Can German Shepherds Eat Strawberries? (Explained) 2022

The favorite snack of GSDs in summer is strawberries. There are several natural fruits and vegetables available during the summertime that we can feed our German Shepherds.

It is very ambiguous to figure out which fruit is better for the GSDs. The question that comes into the minds of owners is that:

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Can German Shepherds eat strawberries? Yes, a German Shepherd can eat strawberries because strawberries are nutritious and delicious dessert containing low calories. Strawberries contain Vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity, antioxidants that halt the process of aging, and fibers that improve digestion and reduce weight loss issues. It also contains vitamin B complex, vitamin K and many minerals like potassium, magnesium, and iodine. It also helps the GSD in teeth whitening. Offer finely sliced and proper-sized strawberries as per the suggestion of your GSD’s nutritionist.

Can German Shepherds eat strawberries?

Benefits of strawberries:

Can dogs eat strawberries?
  • Fruits are delicious and flavorsome treats for a GSD. Strawberries are one of the most productive fruits. Following is some of the benefits of strawberries:
  • Fruits are delicious and flavorsome treats for a GSD. Strawberries are one of the most productive fruits. Some of the advantages of strawberries follow:
  • Strawberries include antioxidants, which aid a GSD in combating reactive oxygen species (ROS). These free radicals harm many organs, notably the skin. The phenomena of aging decelerate with the aid of these antioxidants.
  • The fibers in the strawberries are advantageous when they help in proper digestion. It assists the body to prevent constipation, diarrhea, and intestinal malignancy
  • Vitamin C is a rich resource of strawberries. By boosting immunity vitamin C is useful in oncology and bacterial and viral disorders.
  • Strawberries are a source of vitamin B-12 actively engaged in the production of red blood cells (RBCs), necessary for the availability of nutrients and oxygen to the whole body. It enables also them to cope with vascular problems such as stiffness. This also reduces the possibility of malignancies. It includes B1 and B6 vitamins that are helping the brain and other organs to work properly.
  • Strawberries include vitamin K to help blood clotting, bone and tooth reinforcement, and problems such as arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Strawberries are a resource of a wide range of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and iodine, useful to the development of bones and muscles, healthy heart and liver, and robust immune system.
  • Omega-3’s good source is delicious strawberries. It assists the body to prevent many inflammatory and immune-mediated problems.
  • Strawberries provide various essential enzymes that are helpful for the teeth and gastrointestinal health. These enzymes exert constructive impacts on the body of GSD.

Are strawberries unsafe for the German Shepherd?


Since everything has a harmful consequence together with beneficial perks, GSDs may be harmed by strawberries as well. The following are the detrimental impacts:


All German shepherds cannot assimilate the strawberries efficiently, and after intake, they can experience an autoimmune reaction.

In this allergic response you might see the aforementioned signs and symptoms:

  • Swelling at face region, below the tongue, and on ears.
  • Trouble in breathing leading to coughing excessively.
  • Sneezing

If someone looks at any of the above indications, he/she requires the nearest veterinarian to be able to diagnose appropriately and handle it effectively after you supply him/her with a full history.

Excessive Intake

As we know, excess of everything is bad. Strawberries are delicious with a good taste and flavor. The GSD will try to eat it more often.

This excessive intake will lead to indigestion and disorders of the stomach and intestines. You may observe the following clinical signs:

  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Inability to walk due to excessive diarrhea
  • Gas accumulation

In any such cases, stop offering more strawberries and for the ailment, do consider visiting the nearest vet for further treatment. Do not take it funny. Diarrhea may even lead to fatal conditions.

High sugar content

There is a high amount of sugar content in the strawberries. In case of diabetes or the risk of diabetes, do not offer the GSD more often.

Offer them carefully to avoid any issues. Mostly, it is not advised by the nutritionist to offer strawberries to a GSD who is at a high risk of diabetic onset.

Which sorts of strawberries must be avoided or GSDs?

It is not said to feed any type of fruit if that is considered useful. It is always recommended to take the advice of a nutritionist.

In the case of strawberries, all types are not recommended. The following types are considered bad and should be avoided.

Pre-packaged Strawberries:

It is not good for the GSD as it contains a high amount of sugar in processed form. It is also called a canned form of strawberries. It is in liquid form.

Strawberries enclosed in chocolates

Some strawberries are covered in chocolates. It is good to listen those strawberries are packed in chocolate but chocolates cause toxicity in GSDs and it is the reason these types of strawberries are not recommended.


It is not a case that your GSD will avoid eating ice cream. But the strawberries in the form of ice cream are not easily digestible and may cause stomach disorders.

One may observe diarrhea, anxiety, anorexia, depression, nausea, and lethargy after feeding ice cream to one’s GSD.

Big sized strawberries

The size of the feed in the case of GSD also matters. They may intake without chewing. A big-sized strawberry may cause choking resulting in various issues.

The owners may observe respiratory distress, open mouth breathing, excessive salivation, and pain in touching the throat.

How to feed strawberries to the GSDs?

  • Strawberry should be rigorously washed to clear away all germs and grime.
  • For your German shepherd, consider taking secure amounts as recommended by your dietitian.
  • To mitigate choking and to ensure convenient utilization, slice them into small chunks.
  • Need not nourish them unless you are present.

How frequently do I offer strawberries to German Shepherd?

It is vital to recognize how many strawberries are served to a GSD. The GSD meal should contain around 10 percent of strawberries. Feed only three to four times a week to alleviate complications with indigestion.

Offer strawberries according to their age. Feed one medium strawberry cut into one quarter to puppies. Provide a little GSD with 2 medium-sized strawberries. Three fairly wide strawberries can be supplied to a big GSD.


From the above-given article, it is finally concluded that strawberries are safe for a GSD. It has numerous vital minerals and vitamins that help in the normal growth and development of bones, the heart, and various muscles of the body.

Offer sliced, washed, and required size, strawberries in a controlled amount as per instructions of a nutritionist. In case of any unusual signs like allergic reaction or indigestion, always consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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