Can Golden Retrievers Swim In The Ocean? (Explained) 2022

Golden Retrievers love to swim. They were originally bred for hunting, and this includes hunting for fish in rivers and streams.

Can Golden Retrievers swim in the ocean? Yes, Golden Retrievers can swim in the ocean with proper training. Golden Retrievers enjoy being in the water, although they need the training to know what to do when they are in the water.

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However, once they are taught, they make excellent swimmers.

If you are looking forward to a holiday at the beach, fret not. Your dog can join you in the ocean and increase the level of fun you will have during the summer.

Do Golden Retrievers naturally know how to swim?

It’s incredible how quickly Golden Retrievers learn to swim and how much they love being in the water.

But, this makes one wonder, do Golden Retrievers naturally know how to swim?

No, Golden Retrievers do not naturally know how to swim.

For a Golden Retriever to be a good swimmer, it needs to be taught. It needs quality training.

Please do not force your Golden Retriever into the ocean on its first attempt at swimming. Instead, take the whole process slowly.

Things to note while swimming with a Golden Retriever in the ocean

While having fun with your Golden Retriever at the beach, it is only natural that you get carried away and forget to take certain precautions.

Some things to note while swimming with a Golden Retriever in the ocean are;

Don’t let your Golden Retriever drink saltwater, watch what your Golden Retriever eats at the beach, be your dog’s lifeguard, stay safe, use SPF on your dog too, ensure your Golden Retriever gets adequate rest and clean up.

For better understanding, these precautions have been explained further.

Don’t let your Golden Retriever drink saltwater

Golden Retriever

Salt is not suitable for dogs. Unfortunately, the system of dogs and humans are almost similar. In other words, what’s bad for you is most likely bad for your dog too.

Excessive salt is not suitable for a dog, especially a Golden Retriever. So, when going to the beach, don’t forget to bring consumable water for yourself and for your dog so you can both stay hydrated.

Don’t let your dog swim for too long so it doesn’t take in too much of the ocean water if it must.

Watch what your Golden Retriever eats at the beach

Golden Retrievers eat whatever they see. They’re big babies. Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure it doesn’t eat sand and other inconsumable items. 

If your dog eats sand, it will develop gastrointestinal issues. In addition, shells, stones, and other larger and rough objects will choke your dog. It’s okay to bring along snacks for you and your dog.

That way, your Golden Retriever won’t be so hungry looking around for strange objects to chew. If your dog is swimming, feed it at the right time.

Be your dog’s lifeguard

Watch out for your Golden Retriever while at the beach. Make sure it’s alright at every moment of the swim. Don’t let your Golden Retriever swim too far from you. Instead, ensure that it’s within your reach.

Swim with your dog and make it feel safe. Then, protect your dog at the beach.

Stay safe

Golden Retriever

Ensure that you and your dog have the proper clothing on while swimming. Every safety material should be close by, especially if it’s your Golden Retrievers’ first time swimming.

Your Golden Retriever should have a life vest on to prevent it from drowning. You can also put a leash on your dog, so it doesn’t swim far.

It’s advisable to start at the shallow part of the ocean. Then, when your dog gets better at swimming, you can advance to the deeper parts.

Furthermore, it would help if you covered your Golden Retriever up once it is out of the water. Use a thick warm towel to prevent it from getting cold.

If the Golden Retriever hasn’t been in the water yet and has been playing in the sun, cool it off under a tent. This reserves your dog’s energy and keeps it healthy while at the beach.

Use SPF on your dog

Dogs can get sunburn too. Apply sunburn specially made for dogs on your Golden Retriever. Rub it on places like its ears and nose.

The SPF used for a Golden Retriever should be applied if the dog will spend more time in the sun than in the ocean. But still, your dog shouldn’t be exposed to too much sunlight.

Adequate rest

Golden Retrievers

Even though Golden Retrievers are active dogs, they need to rest.

While swimming with your dog, don’t over-exert the dog. Instead, ensure that it gets enough rest when due.

If there is no resting time for your Golden Retriever, it may develop a heat stroke or other health complications.

Clean up

Golden Retrievers play a lot and will definitely get a lot of salt, sand, and bacteria stuck in their fur. When you get home, make sure you wash your dog. Please give it a thorough clean.

If you don’t rinse your dog after a day at the beach, be prepared for infections and diseases. Salt, sand, and bacteria are comfortable grounds for the growth of infection and diseases. If you love your dog, do bath it.

If you can take note of such essential details while at the beach with your Golden Retriever, your dog will have great fun and will return home safe and healthy after a long day at the beach.


Having fun at the beach with a dog is every dog owner’s dream. This dream can easily be made real if the proper instructions and precautions are observed. Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs. They will naturally try their best to stay safe and have fun at the beach.

Golden Retrievers are also excellent swimmers. So train your Golden Retriever to swim now to double the fun and build a stronger bond between you and your dog.

If you ever want to take your Golden Retriever to the pool or the ocean, fear not. Take the dog there and have a blast.


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