Can German Shepherds Climb Stairs? (Explained) 2022

German Shepherds are the dogs that we know for being super fit, faithful, and incredibly smart. GSDs love to practice and become energetic for doing exercise. GSDs are known as watchful and super active dogs.

But the question, despite all these characteristics and attributes there is a question that:

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Can German shepherds climb stairs? Yes, a German Shepherd can climb stairs and stairs climbing has no bad impacts on their health. It is recommended for GSDs to climb stairs as it helps increase the growth and development of the bones. The muscle tone and quality around the bones also get improved which ultimately strengthens the bones.

It should be made sure that while climbing the stairs, your German shepherd is secure, alive, and comfortable. It is a general rule for the safety of all pets.

It is convenient to adopt ideal strategies to verify that your German shepherd is apt to accept the stairs without difficulties and that users can support them.

You must not fear concerning anything if your German Shepherd is energetic, fit, and active. And it just never harms to hold a few special safety measures.

The average weight of an adult German Shepherd is between the range from 50 to 90 pounds. The variations in weight can be seen in different dogs. For example, a female German Shepherd may weigh low and a male German Shepherd may weigh high.

Users will indeed believe it is fairly easy for bigger dogs to climb up the stairs, but that is not always the situation. The lengthy legs and powerful musculature of GSDs find it easy to go up or down but also keep a massive physique.

Occasionally their structure can render stairs slightly uncomfortable.

It should be made sure that obstacles are not present on the way. The obstacles can be bones or other such items as broken glass. Steep movements or surprising hurdles for every dog on staircases, but particularly big dogs, can be risky.

When GSDs try to move up or downstairs and have to repair due to a barrier, big dogs can conveniently stretch or stress fracture anything.

Are stairs bad for large dogs?

Healthy and completely normal bones during the time of birth are the characteristic of a German Shepherd dog.

Conversely, it is vitally important to enhance and evolve hips for dogs from the time GSDsare born to the 8-weeks of their age, so the category of fitness GSD puppies might in this time are vital.

Those puppies who use the stairway on a regular basis when they are pretty young than three months of age constitute a greater hazard for later-life hip problems. The German shepherd is a very sensitive breed, so it is necessary for such breeds.

It is the reason of their importance during their training on stairs to the gap for a long time. If feasible, it can even be advantageous to enable more than 3 months.

This will not only allow them to keep them protected, but it will also give you an additional acceptable reason for pushing up your adorable rescue dog in your hands and carrying them quite often!

If one’s dog has no disease, trauma, or ailment and is fit and strong, then stairs can be a good workout. You unlock many muscular endurances and provide a very good way of getting the power of your dog if they couldn’t go out for a long day’s game.

Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?

Can German shepherds climb stairs?Are stairs bad for large dogs?Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?When can German shepherd climb stairs?How do I stop my dog from going up and downstairs?

Allowing them to run and jump periodically can assist to get them off and get a great short workout on a wet day when you don’t go on your ordinary lengthy stroll. However, whatever the climate, even when you render them slightly smaller, German shepherds ought to wander.

The activity and healthy nature of the German Shepherd help him to cope with various issues like displacement of joints of hip and elbow, arthritis, and other issues related to movement.

Make sure that GSDs are doing exercise on regular basis and are provided well balanced and nutritious diet plan. It will help the dog against several issues as described above.

When can German shepherds climb stairs?

Can German shepherds climb stairs?Are stairs bad for large dogs?Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?When can German shepherd climb stairs?How do I stop my dog from going up and downstairs?

The age after which it is thought that can German shepherds climb stairs after 3 months of age. Before this age the bones are soft and the development is under process.

After 3 months of age, the developmental stages of bones are near to completion, and issues of bone-breaking and injury are also absent.

How do I stop my dog from going up and downstairs?

Can German shepherds climb stairs?Are stairs bad for large dogs?Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?When can German shepherd climb stairs?How do I stop my dog from going up and downstairs?

You can stop your German shepherd from going up and down the stairs in various ways. Following are some points discussed below.

Proper training is a fruitful key for a German shepherd to avoid stair climbing frequently. Because it is seen that the puppies trained from their birth are less prone to bone issues. Train them to climb at a specific time.

Make them able to work on the command of the word,” stop”. Whenever he tries to climb the stairs order him to stop and praise him with some meal and appreciation words. This will develop the behavior to get stopped from excessive climbing.


It is finally concluded from the above article that stairs are a source of health and activity for the German Shepherds. They do not produce bad effects on the health of the German Shepherd dog’s breed.

Before three months of age, do not allow your German Shepherd to climb up the stairs. It can be proved dangerous for their bones and joints.

In case of any prevailing issues of displacement of joints or bones, do not allow your beloved pet to climb up the stairs. It is advised to restrain them at a single place from where GSDs cannot access the stairs.

There are several things available to refrain the GSDs from accessing stairs and climb them up. You may use gates to close stairs, ramps, dog lifters and you may also train your dog to avoid climbing the stairs. The most useful method is natural training.

Stairs are good for the indoor activities of a German Shepherd dog.

Always contact your nearest vet in case of any injury or bone issues. In case of pain to your dog, you can detect the issues of any internal injury as well.

Do not make any foolish decisions in case if your dog is walking in an unusual manner or feeling pain in his limbs while walking. It is a matter of serious concern.


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