Can German Shepherds Climb Fences? (Explained) 2022

You have a beautiful lawn and want to keep it in the same situation, but your German shepherds are digging a new hole each day. We love our furball and also don’t want it to ruin the lawn.

So the fence is the only solution due to which we can keep a balance between a dog and an undamaged lawn. BUT, don’t ignore the jumping skills of German shepherds; they know how to escape. German shepherds include themselves in the most active and energetic breeds.

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Can German shepherds climb fences? Dog parents cannot bound the breed into a fence. Yes, the German Shepherd can climb fences. Now the only solution is to keep the fence high enough so that your darling dog can’t jump over it. For this, you will have to know that at what height German shepherds can jump. Experts recommend the parents make a fence of some specific height if they want to keep German shepherds in the fence.

After this quick discussion, we are clear that German shepherds CAN climb fences. It is not the end of the discussion because dog parents need to know each aspect of installing a fence on the lawn.

Is jumping bad for German shepherds

At a certain height, jumping is not bad for German Shepherds. However, in some situations or above a specific size, it can be bad for this breed.

Also, there are some conditions, such as if a German shepherd is jumping the fence, it is bad. While on the other hand, jumping to catch a Frisbee or ball is not that bad.

At the time of adopting a German shepherd, you must know that jumping and biting is their natural behavior, so you will have to fix it later.

When a German shepherd is small, its jumping and biting are pretty harmless. But fully grown German Shepherd or some lb. jumping over us or on the fence is harmful.

Furthermore, as we know that German Shepherds are included in the medium to large breed, so excessive or frequent jumping may damage their hip bone.

If you’re darling Shepherd is jumping within the controlled and balanced environment, it is good, but out of the safe range jumping is harmful to its joint

We install along the fence and notice that our German Shepherds are continuously jumping. Do they want to escape? Is it’s just a thought, or they are trying to run out of the house?

Do German shepherds try to escape?

No matter how much love you are showering on your German Shepherd, it will try to escape instantly after getting a chance. Yes, German Shepherds keep trying to escape and run away because of some reason.

As we know, the German Shepherd is an active and energetic breed which means that they need many exercise and games. In case of irresponsibility in their workout, they may try to run away.

The social and people-oriented nature of German shepherds makes them bored if you are not spending quality time with them. Moreover, the heat cycle or wanting to mate behavior of the German Shepherd mainly forces it to escape and run away.

Along with this, the distractions out of the fence, such as the cats and squirrels, make the German shepherd jump over it and escape. Last but never least, attention-grabbing is the basic reason for a Shepherd escaping. Checkout our other Article about How to stop German Shepherds to jumping over the fence?

If you want your German Shepherd to be there in the fence and do not try to escape, then you will have to reverse the reasons. Never select the transparent or short fences for your German Shepherd because it increases the points of distraction.

What distance can a German shepherd jump?


When it is about German Shepherd, then 4 to 6 feet is nothing for it to jump. If your German Shepherd has a running area from 10 to 15 feet, it may jump higher than 6 feet.

Moreover, if your Shepherd is trained to hunt or climb trees, again, it may jump more than 4 to 6 feet.

Can a German shepherd jump over a 5-foot fence?

It’s crucial to consider the size along with the personality of the breed when you are planning to install a fence on your lawn. For example, the small or toy breeds cannot jump high to skip the fence of 4 feet.

While large dog breeds can easily cross the 5 feet fence. And when it’s about the German Shepherds, the strong, the energetic, and the naughty ones, 5 feet is nothing for them to skip.

However, German shepherds are not good enough as jumpers, but still, the presence of strength in their strong legs makes them able to jump forward.

As mentioned above, that 4 to 6 feet are quite an easy height for German Shepherds to jump. So the answer is clear at this point that yes, definitely German Shepherd can jump over the 5-foot fence. Installing a fence of 5 feet and less height is useless if you have a German shepherd at home.

As mentioned above, the German Shepherd is a strong breed and takes no time to learn a new behavior. Similarly, it may learn about jumping high if you are installing fences in parts.

At this point, it is crucial to mention that the fence is not just for the safety of your garden but also for the protection of your German Shepherd, so keep it long.

If the fence around the dog is 5 feet, then there is a chance that your dog may harm itself by jumping on it. Each of us, living with the German Shepherd with tons of energy, knows the real struggle in keeping breed in the fence.

German shepherds want to interact with people and want to chase squirrels; all in all, they just want to escape to explore the world.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to install a fence with some specific height so that your pup will not skip it.

How high a fence should be for GSD?

Large breeds, such as German shepherds, should have a tall and strong fence around them because they know about jumping.

No matter if your German Shepherd is a good jumper or not, still there is a need to install a fence more than 7 feet.

You may notice that no new fence extension is enough to stop your dog. In this case, the reason is an extension, not the dog’s jump.

With each new extension, dogs learn a new height to jump, which keeps making them good jumpers.

So, experts recommend the owners install the overall fence at once rather than adding extensions.

Make sure that there are no big holes and steps in the fence; otherwise, your hard work is going to be in vain.

Once more, shepherds remember themselves for huge variety, which implies that they can undoubtedly harm a fence of awful quality.

Hence, settle on a choice to introduce excellent wood and vinyl with smooth edges.

Letting your dog chew the plants is better than wasting money and effort on the bad quality fence.

To wrap it up

Managing a beautiful lawn while having a German shepherd at home can be a tricky task. As the breed is highly active and energetic, you will always find it digging random holes in the lawn.

In this situation, the only solution to pop up in mind is installing the fence. But German Shepherds can climb fences. You don’t need to panic; all you have to do is install long fences so that the German Shepherd will not be able to skip them.

German Shepherd may get separation anxiety if there is no entertainment in the fence, so you must provide some toys to it.

Also, at the time of installment, make sure that the fence is not transparent; otherwise, GSD will bark frequently and excessively due to distractions.

There should be some specific length of the fence when you want to make it around German Shepherds. Know that we are not making fences just for a beautiful lawn, but by doing this, we provide safety to our darling pup.

Therefore, you must follow all of the safety tips and recommendations at the time of making a fence for GSD.


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