Are German Shepherds Dramatic? (Explained) 2022

My German shepherd is such a drama Queen! My German shepherd is quite manipulative; it overreacts to almost everything!

The German shepherd is not afraid, and it’s just a Diva! Have you heard this kind of statement from the German shepherd’s owners?

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When you own a German shepherd breed, you can expect any behavior because of their intelligent mind. At some point in petting a German shepherd, parents must ask.

Are German Shepherds Dramatic? YES, German shepherds are total drama queens. The breed carries a tough and even scary look in their eyes, but all of us know that a German shepherd is a big baby. They will show you tantrums when it’s about pooping outside in the rain and when hearing a cloud’s clap of thunder. Faking an injury, illness, and limping is their favorite tactic to get the owner’s Attention.

Let’s get straight into this discussion; your German shepherd might be a shepherd, but that never means that it can’t fake drama. That’s true; your pup can be the most dramatic and reactive breed that can even fake illness.

Their dramatic behavior may look cute and funny at the very first but may get excessive with time. For example, it’s hard to manage a limping German shepherd. Your dog may stop eating while faking illness,

German shepherds have their reasons to justify each of their behavior and even drama.

Why are German shepherds dramatic?

Obviously, for Attention!

All your shepherd expects from you is Attention, Attention, and the bulk of the Attention. There is no choice for you but to serve your furball with Attention.

The first time your GSD faked an injury or illness, you rushed to the first aid. When inspecting it, you could not see anything to worry about, but you reacted the way your GSD wanted you to.

Maybe you were not joining the clues that your German shepherd is faking this all when you are busy and not giving attention to it. And you keep giving Attention when your German shepherd was throwing dramatic moves.

Other than your Attention, there can be some other reasons why German Shepherds show dramatic behavior.

Want new food

Most of the time, German shepherds start acting ill because they are bored with their regular meals.

Dogs are good at connecting situations with your actions. The last time when your dog was ill, you provided it some different food, and maybe it’s faking illness for the same reason.

Consulting a vet will be a good option to ensure that your German shepherd is just dramatic and not seriously ill.

Want to play games

Are German shepherds Dramatic?,Why are German shepherds dramatic?,How to stop your German shepherd from being dramatic?,

You are asking your dog to move out of the park, but suddenly it starts limping. When there is no evidence of injury, but still your dog is limping, maybe he wants to play more.

Most of the time, German shepherds are dramatic at the end of their playing time. There is nothing to worry about; your dramatic GSD wants more time with friends.


Your German shepherd suffers from boredom because you don’t have enough time to play games with your furball.

This can be why your naughty GSD is trying these fake tactics to grab your attention and get himself out of boredom.

Not willing to exercise

You and your German shepherd are out for exercise, and suddenly you notice that your pup starts faking injury or hurt.

Maybe your furball is tired and not willing to work out and hence start limping or being dramatic.


Faking illness is another way for your dog to ask for cuddles. As mentioned above that GSD are good at joining situations with your actions.

You start showering extra love and affection when your dog is ill, and that’s the reason for a dramatic German shepherd.

Want to sleep with you

German shepherd’s dramas are just different ways of getting your attention, such as cuddles and when they want to sleep with you.

GSD knows very well that you are going to sleep with it when it’s not feeling well or having some injury. That’s why it’s just behaving weird and showing evidence of pain even when there is no injury.

Ensure to consult a vet or inspect your pup in detail to make sure that there is no illness or injury.

How to stop your German shepherd from being dramatic?

You might not know the truth that you trained your dog to be dramatic, unintentionally.

It’s possible that you were showing concern and provide him the fodder, but GSD interprets that as the means to get your Attention.

Let’s forget who was at mistake and focus on the point of how to train your German shepherd to stop being overdramatic? Such as train it to stop faking illness, limping, injury, and other related habits.


Don’t encourage your dog by providing Attention.

Don’t run to cuddle your dog when it’s faking any injury. All of their faking is to grab your attention.

If you want your German shepherd to stop faking, then you will have to ignore it.

Keep it busy

Provide some entertaining toys to your German shepherd if you don’t have enough time to spend with it.

Your dog will forget to fake injury or illness when it’s busy playing with toys.

Don’t punish them

Even by punishing or getting angry, you serve your dog with attention, and that’s what they want.

So, all you have to do is to ignore your pup when it is faking about anything.

To wrap it up

It’s interesting to know that giant German shepherd are quite dramatic when they want something from parents.

They are experts in faking illness, injury and are limping.

There are several hidden reasons behind this fake behavior of your darling pup.

Getting food, Attention and new toys are the top reasons shepherd is dramatic.

Ignoring these tactics is the only possible method to stop your dog from being dramatic.


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