Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Huskies are dog breeds who are very common in the US. They gained their popularity a few years ago through the famous movie series “Game of Thrones.” If you’re looking for a dog that resembles a dire wolf, you will  likely think of a Husky. They are up for fun, adorable, incredible eyes and are non likely to be biters. 

One question however might hit your mind:

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Are Huskies good with kids?

Huskies have good-natured and friendly personalities which helps them get along not only with kids but with everyone. Huskies are dog breeds with needs seen as high-maintenance. Their training might be a bit vigorous, but their general indifference to people and their love for other dogs makes them ideal family dogs.

Now with the short answer we have got out of the way, let’s dive into what it means to own a Husky, including both the negatives and the positives that comes with parenting a Husky which an aspiring dog parent should be aware of.

Husky temperament and characteristics

As a Husky parent you might not need to worry about your dog suddenly switching moods or becoming violent, as they are known to have an even temperament.

Huskies are loving in nature, just like other dog breeds. They are pack dogs and they can befriend almost anyone if not everyone including children. They are of no risk of frightening your kids with sudden barking as they cant even bark at trespassers which makes them adaptable to any situation.

If you are expecting to bring home a baby for instance, it will be ideal to introduce a concept to your Husky beforehand, and it will be slightly easier for them to adapt than most breeds.

Older Huskies can also be puppies at heart. Even if they have been outside for many times, each time for them feels like the first and they also have a great excitement for life. They love to have fun and are incredibly outgoing.

So, if you have kids, they will definitely share the same fascination just as your Husky and both will have a friend to play with and help each other get rid of boredom.

With a high level of energy that can match your child’s, moreso if they are hyper, Huskies are reliable and you can watch them tire each other out. It is also important that at all times keep an eye on your child when playing with a Husky as they like to use their mouths when playing.

Below are some of the characteristics that make Huskies good with kids:

  • They are very friendly
  • They are highly intelligent
  • Non-aggressive
  • Compassionate and love to be around other dogs and people
  • Unsuspicious and do not get spooked easily
  • They are naturally gentle with kids
Are Huskies Good With Kids

How good are Huskies around infants?

Infants are more vulnerable to Siberian Huskies and can’t do a lot unlike children who might be more prepared against the Huskies. Even Though it will still express his love and affection to your infant, it is ideal that you teach him to behave well when around your newborn.

You need to take steps and help your Husky be prepared for a new addition in the house if at all you’re expecting a baby as it is not ideal to surprise not just Husky but any dog with a baby. You will also notice their jealousy because of your sudden change of attention towards him.

The sooner you train your Husky in depth on how to behave when around an infant, the better you will be prepared when the time comes of bringing him or her home.

If you leave your infant alone with your Husky on the floor, he can injure your baby when trying to start off the play with your baby. Unless your Husky is blocked off from the area until tummy time is over is when you are assured of the safety of your infant.

How easy is raising Huskies alongside kids?

How to behave, where and how to use the bathroom are important skills that you should teach your kids while raising them. 

As a parent you should guide them along the way, as you vividly know that their first few years of their life is their opportune time to learn what is right and what is wrong. Dogs are no exception. You should teach them as well.

The best outcome when it comes to raising kids and Huskies at the same time is one that is laced with alot of respect: the kid needs to learn how to treat and respect the canine and the four legged furry also needs to know how to behave when around a kid. 

For Huskies, they need not to jump, bite, or nipe; for kids they need to learn that grabbing, tugging, or pulling is not right.

Huskies are known to be big breeds. Males weigh between 44 to 60 pounds and range from 21 to 24 inches, while females weigh between 35 to 51 pounds and they range from 20 to 22 inches.

When the play turns to roughhouse you need to be around and ready to end it before someone gets hurt, as it is huge when compared to a two-year-old kid who is only half that heft.

It is worth keeping in mind also that both sides mean the best, and they want to be friends, so interacting together and playing will strengthen their bond.

What are some of the Huskies’ Needs?

Apart from the common kindness and love that we should show towards a Husky, they have needs as well and as a dog parent you should be in a position to provide for. These are:

Mental and Physical Exercise: Adopting a lifestyle that entails vigorous exercise, both physically and mentaly is ideal for these dog breeds. Huskies are known to be very energetic breeds and this comes from their lineage of being sled dogs. This can be made possible by playing with them on a dog leash, or even through mushing.

Including Huskies in family activities is of importance as it will help stimulate them mentally and keep them active. Huskies can become destructive or mischievous when they get bored, so it is crucial that you give them maximum attention and plenty of exercise.

Attention: If your child doesn’t get enough attention for instance, he or she might do something mischievous to draw your attention. This is entirely the same with dogs when they feel they are not getting enough attention.

Huskies might go against the rules you taught them and find ways to keep themselves entertained if at all they are not given enough attention.

Best activities for kids and Huskies

Be active

Do you want your kids and a dog to get along with each other smoothly? Well, it will be ideal if you allow them to spend more time together.

Sports: Soccer, hiking, walking, or any other sport is a fun and simple way to let your dog and kids play with each other.

Run through the sprinklers or swimming: Nothing brings more fun to your Husky than splashing around sprinklers or running through it on a sunny day. As you know kids love playing with water the same way dogs do.

Crafts: Have you ever thought of a dog taking part in crafts? Well, you can do this by encouraging your kid to decorate their food bowl, collar, or you can press your canine’s paws on a piece of clay and ask your child to paint it.

Tug of War and Fetch: These activities bring more fun to your kid and your Husky loves these games too. It helps burn energy.

Visit pet-friendly parks: This can be a great time for your furry friend and your kid to play and run around the park and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Training: You can try these by making training to  be a game. It can help boost your kid’s sense of accomplishment, confidence, and at the same time your dog gets some treats!

These are just but a few activities your kind and your canine can take part in. There are a bunch of other activities. Talk of playing frisbee, blowing bubbles, reading together, cuddling, name them. This brings nothing but fun to the family.

What are the health benefits for kids growing up with a Husky?

Many studies have been conducted about the benefits a child gets when he or she grows up in an environment where there are pets or dogs.

Having this close type of companion, especially at the early stage of your child’s life, helps your kid develop good qualities like compassion, self-confidence, empathy, and also self-esteem.

Having a pet also helps your kid develop understanding of some valuable life lessons like responsibility of care, death, reproduction, illness, health and well-being

What are the basic costs of raising a Husky?

Now let’s say you are now set on getting a Husky as your perfect dog for you and your current or future children, what are the basic costs that you will have to incur?

Just like any other dog, raising a Husky is a big financial responsibility. Be sure that the cost of raising a Husky doesn’t stretch your budget before signing the adoption papers.

The average lifespan of a Husky is 12 to 15 years, so be sure that they are going to be with you for quite a long time.

Initial cost: On average, a Husky puppy will range between $650 to $800 but it can be possible that you get one at a cheaper price from free pet sites or ads in your local papers.

Food: While food will depend on what you feed your Husky, quality food is recommended which will cost you about $400 per year. It is recommended that you feed your Husky foods with a higher veggie and fatty content like Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Wellness CORE and CRAVE Grain

Toys: This will cost you an average of $50 a year. Ropes, balls, and chew toys are going to shred by your canine’s canines frequently.

Snacks: About $200 a year will be your budget on snacks. Although they are not so necessary but can be a great war to reward your Husky during training.

Vet bills: If you have a healthy Husky it will cost you around $250 a year. That is for check-ups, protection against fleas and worms, and yearly shots. The cost can however increase by $100 if maybe you choose to spay or neuter your dog. 

In total it can be a whopping $13,500

People Also Ask

1. Are Huskies good guard dogs?

In normal circumstances, Huskies have a kiss or a tail wag to almost anyone they meet making them terrible guard dogs.

2. Are Huskies good family dogs?

Huskies can make a good family pet. Even where there are children, Huskies are very tolerant. Like other dogs, it is always ideal to keep an eye when they are around children.

3. Are Huskies good with other dogs?

Most Huskies can be good with other dogs, and can be more easier when they are raised together.


Huskies are generally friendly and social dogs with a lot to offer. They are unlikely to be reactive towards children.

This however does not guarantee that they are ideal family dogs. Huskies are dog breeds with a lot of energy which calls for daily physical and mental exercise. Failure to this, he can show undesirable behaviors.

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