Blue Buffalo Vs Blue Wilderness: Quality, Cost, & More

Blue buffalo vs. Blue wilderness, which is better in terms of providing well-balanced nutrients. Surfing or looking for the best food for our beloved dog, blue buffalo seems to be one of the top dog food on our best buy list. The blue buffalo company provides a good range of products that have different varieties. You will observe most of the dog food providers offering tons of great recipes that they claim to be 100% healthy, natural, and organic. 

As much as said, when we check the reliability, authenticity, and truthiness of these claims, we found that few brands need to be compared. This guide will reach the blue buffalo vs. blue wilderness, which provides good nutritional values.

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Both of the companies are some of the best dog food brands, doing spectacular in the market. But each of them has its advantages. Each of them uses different kinds of formulas to process their food. Plus, Both of the brands target specific needs that need to understand and heightened. Every dog has its own nutritional needs and attributes that absorb nutrients differently. 

For example, if it’s the golden retriever, his overall body function will need a diet rich in carbohydrates and protein. It’s not that other dog doesn’t need this nutrient. Large dog breeds need more amino acids for body function, energy to support their daily activity, and muscle growth. Frankly, it’s the right question and fair to ask about Blue Wilderness vs. Blue Buffalo dog food. 

The best food for our dogs should be based on their unique nutritional needs. You can’t expect your dog to eat the same food that you do. You will be surprised to know that most dogs have their favorite food, especially according to taste. The most popular dog food brand that serves excellent quality ingredients and variety with brand recognition is Blue Wilderness and Blue Buffalo

But all of it always comes down to taste. Both companies offer different kinds of dog foods targeting different needs and breeds, but they also sell similar things sometimes. The only difference is how they process and prepare their food. 

Nobody can compare a bag of Blue Wilderness with a load of Blue Buffalo and think that they are the same. You will have to be a little bit more cheeky, innovative, and creative in searching and choosing the best dog food for your dog. This is because you will have to consider different types of food they prefer.

About The Blue Company

Blue buffalo vs Blue wilderness: about the company
Blue buffalo vs Blue wilderness

Blue Buffalo

The blue buffalo company doesn’t get a sweet story behind its founding like other companies. The effort of the bishop family established this company. 

At the initial stage, the bishop family hoped to find a better way to care for their Airdale. the dog was named blue, who was suffering from cancer. The family was upset because other dogs felt pleasure while the simple things became a burden to their dog “Blue.” 

This forced the bishop and his family to take severe action and interest in the causes of pet health problems and their management. They first started researching the dog diet and the food present in the market, looking for answers. It is still unclear what the bishops were finding, but it was all followed, leading to the start of their dog’s own food company – blue ltd. 

The priority was to work differently from the other food providers available in the market. They first began with processing foods for cats and dogs. They never and didn’t want to create or prepare anything that could compromise anyone’s pet’s wellbeing. 

So, it leads them to the healthiest finest ingredients to formulate and process their food. Even after 16 years of operations, the blue company has decided to expand its operations. The blue company is responsible for preparing food brands – blue wilderness and blue buffalo.

Relationship Between The Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness

Relationship Between The Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness
Relationship Between The Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness

Being a brand, the blue buffalo brand’s first and priority is to support every dog breed’s life, body function, health, and appearance from any life stage. This food brand has offered a wide range of recipes that are tasty to dogs. 

You can find several categories, including Blue Freedom, Blue Basics, Blue Carnivora, Natural Veterinary Diet, Blue Wilderness, Blue Life Protection Formula, and Blue True Solution

The other brand, blue wilderness, is also a food brand coming from the blue buffalo company. The blue company is responsible for preparing both food brands. Unlike the rest, the blue Wilderness food line usually carries a higher protein content and is grain-free. This is due to the fact and the habit of wolves eating meat in the wild.

Blue Wilderness tries to mimic what wolves get and eat (mainly meat). Suppose you’re looking for a delicious solution and have a small to medium-sized dog breed, then blue buffalo could be the one. If you have a large dog breed in your home, the blue wilderness would be a good option. A large dog breed will need more protein content in their food.

Blue Buffalo Vs. Blue Wilderness (The Reality)

Blue Buffalo Vs Blue Wilderness (The Reality)
Blue Buffalo Vs. Blue Wilderness (The Reality)

Quality of ingredients

As I told you earlier, the blue wilderness is nothing but just a product line of the blue buffalo company. Talking about the blue buffalo, they offer much different food category including blue life protection. The blue wilderness focus on real meat as the primary source of protein and the main ingredients. The heart usually comes or extracts from Salmon, chicken, tuna, Turkey, and other natural sources that are highly digestible and delicious naturally. 

So, to not compromise with their food quality, the blue company avoid all synthetic chemical. All the ingredients are synthetic chemicals free, not just in the blue wilderness but also in the blue buffalo recipes. The blue company uses Parsley, Rosemary, and other natural flavor to enhance the dog food taste. 

Their recipes also contain mixed tocopherols or citric acid compounds to extend shelf life and freshness. One thing which is standard on both diets is their exclusive life source bits compromising minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Their animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians formulate the blue buffalo and the blue wilderness foods.


Frankly, let’s first talk about the taste of the foods. Blue Wilderness food seems to be tastier compared to the blue buffalo foods for dogs. This would be a plus sign for most dog owners and any dog because food with a bitter taste is usually shown too bad for most dogs. It is also essential to understand that a less bitter taste also means more sugar that dogs shouldn’t be fed in large quantities. 

In simple words, sugar can’t be handle by dogs. However, it can quickly be taken. It just means that you will need to choose a food that has a delightful taste. You can do this by buying blue wilderness food with a unique flavor. Believe it or not, most of the dogs like blue wilderness burgundy black cherry flavor foods.

Nutrients Balance

It is essential to choose a food for your dog based on the nutrients. This is due to the fact for many reasons. To start, you always want to have your dog a well-balanced diet routine that supports their growth, body function, and healthy lifestyle. The diet you are choosing for your dog should contain the right balance of nutrients necessary to fulfill all its nutritional needs. 

Believe it or not, many researchers have revealed that most dog food companies prepare their food in bulk and use low-quality cheap ingredients to save money. Their priority is to make a profit and serve the company. They don’t give a damn about your dog. A clear example is the type of food they offer. If you notice closely, most of the brands prepare their food according to the puppy’s age, size of the dogs, and some popular dog breeds. 

It is pretty uncommon to notice a dog food process for dogs with sensitive stomachs or diarrhea. This is because it is not going to make a considerable profit. This kind of case is limited in number, which means less or no sales. This is why companies don’t make food according to your dog’s nutritional needs but on the average market. 

Every dog always has some everyday nutritional needs, but each dog also has different dietary requirements according to its personality, physical traits, and behavioral traits. When it comes to dogs, there are so many choices. No matter what you do, make sure that the food you are choosing has enough carbohydrates, vitamins, fat, minerals, fats, and protein for your dog to survive. 

You don’t want your dog to feed on cookies or treats because it would be unhealthy. You should try mixing a little of each kind of food in your dog food crate. Always mix few flavors with the food but not overdo it. If you want to serve the best food and ensure that they are getting all the nutritional needs required to maintain their body function and keep going, try MyOllieFoods

There are best at serving subscription-based model foods. They prepare and cook food by experts for dogs. They use a fresh protein-rich ingredient and deliver it to your doorstep at the right time. The delivery is free of charge, and you will get 50% off on your 1st order. If you follow our link and click on it to order your first MyOllieFoods lunch box, you will also get 25% off on your 2nd and 3rd consecutive orders

I have been ordering food for the last six months. My experience with MyOllieFoods is tremendous. They are small, but they try their best to acquire more customers by delivering the best food. They prepare food according to your dog’s needs. You will need to fill their form with your dog’s details like age, health issues, and others. They will prepare food according to your dog’s needs. They are worth trying out.

Guarantee Claim Analysis

If you don’t know or are not aware, let me tell you that the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) makes clear that every pet food brand or company needs to have a list of its guaranteed analysis. As a buyer or a pet owner, this will allow you to check the nutrients contained in the particular dog process food. 

There are also few requirements like the guarantee should have a minimum percentage of the crude fat and the crude protein. Plus, it should also have a maximum rate of oil moisture and crude fiber. This fore are more crucial but listing other nutrients will also help the buyer know the different benefits they can expect with frequent use As time goes on.


Now, it comes to cost, and when we talk about the product’s price, there is a quite difference between both brands. The consequences of blue wilderness and blue buffalo come at varying prices. Some products like the life protection formula come with a higher price demand, while others have moderate ones. 

However, the blue company aims to reach as many pet owners as possible. So, no matter your budget, they offer recipes and foods with each nutrient in varying sizes. You can find 4-6 pounds of dog food bag to 30 pounds of food bag as well. This includes all the wilderness formula and standard recipes.

Best Blue Buffalo Foods For Dogs

Best Blue Buffalo Foods For Dogs
Best Blue Buffalo Foods For Dogs

Blue Buffalo Recipe With Natural Chicken Flavor

If you don’t know, let me tell you that the whole of the blue wilderness category is a favorite to many dogs. It contains a chicken recipe that is outstanding in terms of taste. It has real chicken as the main ingredient and the primary source of protein. The effectiveness is observable, with thousands of users talking about it with frequent use as time went on. 

So, with proper guidance and exercise, you will notice your dog having a good amount of boost in their lean muscle mass. It also contains peas which are not rich in protein but is good with fibers and starch. With this food, your dog will always have enough energy to support the body function, hunger, and active lifestyle. It also contains many Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, suitable for dogs struggling with a dull, rough coat. 

This food is highly delicious and nutritious, rich in protein supporting your dog’s tissues, bones, and muscle growth. It also includes cranberries, blueberries, and carrots which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It also has an excellent carb source of sweet potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries for energy. It also features hardworking antioxidants which will support your dog’s immune system health. 

Due to having an exclusive LifeSource bit, it will support the overall wellness of your tooth. It also contains your essential Omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseed to keep clean coat-looking, natural, and healthy skin. It has no added artificial preservative color or flavor. The only downside of this food is that it is high in protein, increasing the obesity chance in your dog.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

This is another best-selling blue buffalo product whose primary focus is safeguarding your adult dog’s life and health. Whether it’s a tiny breed or a large breed, it is suitable for both. It doesn’t contain the right amount of antioxidants and vitamins that help in boosting immune system health. It will also help your dog fight diseases. 

For dogs who like exercise or with an extreme exercise routine, this dog food provides starch and fiber from barley, potatoes, and brown rice. Only contain natural preservatives, including Rosemary and mixed tocopherols. For color, they have used vegetable juice and, for flavor, garlic. Your dog will always have energy throughout the entire training and exercise session. 

Just like the blue wilderness, it also promotes & supports tissue hormone and muscle growth. Your dog will get plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, glucosamine, carbs, and vitamins with this food. The flax seed present in it will promote and enhance their skin and coat quality. The only downside of this food is that it is not recommended for dogs sensitive to Barley rice or oats.


Final Thought

For owners looking for foods to maintain and improve the health of their dogs, you must choose the right brand of dog foods. We have seen many brands and have tested many foods. They are not always perfect. From my perspective and recommendation, I would recommend you to go with the MyOllieFoods foods. 

Yes, blue buffalo is a remarkable brand to consider and follow, but as for the mission to improve your dog’s health, I recommend you look at the MyOllieFoods food. They can help you with anything, including lean muscle growth for your dog, curing any internal health issue, poor-quality coat, or others with their particular diet routine. 

I hope I managed to give you some valuable information on Blue wilderness vs. blue buffalo. I hope you will follow this article and share it with the audience to help them with their dogs. The more we share this article, the more people will know the best food for dogs. We should also so care for animals, not just for our families. If the population is educated and knows the right food for the dog, the overall lifestyle and quality of life will be improved. So, a small effort can bring a considerable change.

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