Can German shepherds and Dobermans live together? (Explained) 2022

Both of these are excellent breeds; at the same time, they are also known for having a strong, fierce, and demanding reputation. Have you ever wondered Can German Shepherds and Dobermans live together?

German shepherds and Dobermans get along with each other if they are brought up well, properly socialized, and well-trained from a young age.

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They only need some further training to get along even better. 

Can German shepherds and Dobermans live together?

These are two breeds that cherish their space. You need to create room for each of them and curb conflict right from the start.

When you look at other rooming options, it is best to keep opposite sexes in the same room. If you allow the same sex in one room, trouble will be on your way.

Dogs are supposed to feel safe and secure in your place. They should feel comfortable exploring. If they have conflict in your house, that will be a warzone, and no one likes being in such a place.

When you brood an unstable dog pack, you create discomfort for yourself. It does not end there. You also create an inconvenient environment for your dogs.

The only way out of this is that you have to start by correcting the situation. Therefore, always get details about breed compatibility when two or more dogs live next to each other.

Some many features and qualities come to the fore in this case. In an interesting turn of events, you can even try out various breeds to see which ones are safe together. 

However, a realistic owner may take the following efforts to promote a healthy connection between their German shepherd and Doberman.

Breed Characteristics of German Shepherds and Dobermans

We need to understand if German shepherds are more violent than Dobermans.

These are two breeds with many features comparable with each other. This is because when you look at the qualities, they bring out many similarities. These are all easy to compare. 

In the past, German Shepherds were used as herding dogs and while Dobermans were used as personal dogs. Therefore, these are devoted and protective. Of course, with German Shepherd having a high level of violence and aggression.

They are only aggressive to protect themselves and their property. They will notice danger and act to defend or protect their territory.

Loyalty and protection of their environment are critical for German shepherds and Dobermans. It may not be a smart idea to have these two dogs at once if you have a small house or yard.

GSD vs Dobermans which is smarter?

For one thing, you will find that the two breeds are very intelligent and respond to training well.

Intelligent dogs need frequent and abundant mental stimulation; otherwise, they acquire unfair behavior; over here, a slight edge goes to your GSD.

This can be stimulated through dedicated training. It is easy to train an intelligent dog. The whole experience is satisfying and encouraging at the same time.

These breed properties provide the best guard for property and protecting premises. 

They also make wonderful dogs and dogs of service, especially when they are brought up with children!

A reputed breeder

Your dogs must come from well-known breeders rather than backyard breeders. With bad breeding, you end up with the wrong dog from either of the two, and you have no one to blame.

That is the secret you have to check out. 

Breed features can be improved or decreased by the personality of the particular dog. An experienced and reliable breeder can help you select the dog that is good for you, depending on your personality, dog’s personality, and environment.

Table issues regarding the German shepherd or Doberman breeder. Do it from where you need to get the other breed and ask them to help in selecting the best puppy.

Sterilization and Gender

Both breeds will prove aggressive if they are of the same sex. It would be best if you bought both dogs while they’re pups to reduce this tendency and bring them up as one so that you reduce problems.

The aggression of the same sex is common soon after reaching puberty. The young pups are not likely to fight like adults when they build their friendship and learn to share when they are still small.

One male and one female might be preferable to avoid the danger of same-sex violence.

Sterilization will help reduce same-sex hostility. This means that you have solved the problem if you sterilize both the German Shepherd and the Doberman. 

In addition, sterilization is good practice to avoid unplanned mating. In this case, you have a German Shepherd male and a Doberman female or vice versa.

When dealing with German Shepherds and Dobermans, a reliable introduction is important. The best method to start this introduction is to buy these at the same time as pups.

As expected, Puppies are less violent than when they are adolescents. Females are also simpler to manage and less likely to injure each other if they tussle and meet each other.

You must ensure that you and your surroundings are as quiet and neutral as possible when bonding an adult dog and a puppy or two adult dogs.

Always bond them outside to ensure that they both have sufficient room. Before the hostility escalates, keep both leashed at first and address any undesirable behavior.

Would you please get rid of your pets from food, toys, or beds that they may own?

In the beginning, please don’t leave them alone. At the same time, it does not mean that you have to separate them all the time. 

GSD and Doberman Which one is good to own?

Now you know that German Shepherds and Dobermans might be well accommodated. Here are some reasons why getting them together is a good decision. 

If you adore your German shepherd, but don’t want another shedding dog that takes a lot of care, then try to get a Doberman. As clearly pointed out, both breeds have characteristics similar to each other.

But, you won’t have to groom a Doberman almost as often. If you adore your Dobermans but don’t want two extremely dependent dogs, it may be the right answer to get a German shepherd.

Germany’s shepherds are more autonomous than Dobermans; therefore, they are not very demanding. The German Shepherds and Dobermans are both big-breed canines and need high levels of energy.

They can entertain and exercise one another when you have them together. They will also take some of the burdens off of you.


German Shepherds and Dobermans have comparable breed features and are very good when the environment is right.  They are both loyal, trustworthy, smart, and easy to train. Both breeds are powerful and maintenance-intensive. 

The effectiveness of its relationships depends on several variables, such as good breeding, personalities, socialization and education, and good ownership.

Getting a German shepherd and Doberman pups will help make their introduction easier. It will also let them learn to share their home, possessions, and people before influencing hormones.

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