Do All Golden Retrievers Like Water? (Explained) 2022

Do you own a Golden retriever? Are you confused about how your furry friend behaves around water? Then this is the article for you.

Do all Golden retrievers like water? A simple answer is no! It is quite true that many Golden retrievers like water since their actual purpose is to help hunters catch water birds, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t unique ones that don’t want to have anything to do with water at all.

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Why Does Your Golden Retriever Not Like Water?

Golden retrievers are lovers of any kind of water body. Despite this, some don’t want anything to do with water at all. Be it swimming or bathing. This may be their nature, or a factor or another could have influenced it.

Some of which are:

It might have had bad past experiences with water

Some Golden retrievers may not like water because they are going through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a past bad experience it had with water. It may have drowned once or almost died in the waters and, for that reason, become very scared of any kind of water body.

It might be an inherited trait

some Golden retrievers were born scared of water, probably because their parents or grandparents were also hydrophobic.

The dog might be unfamiliar with water

Some Golden retrievers may not be familiar with water, especially if their breeders didn’t get them used to water as puppies.

Environmental factors

A Golden retriever that was trained in a place with minimized water supply is most likely not to have a special thing for water.

How To Make Your Golden Retriever Like Water

A Golden retriever that doesn’t like water cannot serve its purpose correctly. Golden retrievers are known as water dogs, and if yours doesn’t like water, there are a few tricks you might want to try out before giving up.

Some examples include:

Make bathes a little more interesting

Golden Retrievers

If you have been giving your little goldy boring bathes, it’s time to make a few changes. You can start by adding scented petals to its bathing water and bubbles too to attract your dog and make it want to stay longer in the water. If you keep doing this, your little furry friend won’t have problems with baths and might start developing an interest in water.

Train it

Training your dog to like water might seem impossible at first, but there’s nothing a little persistence cannot do. You can start talking to a lake and luring it into the shallow parts with treats. Let it play around in the water while you monitor it closely. You can achieve this by putting its treats at the ends of the shallow side. Be sure to get a life jacket.

Take it to a dog beach

Taking your Golden retriever to the beach is another significant step towards progress. Seeing other dogs play in the water might just be the motivation it needs. Ensure you take a life jacket along you will be needing it.

Frequent baths

Golden Retrievers

summer is a significant period to get your Golden retriever to like water. Since the weather is hot, regular baths should be added to the day’s schedule. I bet this can help your furry friend get used to the water.

Why You Should Get Your Golden Retriever To Like Water

There are a few advantages to getting your furry friend to like water. The benefits cannot be overemphasized as they don’t just benefit your dog but you too.

Examples are:

To help keep cool In the summer

Summer is a very period of the year, and as such, your dog may feel uncomfortable and hot. Getting it acquainted with water will help keep it cool and refreshed and also keep its skin hydrated.


Golden Retrievers

Swimming is just enough exercise as running but a bit safer. Getting your dog to like water will help it frequently exercise through swimming, thereby relaxing its muscles and enhancing joint movements.

Easy baths

Bathing a dog that likes water is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Your dog struggles less during bathes if it already loves water. You would do anything to stop getting bitten during dog bathes, wouldn’t you?



Is very much necessary when trying to get your dog to like water. Please don’t force it. Take things step by step and as easy as possible. If you want, you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Patience is required, so you don’t turn your sweet dog aggressive and insecure. It is not suitable for its physical or mental health. You can get bites too!

Some like water!

Yes, your dog hesitating to get into the water doesn’t mean it doesn’t like water. It might just need some little moral support, so don’t give up on the little fellow just yet.

Some don’t just like water

If you have tried everything possible to get your Golden retriever to like water and all efforts proved abortive, then there is nothing to worry about. Your dog may not just like the idea of getting wet. Just like some humans too. So don’t force it, just let it be and find something else it might like.

Always be prepared

While you’re still in the process of teaching or training your Golden retriever to like water, always make sure you carry a first aid kit with you. You might be too far from the vet.

Be cautious

Extreme cautiousness is required when training your dog in the water. Always carry a life jacket for it and be very watchful of where it goes and what it eats.


Not all Golden retrievers like to be wet. Yours may like it while your neighbors don’t. Don’t overexert your dog! If you discover it is not a fan of getting wet, then stick to regular baths and keep your dog away from excess water.

If the dog is suffering from PTSD, you should see a vet concerning your following line of action.

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