Are Labradors Loyal To One Person? (Explained) 2022

Most dog owners are concerned while bringing the Labrador puppy at home if it will love each family member or choose one of its favorites, leaving others wondering where they were wrong.

Are Labradors loyal to one person?

Labrador Retriever bred to be loyal dogs. So yes Labs are loyal to whole family not just one person. But who gives more love, treats, and spend more time with Labrador, Lab will be more attached to that person.

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There is a wide range of breeds that shows love and loyalty to one person of the family. While, on the other hand, Labradors are quite friendly and make friends within no time. Labradors like to show their love for each family member, unlike other breeds.

BUT, it does not mean that Labradors don’t have their favorites. Although Labradors don’t show it much still, they are more loyal to one particular person. Guessing their loved one is much easy, obviously, the one who is giving more treats and care to Labrador.

Be the caretaker or pack leader to get all of the Labrador’s love. Even making a new and strong bond with Labrador is never a tricky task. 

Do labs have a favorite person?

YES, Labradors have a favorite person, one who is showering more love to him. Labrador’s favorite person is the one bringing it outside for walks and plays different games. Also, Labradors love to spend time with their favorite person.

However, labs find several different ways to show their love and affection for the person. Please don’t confuse it, it’s not always the owner who is the lab’s favorite, but it can be the caretaker or the person training it. 

You may wonder on what basis Labrador selects the favorite person. One who is spending quality time with Labrador and keeping it engaged. As well as, Labradors like the dominant people because of their love for leadership traits in humans.

And yes, personality is always noticed by your furball; if you carry an attractive and attentive personality, then you are going to be loved by labs. Please don’t ignore the socialization period; it’s the time in which Labradors judge their owner.

Therefore, you will have to behave well and positively if you are willing to be your Labrador’s favorite. Furthermore, it’s not like spending unlimited time before Labrador 6 months of age and then suddenly giving them less time.

You will have to be loyal to your Labrador if you are expecting loyalty from your darling pup. So keep showing some effort to your lab if you don’t want to lose your space in their heart.

How to get a Labrador like you?

Who doesn’t want to be the Labrador’s favorite? I mean, they are full of life and gives the best company to a person along with guarding. If you fail to impress your Labrador, don’t lose hope because some simple methods are still in the queue.

Hand feeding

There is a hidden benefit of hand feeding your Labrador, such as making your Bond stronger. The act of serving food improves and increases the contact which you have with your Labrador.

Moreover, it is the best way to spend quality time with your Labrador without getting bored. Therefore if you are willing to improve your Bond with your Labrador, then hand feeding is the simplest way.

Relaxing together

Imagine your head with the head of your Labrador and sleeping faithfully in a comfort zone. Relaxing and cozying up with your Labrador on the sofa will improve your Bond with it.

Unfortunately, most of us ignore the Labrador or leave them alone when they lay down to sleep, but that is when they need you the most.

Cuddling for a few minutes will improve your Bond with Labrador, and you can easily be your lab’s favorite.


Playing in a mess is all-time fun because Labrador loves jumping here and there in Park, over the woods, and getting muddy before arriving home.

Yes, it is fun, but it will be nice if you both clean together. It’s another great opportunity to improve your Bond with your favorite Labrador.

By using the wealth of products, you can keep your dog’s skin in perfect condition, and it is the lab’s favorite part of grooming. Labradors like to have a massage along with the scrolling of Brush into their Coat.

Therefore, despite hiring a groomer for your furball, you must try to groom Labrador at home. if you want to be your Labrador’s favorite.


Serving your Labrador with food is not the only way to impress it, but training is another opportunity.

Training your Labrador means spending quality time with it without getting bored. As mentioned above, Labradors love the leadership or dominant nature of humans. Also, they notice the person’s behavior and temperament within the training sessions.

If you are behaving well with your Labrador during the training sessions, you will be your Labrador favorite. Try not to raise your voice and train your dog without punishments but with an excess of treats.

Okay, this was the effort from your side, but after this, you want to know that if your lab likes you or not. So let’s know about signs of love and affection from your Labrador to ensure their likeness for you.

How do you tell if your lab loves you?

If you notice the following behavior in your Labrador when it’s around you, congratulation, it loves you a lot.

By wagging tail when you are around

The tail is the most used body part by the Labrador to communicate and to express their emotions. They show fear along with happiness and aggression by wagging their tail.

Similarly, they convey feelings of love and affection by the same body language, such as wagging the tail. When their favorite person is around, they will shake their whole back and show a level of trust in the person.

Labrador will follow you.

Labradors love to follow their loved ones no matter where the person is going. It is because they feel secure and safe around you, and that is why they want to be around you.

So be happy if your Labrador is continuously and frequently following you and not allowing you to go somewhere alone. It is a sign that your Labrador is completely in love with you and enjoys your company.

Licking your face

Labrador licking your face means they are kissing you to show their love and affection. As we know that puppies lick their mother’s face and show their love; the same is the case when they lick the face of their owner. Or maybe your Labrador is grooming you, which is another way to show love and care for you.

Jumping on you

A Jumping Labrador’s activities are very unsatisfactory conduct inside the variety; however, realize that it is your canine’s method of showing care and love.

Your Labrador never intended to hurt you or individuals by hopping on them. All they need is your consideration, and possibly they need to snuggle with their folks since they feel it alleviating and agreeable.

You will see that when you return home in the wake of a difficult day, your pup will welcome you by bouncing on you and by licking your face.

Social with you

Labradors are the subspecies of the wolves, due to which they are highly social and active. When your Labrador is in love with you, it will demand to be social with you, such as force you to play with it or bring it to the walk.

Living with a Labrador will make you realize that they are the best companion when you are swimming.

Watch over

It’s so sweet of Labradors that they continue to look after, particularly when you are debilitated. They make an honest effort to mind the canine proprietors to cause them to feel much improved. Along these lines, Labrador shows that it needs your speedy recovery.

To conclude

Although Labradors are very friendly and calm, they still select their favorite person to enjoy life. Labrador dogs will be loyal and loving with their favorite person at another level.

However, there are some ways in which you can be the favorite of your Labrador. There is nothing difficult if you want to be your lab’s favorite. All you have to do is to show the care and be social with it.

Once your Labrador loves you, notice the multiple ways in which the Labrador will show their affection and love for you. Having a Labrador means having the best companion and a partner who is always there in your high and low Times.

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