Can German Shepherds Eat Raw Turkey Bones? (Explained) 2022

As it is well-known that the diet chart of a German Shepherd dog comprises a list of protein-containing ingredients. Meat is a good protein diet and about 30% of the whole meat is bones.

Turkey meat provides 29g proteins per 100g servings. It is a considerable amount of protein value. If turkey meat provides a good amount of protein, then it is obvious that bones are also useful. But are they really useful? Let’s have a look.

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Can German shepherds eat raw turkey bones?

No, a German Shepherd is unable to eat turkey bones. Turkey bones are hazardous to a dog’s health. Turkey bones provide minerals but on the other end, they can have severely adverse and undesired consequences for a dog.

Bones can cause serious damage to the mouth and intestines. If bones are accidentally swallowed, they can cause congestion and strangling. Uncleaned bones are the root of contamination and infections, they become even more perilous.

The meat’s main component is the bones. Bones are composed of cells. Bones are a good source of essential nutrients and mineral deposits.

However, because of their potentially harmful effects on pets, they are not suggested by many health professionals. It is essential to obtain precautionary measures if one wishes to nourish bones to his GSDs.

Bones are beneficial to a GSD’s parenteral hygiene. Teeth and gums are strengthened and cleaned with the assistance of bones. The abdominal muscles rely on bones for support.

The meat portion of the neck in Turkey has a lot of dietary value in a meal plan. They’re full of protein and reveal valuable mineral deposits like calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P).

Turkey necks are also high in chondrocytes like glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate, both of which are thought to help dogs’ joint wellbeing and maneuverability.

Turkey necks are also nutritious, entirely palatable chews that promote canine teeth and gums healthy.

What happens when dogs eat turkey bones

Bones can cause serious harmful effects to a German Shepherd. The followings are some of the side effects.

  • Tongue injury
  • Gastrointestinal Tract Blockage
  • Broken Teeth
  • Choking of the GIT and respiratory tract
  • Injuries to rectum
  • Injuries to the stomach and intestinal lining
  • Lacerations in mouth and throat
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Septicemia
  • Diarrhea
  • A blockage that requires Critical Care Urgency
  • Death
Can German shepherds eat raw turkey bones?

Some of the important issues are discussed as follows.

Blockage and Choking

The German Shepherd has a hard time swallowing significantly bigger bones or bone fragments with corners. In the GIT, it is hindered.

It impedes the throat and causes choking of windpipe and GIT. It makes. respiration problematic.

A few of the indications include excessive salivation, discomfort on direct contact, eating disorders, struggling to breathe, vomiting, indigestion, drowsiness, mental health problems, and diarrheal condition.

GIT and Respiratory tract Injury

The risk of serious injury is evident owing to the bone’s ingestion. Bones can cause serious internal injuries.

The trauma to the respiratory tract could even prove fatal. It has the potential to harm the entire digestive system, particularly the mouth, tongue, throat, intestines, and rectum.

Teeth breaking Issue

You endanger breaking your dog’s teeth or causing inflammation of gums if you nourish your GSD-cooked turkey bones or any hard bone. If your dog loses a tooth, the tooth may need to be removed by surgical manipulation.


Pathogenic bacteria are easily spread by filthy and unhygienic bones. Salmonella infection can be spread through bones.

This can eventually lead to a septicemic state of health, which can cause eating disorders, mental health problems, high body temperature, and other systemic problems.

Bone feeding precautions for Dogs

  • Choose a bone that is the same size as your dog’s mouth.
  • Do not offer poorly stored bones, as they can be a source of bacterial infection like Escherichia coli, and Salmonella typhi, and Typhimurium.
  • Broken bones must not be fed, they can cause internal injuries that can be lethal.
  • Cooking the bones will cause them to splinter, it will injure the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Offer your German Shepherd raw bones, they are a good source of phosphorous and calcium.
  • Never feed bones that haven’t been washed. They are a source of microbial infection or intoxication.
  • Keep an eye on your dog when he’s getting bones, as bones are always a dangerous item.
  • Bigger, high-weight bones should not be offered, as they can be stuck in the throat resulting in a choke.
  • A bone with corners should not be offered, it is also harmful to the GIT and respiratory tract.
  • Do not nourish a bone-in diet if GSD has an underpinning medical disorder such as gastroenteritis, irritable bowel disorder, or gastrointestinal dilatation or volvulus.

What happens if a German shepherd eats turkey bones?

Dogs ingest turkey bones inadvertently, despite the perfect strategies of their landlords and keepers. Bones are a very tasty pet diet.  Also, after snatching, GSDs can consume turkey bones.

German Shepherds are permitted to consume at the table from where they can ingest these bones as well. These fried bones can shatter and prove detrimental to a dog.

There’s no demand to be concerned if your dog has swallowed a bone by mistake or by opportunity. Increasing your anxiety levels may endanger your dog.

German Shepherd
  • If you see the dog swallowing bones, gently attempt to eliminate the bone from his oral cavity.
  • Next to your dog, never use hurtful language or attitudes. Your rough conduct will put him in a fight-or-flight condition, causing him to gulp down the bone more quickly.
  • Take your dog to the nearby veterinarian if he has ingested the bone. A doctor may be able to provide him with a reasonable approach to his dilemma.
  • Now since your dog has consumed a bone, keep an eye on him. Carry him to his veterinarian if he has dysentery, as this is evidence of an intrinsic gastrointestinal trauma.


Eventually, it is identified that trying to feed bones to a GSD has two impacts. If offered appropriately and supervised after that, it is advantageous to a dog’s health.

It can also be hazardous if the landlords are careless with their property. It is worthwhile because it contains so many essential nutrients that are necessary for a GSD’s wellbeing.

However, if procedures are not followed and unhygienic bones, cooked bones, and bones with corners and increased loads are nourished, it can cause serious health problems such as blockage and suffocating in the gastrointestinal tract and breathing pathway as well as deadly circumstances.

In the incident of a bone constriction or any of the above-mentioned symptoms, every time take the guidance of a medical professional. For feedstuffs, every time visit a dietician.


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