down.

All you have to do is to reverse the reason for these destructive behaviors.  Therefore you must know about the reasons for the root of behavior before actually treating it.

How to stop German shepherds from destroying things?

Are German shepherds destructive?,Why are German shepherds so destructive?,Do German shepherds destroy things?,How to stop German shepherds from destroying things?,

It is crucial to managing a destructive or aggressive dog; otherwise, it will keep destroying things. A destructive dog is always a source of complaint in society.

None of us want to get embarrassed due to our German Shepherds because they are our best companions, and we want to keep them as our pride.

Positive enforcement

Don’t forget to reward your German Shepherd when it is behaving according to you. Serve your German Shepherd with delicious treats when it is obeying your commands and is calm.

Your Shepherd is quite intelligent, and it will quickly understand what type of behavior you are expecting.

Chewing toys

If your dog has a habit of chewing everything when aggressive, you must bring him chewing toys. In this way, your dog will satisfy its instincts without ruining your furniture or shoes.

Ensure that you are not giving a bunch of toys to your dog at once but give just a few of them and keep the others away.

If you leave all of its toys on the floor, then the pup may interpret that all things on the floor are just to chew.

Supervise your dog

It is crucial to mention that you must supervise your German Shepherd at home to ensure that they are not getting any behavioral issues.

Teach your dog about the wait and sit Command so that you can make it calm when aggressive or destructive.

Train properly

If your German Shepherd is not behaving well, it is completely your fault. Raising a well-mannered and calm dog is the owner’s responsibility. So make sure that you are training your German Shepherd soon after adopting it.

According to us, hiring a Trainer for your German Shepherd is less expensive than damaging your home accessories.

Regular exercise

German Shepherds are energetic, and their need for exercise is more as compared to other breeds.

Therefore you must let your dog into a lot and a lot of exercises to keep it away from behavioral issues.

Change food

There is a possibility that your German Shepherd is feeling a deficiency of minerals, due to which it is getting into destructive behavior.

Try changing the regular diet of your German Shepherd. Make sure that you are serving your pup with food rich in essential minerals and nutrients.

To wrap it up

When you live with a super energetic breed such as a German shepherd, you may notice their destructive habits. Getting deep into this discussion makes us realize several different reasons for Shepherd’s destructive nature.

Most of the time, parents are at fault because they are lacking somewhere in their Shepherd training. And sometimes, your dog is getting destructive because of its fears and may be due to separation anxiety.

Boredom and some bad past experiences also let your dog ruin everything just to satisfy its instincts. No matter what the reason is, you can train your German Shepherd to stop destroying things just by providing them with the proper quantity of exercise.

Positive encouragement and involving a dog in different games is also a good approach.


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