When to Bath Labrador Puppy? (Explained) 2022

New Labrador Retriever owners always gets worry about their new puppy, As most of them are new pet owners so they might have a tons of confusion when to bath Labrador puppy.

Whether it is a Labrador or a German shepherd, or any other breed it does not matter.

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Every dog needs to be groomed at regular intervals and needs to have a bath whenever required.

Talking about Labrador, then they should only bathe when they are more than 12 weeks old.

Bathing depends on various factors, and one of them is their Coat Type.

Some breeds are double-coated, and therefore they need an extra care and bath a couple of times a year, While a smooth-coated breed such as Rottweilers needs a bath only once a year.

But yeah! If they smell bad, then you need to bathe them.

So, let’s further know about the bathing period of puppies to have a clear picture.

And will also know, How do you bathe a Lab Puppy and much more.

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When should a puppy have their first bath?

Young puppies can not regulate their body temperature and is a significant drawback.

That’s why it is advisable to wait until they are eight weeks old.

Not only age, but you should also focus on the weather. Is it summer or winter?

You can bathe your dog once a month. But, if your dog plays in the mud a lot. Then you are allowed to wash more often to maintain hygiene.

Also make sure, to select a good dog shampoo for your puppy, which is good for their skin.

Many people make their puppy bathe regularly, and if you are one of them. Then you immediately need to stop.

You need to understand that they are not humans. We can bathe regularly But, they cannot as it can affect their skin and the natural waterproofing of their coat.  

Their body is different from our body. Regular bathing can disrupt the natural oil balance in the body.

So, you might have a question, How many times should your puppy take a bath?

How many times should a Labrador puppy take a bath?

You might be a first-time owner and getting a new pet at your home. But, don’t know when to wash your dog?

Well, here is what you should remember:

1. Until 3 Month Old

If your dog is too young, less than three months. Then it is preferable to wash them once a week.

It is ideal for any puppy and is sufficient to remove any dirt.

2. Six Month Old

Suppose your dog is now grown up and is around six months old. Then there is no need to make them bathe more often. 

Instead, you can wash them once a month, which is sufficient. But, if your dog rolls in the mud a lot. Then you can consider washing them more often.

3. More Than Six Months

Suppose your dog is now more than six months old. Then you can wash once a year with the help of a gentle shampoo, which is suitable for dogs only.

Again, it all depends on you. Suppose your dog tends to remain outside a lot. Then you can increase the frequency.

Talking about Labrador, they are very popular, friendly and water-loving breeds and have a unique water-repellent coat.

Their coat helps their undercoats to stay dry even after swimming in the water.

So, particularly for Labrador puppies, you can make them bathe once every four months. Always remember to use good-quality shampoo.

Moreover, if your dog has any allergies, then you should seek medical advice. Get in touch with your vet, and most apparently, they will let you know everything.

How do you bath a Lab Puppy?

Bath Labrador Puppy

You got to know everything from when to wash your puppy to how often you need to wash your puppy.

Now, what are the steps to bathe your Lab puppy? Because washing a puppy isn’t that easy as you think.

Follow all the steps given below:

1. Get Supplies 

You can not wash your dog with a simple soap you have at your home. You have to get a special shampoo, only meant for dogs.

The reason you can not use human shampoo is the detergent used in it.

There are certain harsh detergents in human shampoo that can damage or irritate your dog’s coat.

Those detergents can easily wash away natural protectants and making them vulnerable to several diseases and infections.

So instead, go and get a dog shampoo. Along with that, also get a brush, towel, and a dryer (if possible).

2. Comb 

Before you wash them:

  1. Please make sure you comb their coat significantly.
  2. Make sure you do not get hot water or cold water.
  3. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and use it to wash your puppy.

3. Be Gentle 

Some puppies are afraid of water, so never forcefully spray the water. Instead, show some sympathy, and you can slowly pour the water on them.

Also, make sure you do not let the water go inside their ears or eyes.

As the ear folds in their ear canal can easily trap the water, which can later lead to several bacteria that can grow on the water. It can lead to ear infections and many other complications.

4. Prepare soap

After soaking your dog with lukewarm water, you can go ahead and prepare the puppy shampoo.

You can do this by mixing the soap with water.

Now, with the help of a soft sponge or your hands. You can evenly spread that shampoo all over their body and do not let the shampoo go into their eyes.

5. Rinse

After doing all these steps, now it is time to rinse them.

You can use one hand to pour water, and with the other hand, you can cover their eyes and ears so that the water can not get there.

Suppose your pet has a thick and dense coat. Then you can consider repeating this process several times. 

Also, give some treats to your dog and praise them for cooperating with you.

So, next time they might cooperate with you even more to get the reward.

6. Dry 

After you wash them, your next step needs to be drying them. 

Your puppy might shake itself to get rid of water. It will make you and your bathroom a little wet. But, you need to cooperate with and show some sympathy.

Now, you can use the towel and dry them out. The thinner your puppy’s coat, the less time it will take to dry. You can also use dryers if you want to.

Along with that, make sure your puppy doesn’t step out wet in cold weather.

7. Brush Again

After you have washed your puppy, you have to comb once again to keep their hairs in good condition, and it would not take much time.

TipSome puppies are not used to the hairdryer. So, make sure you carry out this practice from an early age. This way, they will slowly get used to it and would not be disturbed next time.


It was all about when your puppy needs to have their first bath, how often you should wash them, and most importantly, how do you bathe your Labrador puppy.

Washing your dog is not that difficult task. You need to keep certain things in mind, and then you are set to go!

Some dogs might be stubborn and will not let you wash them. So, in that case, do not be furious and act as a strict owner. Instead, treat them and handle them with a calm mind, and I am sure they will listen to you.

Labrador puppies can start bathing when they are eight weeks old and when you are washing them. Make sure to use dog products only because products meant for humans can harm dogs.

Suppose your pet is suffering from any allergy. Then it is advisable to contact your vet to get all the plans for easy working to avoid any problems in the future.

Follow all these steps in the article to ensure the safe and healthy hygiene of your dog.

Also, remember not to let your dog step out wet in cold weather.

Puppies are easy to handle, only if you know the correct technique to do so.

I hope this article got all your queries solved. Do not forget to read our previous post to learn something new about your pets.

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