Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs? (Explained) 2022

In the daily feeding schedule of your German Shepherd, it is better to supplement eggs. The egg is a food source that we can call perfect food. The constituents present in an eggs are beneficial for a dog to feed and get developed.

It is a very confusing situation for the owners of German Shepherds (dogs) whether they should feed eggs to their beloved pets or not. Cholesterol is the constituent that is the reason for this controversy.

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Can German Shepherds Eat Eggs? According to research, a German Shepherds can get 186 mg of cholesterol from an egg (Large size) and 141 mg from small size. Some research analysts say it is good for the German Shepherds (dogs), and some say it has harmful effects on dog’s health. Eggs are a very good source of protein if we exclude the controversy of cholesterol.

Why German Shepherds diet should have an egg?

There are several essential constituents in an egg. They are listed in the image.

Eggs provide a large amount of protein, as you can see from the above-given chart. Let us discuss its benefits for the health of a german shepherds (dogs).

The protein obtained from an egg is a complete protein, and it has all the essential amino acids required by the body of a dog. The protein obtained from an egg is a purely natural source.

The quality of this protein is outclassed. It helps in the maintenance and building of the body muscles of a German Shepherd.

It helps in weight loss and hunger management. The consumption of egg protein helps the body to fight against the disease of high blood pressure. 

Eggs contain antioxidants as well. There are two important antioxidants found in the body. One of which is lutein, which shares 28-50 percent part, and the other is whose share is 114-142%. They help in the prevention of muscle degeneration in the eyes.

Muscle degeneration is a serious problem of the eyes. It can cause eye blindness issues in German Shepherds. Choline is also present in the eggs in a very high amount.

There is 35% of choline present in an egg. Choline also plays many vital functions in the body of German Shepherd dogs breed.

It plays a vital role during pregnancy. It helps in the development of memory and the brain. It helps in the reduction of ailments that are the result of some stress to the body coming from the environment.

Obesity is a bigger problem in German Shepherds. To avoid this condition and for weight loss, the egg is a fruitful source. It is a food that has low calories in it. It satisfies the body against hunger for a long time.

It helps in gaining a good body condition score. It reduces the risk of a German Shepherd being obese.

Eggs also contain several other important constituents like Vitamin B, Riboflavin, Phosphorous, Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin D, and Iron. There are no Carbohydrates, sugar, and fibers in it. 

Is every egg beneficial for the German Shepherds?

All the eggs look similar. But the fact is that all the eggs are not equal. There is no identical characteristic among all the eggs.

Their creation is unequal in the case of every egg. We can divide them into two classes based on their production. Let us discuss them one by one.

Organic Eggs

The chickens that produce these eggs are provided with a natural environment. All the things provided to this chicken are of organic origin.

They are provided with fresh air, exposure to the sunlight, a good time for exercise, clean feed whose origin is hundred percent organic to eat, and clean water to drink. If we talk about their immunity, it is not wrongly said that they have higher immunity.

This is the reason they don’t need antibiotics to fight against disease, no hormones to grow, and no meal like blood meal or feather meal for the muscle strengthening.

Commercial Eggs

These eggs are produced on a commercial basis. They are the projects of corporate-level businessmen. They are provided a human-created environment.

The environment given to these chicks has no exposure to the sunlight, weak physical immunity, poor physique, and absence of proper feed and water.

They are given hormones to grow, antibiotics to fight the disease as their defense is week, and meals for muscle development.

The above discussion concludes that an owner of a German Shepherd must feed organic eggs to their dog. The above comparison shows that an organic egg is a good and healthy egg fed to a dog for its proper growth and immunity.

How to supplement an egg to a German Shepherd?

Take a pasteurized, fresh, washed, and refrigerated egg at a proper temperature in a sanitized environment. Check the packing seal to ensure its quality.

Break it and convert it into pieces in a grinder and add soup or water to it; feed to German Shepherd.

Is egg feeding risky for a German Shepherd?

All the things have pros and cons as well. All the feeds are not good for all the dogs. Eggs can have some serious side effects on the health of dogs as well.

The most important risk to be discussed is salmonella infection. It can prevail from raw eggs. So, always check the quality of the egg before feeding it to a dog.

Excess egg consumption can lead to interference in the absorption of Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that is necessary for the metabolism of fats and proteins.

One of the most prominent diseases resulting from the excess usage of eggs is hypertension and cardiovascular abnormalities because of the high amount of cholesterol in them.

Answer to the highly controversial aspect of egg

However, it can be seen a high amount of cholesterol is present in the eggs, which can be harmful to the health of German Shepherds; it is also a good source of protein.

To solve high cholesterol in eggs, one must consult a veterinarian for the proper formulation of a diet chart. After balancing the proper diet, one can enhance the health of his German Shepherd without any problem with cholesterol.


There is no doubt in this fact that a dog should be fed an egg. Eggs are a complete, nutritious, natural, and organic diet for a dog. It can help boost German Shepherd health in numerous ways.

The constituents present in an egg represent full nutritive properties. Always feed your dog an egg obtained from a chicken who is fed organic feed. Never go to feed your dog a commercially prepared egg.

There are some side effects of an egg on German Shepherd health, and to avoid those side effects and risks, it is advised to consult a nutritionist.

In case of any health issues after eating an egg, one must rush his German Shepherd to the nearest vet as soon as possible.

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