Are German Shepherds Emotional? (Explained) 2022

Have you ever wonder that why you’re German shepherd faces separation anxiety when you leave him alone at home?

Does your German shepherd get sad or upset! And mostly asked question by dog parents is that do German shepherds have feelings?

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Are German shepherds emotional? Yes, German shepherds are emotional. Even the breed feels the energy of its owner and changes its behavior accordingly. Moreover, the German shepherd is a famous breed when it’s about emotional support. A dog can serve you as emotional support if any, only if it’s emotional itself.

When we mention a dog’s emotional ability, it is not just about getting upset, but all emotions are combined in this single term. From waging tail to moving around you to getting afraid, all are on the list when we say that dog is emotional.

However, there is always a controversy that dogs are emotional or not. You will always find multiple conflicts while getting deep into this discussion.

But you can ditch this controversy once you start living with a dog. While you are in love with your GSD, you will understand your pup’s emotions and emotional sense.

You will get to know that your German shepherd reflects the happiness, fear, sadness, and excitement in its behavior. Once you realize how complex a dog’s emotional life is, you will be more loving and patient.

Understanding your pup’s emotions is the best way to help him out of any situation.

Why German Shepherds Are Emotional?

German shepherds include themselves in the emotional creatures.

The Breed shares an Unbreakable Bond with owners, and they struggle to remain apart from their owner or family members when they are out for few days.

Moreover, the German shepherd is quite loyal and protective, and they keep showing affection in all of their habits. The Breed is capable of being gentle and emotional with their parents.

The very first reason people think the German Shepherds are not emotional is their aggressive nature and Giant body.

Without proper training, German Shepherds can be the most aggressive dogs towards humans, but they will never harm their family members in this aggression.

This reaction of being loyal to family members is clear proof that German Shepherds are emotional and emotionally attached to their family members.

Here is a list of emotions or actions which prove that your German shepherd is emotional.


Are German shepherds emotional?,Why German Shepherds Are Emotional?

Happiness is the first thing to pop up on the list when we mention someone’s emotional level. When we are living with a dog, we know when our darling pup is happy.

Dog’s happiness is clear to identify from all of its actions and even from facial expressions. Note that the emotional sense is not all about getting sad or crying; all other related emotions are included.


Are German shepherds emotional?,Why German Shepherds Are Emotional?

Sadness is another excellent emotion that German Shepherds feel. You will find them sad when they are left alone with no entertainment.

Some punishment or guilt also makes them sad. GSD getting sad or upset is another point to mention that they are pretty emotional.

Wagging tail

You came home after a long day and found your pup moving around you while wagging its tail.

Your pup starts wagging their tail when you show treats to him. A wagging tail is your dog’s way to say all of its happiness and excitement.

It’s your pup’s way of showing love and affection for you.

Again, we are happy to mention that dogs have feelings, and they experience multiple emotions depending on the situation.

Separation anxiety

Are German shepherds emotional?,Why German Shepherds Are Emotional?

Leave your dog alone for a day, and it will face separation anxiety after some hours. Getting into digging, destructing and other behavioral issues from separation anxiety is the most common dog problem.

Separation anxiety is a strong emotion for the dogs, and they feel it quite seriously.


Although German shepherds look tough and aggressive, they also get scared even from little things.

  • They are scared of thunderstorms and lighting.
  • Weird shadows also make them scared.
  • Some bad experience gives them fears for life.
  • Having a fear of some particular happening includes emotions or feelings.

To wrap it up

Noticing different GSD behavior forces us to think, Are German shepherds emotional? The way of showing happiness, sadness, and fear are the apparent symptoms that they are emotional.

Maybe you are not aware, but GSD can indeed feel the energy and vibe of their parents. And that’s the reason that they get happy or sad along with you.

Living with a dog is all about having a new experience regularly. Our love and care increase for our pups when we realize that they are emotional.

Same are the reasons German shepherds include them in the best emotional support dogs.


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