Can German Shepherds Climb Trees? (Explained) 2022

German Shepherds are well-known for their tricks but climbing a tree is not their cup of tea. But still, parents need to know!

Can German Shepherds climb trees? The answer is “climbing tree depends on individual German Shepherds.” The trait is not natural in GSD, but parents can train German Shepherds to climb a trees.

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But when it is an overall discussion, then yes, dogs can climb trees, some breeds with unique traits.  The climbing tree is something that demands a lot of flexibility in the legs, which is somehow absent in dog legs.

Also, dogs are not rich in sharp claws, which is another feature required to climb trees. So whenever you hear that dogs can climb a tree, it is about some specific breeds.

Only some dog breeds can climb a tree, and unfortunately, a German shepherd is not included in these.

Why German Shepherds can’t climb trees

For all the parents who are asking why they can’t their German Shepherd climb trees, so the answer is related to the dog ancestor.

It is crucial to mention that dogs are meant to live in open areas because of their ancestors. They contain strong back legs, due to which they cover considerable distances in no time. Therefore dogs don’t need to climb a tree to hide from other animals or Hunters.

German Shepherd’s legs are wired to run rather than bending around the trees or on other objects. Even dogs think that running is better rather than climbing a tree and falling from it.

Do not confuse dogs’ structure with a cat or bear because their paws or legs are not capable of grabbing a tree.

Yes, dog nails are strong, but they do not retract like the cat’s nails. Even the nails of the German Shepherd are thicker and as well as stronger as compared to the cat’s nail. Still, they are pretty dull and are not able to penetrate the wood, unlike cat claws.

Somehow if a Shepherd manages to climb a small tree or you force him to climb a tree, then what if it falls down? Dogs just cannot land on their feet as cats do.

A Limber back is a support system of animals when it falls from a building or trees, and this feature is again missing in our darling German Shepherd.

But still, dog parents want a perfect German shepherd with all of the tricks and capabilities. And they are desperate to know whether they can train their German Shepherd to climb trees or not.

Let’s bring all of the aspects under discussion and know whether German Shepherds are trained to climb trees or are just running oriented.

Can German Shepherds be trained to climb trees?

When you are a German shepherd parent, nothing is impossible for the breed to learn. Even we expect the courage from parents to train GSD about anything, and you will be happy that your pup can do all perfectly.

Luckily German Shepherds are quick to learn and observative, so you can train them anything. There are some signs and symptoms which make it clear for the parents whether they can train their German Shepherd or not.

Have a look at the signs and make the final decision.

If your dog knows hunting, then there are more chances of it learning about climbing trees. As we know that German Shepherds are not hunters by birth, but we can train them. Therefore, they can also climb trees if we train them properly.

The dog breeds with the hunting instincts and ability to chase the prey are easy to train as tree climbers. Dog owners can explore the history of their German Shepherd to know if it’s training enough to jump, bark, and sniff.

The above-mentioned body languages clearly show that parents can push their German Shepherds into climbing trees. In addition, if you notice that your dog is into chasing small creatures and as well as other animals, again, it’s a green signal.

Change into the dog’s vocalization relating to the excitement is another significant sign that you’re German Shepherd can be trained to climb a tree.

Not just this, but most of the pups start circling a tree and may take a start themselves, use this to turn them into a climber. Now when you know that your dog can climb a tree, then why not train it without wasting time.

Train German shepherd to Climb Trees

We agree that German Shepherds are not rich in flexible paws and strong nails for the firm grip on trees, but still, they can climb trees.

When it’s about teaching something new to your German Shepherd, the process is going to be fun and quick.

The breed is relatively easy to train, and they pick things quickly. Importantly, consistency and calm nature are highly expected from the parents during the training sessions.

Start from bed or stool.

Convince your dog to climb up the stool or bed. Moreover, you can select a verbal cue to grab the German Shepherd’s attention.

Make sure that the overall area is under your control and there is no chance of injury.

Provide treat

When your dog is attentive enough to listen to the verbal cue and try to jump on the stool, keep praising it. Soon after the one successful try, serve your German Shepherd with the treat to keep him motivated.

It is highly recommended not to provide treats when the dog is not even trying because German shepherds May interprets this wrong.

Repeat the process

When you are sure that your German Shepherd is trying jumping on the bed and over the sofa, you should keep repeating the process for one or more weeks.

In this way, a German shepherd will no more hesitate while jumping on some platform. Now when you’re darling German Shepherd is ready to jump on some lower platform, move ahead to the next step.

Distract the fearful German Shepherd

Make sure that your dog is calm enough while you are teaching it to climb the tree. Distract all of its fears rather than forcing it to climb up on the stems.

Keep your hands on the back of the dog and keep talking so that it will not be afraid of climbing trees. Keep praising and motivating your German Shepherd so that it will learn this new lesson quickly.

Again make sure that the overall scenario is under your control and there is nothing harmful on the tree and at the bottom of the tree, in case if your dog falls.

Remove harmful or sharp stems.

Firstly, make sure that your dog is safe within the training session. So try to remove the sharp end of the stems or select the tree with some better steps.

Make sure that your dog knows about jumping and gripping before bringing it for climbing a tree. Otherwise, it may fall and face some serious injury.

Use verbal cue

Use the verbal cue which you selected while your GSD was climbing the stool or bed. In this way, the German Shepherd will get the point that it has to climb up on the tree.

Make sure that you are using the cue in an attention-grabbing manner and your pup is not ignoring it. Or, first, try to grab your pup’s attention and they use the verbal cue; it will react or act quickly according to the understanding.

Offer treat

Don’t expect the flawless climber at the very first time and keep offering treats at each new step of GSD over the tree. In this way, the breed will associate the treat with climbing trees, and it will feel motivated, for sure.

Maybe your German Shepherd is not willing to climb a tree, but still, for the sake of the owner’s happiness and especially for getting a treat, the pup will keep going.

To wrap it up

We cannot associate climbing trees with the breed because it is not wired this way. German Shepherds are not tree climbers by birth, but their easy-to-train nature makes it possible for them.

Yes, German Shepherds can climb a tree if they are trained properly. Is there anything impossible for German Shepherds? Most of the parents are in the favor of raising a GSD that knows everything and every lesson, so they also want to teach them about climbing.

The process is relatively easy if you are following all steps correctly. Make sure to keep all scenarios under control, and there are no sharp ends at the stem.

Once your German Shepherd is aware of the tricks to climb trees, it’s no more difficult for it to jump on stems.


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