Do German Shepherds And Labradors Get Along? (Explained) 2022

You are running some dog centers and willing to ell the best mix breeds, and Labrador is your selection for a German shepherd. It’s a great idea, German Shepherds and Labradors get along really well as compare to any other crossbreed.

The people-oriented, great structure, and excessive exercise needs make them the best companions. Both of the breeds demand love and affection from the parents and, as a result, serve the parents with the same level of love.

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Do German Shepherds And Labradors Get Along? Yes! German Shepherds and Labs can get along, but there are some points to keep in mind. Make sure that both of the dogs have their own personal space and as well as sleeping areas. Along with this, parents must provide them with food separately and must have the appropriate and healthy diet.

There is nothing to worry about Labrador behaviour because Labradors are friendly by birth and do not show aggressive nature with other dogs. But if a German shepherd is not trained enough to socialize and be friendly with other dogs, a mess may happen.

If you want German shepherd and lab to get along, adopt them together in puppyhood. Otherwise, you will have to pass a difficult phase of training a German shepherd to be friendly with other creatures.

Can German Shepherds and labs live together?

Yes, German shepherds and labs live together happily if your shepherd is well trained to be friendly.

Or in other words, we can say that there is not yes and NO, answer to this question. All of this depends on the traits, personality, and mainly on the training of the breeds.

You will notice that Labradors are quite friendly while, on the other hand, German Shepherds are protective, so they both make a great Bond and get along with each other.

Have a look at the explanations of traits that makes them compatible when you want them to get along well

Similar in size

Almost all of the Labradors and German shepherds are practically similar in size and as well as in body structure. Male German shepherds and male Labrador are slightly larger as compared to their females.

Labradors and German shepherds are both active.

Fortunately, both of the breeds are quite active and energetic, so their exercise needs are entirely the same, due to which they get along very well.

Even Labradors are considered as the best breed to get along with German shepherds because of their activities along with agility.

You will be amazed to notice that both of the breeds love to run and swim if you train them to like water.

Labradors and GSD Personality traits

German shepherd and Labradors are rich in the same personalities as both of these are intelligent, dedicated, and confident. Both of The Breed show complete interest in training and learn the commands quickly.

However, their temperaments are quite different in a significant way. Labradors are not wired as guard dogs, but German Shepherds are the great guarding dogs. On the other hand, you will notice the same level of loyalty and tendency to protect loved ones.

Even both of the breeds are social and people-oriented, which makes them good companions to hang out with.

It is a fire and ice combination because Labradors are cool while German shepherds are pretty aggressive. But their playstyles, along with the other similarities in nature, make them good companions.

Even if you are good at training your German shepherd to behave well, then there will be no mess when the breeds are living together under the same roof.

When it is about a Labrador with some other breed, don’t panic because the Labrador makes the overall process easy and does not create fights. The exercise needs and energetic requirements of the breeds again make it easy for them to get along.

 You will notice that the German shepherd and Labrador are of the same size, so here, the German shepherd will not show its dominant nature.

Do German Shepherds like Labradors?

When German shepherds are under the limelight, no answer is going to be straightforward. The sudden and frequent mood swings of the German shepherds make them a complicated breed to study.

But, it’s entirely up to the dog parents whether they want to make them cooperative or ill-mannered. Soon after adopting a German shepherd, you must start their behavioral training and especially when you want them to get along with some other breed.

So, if you were good at raising your German shepherd, then yes, it will like Labrador.

Adopting both breeds together in puppyhood is a good approach rather than adopting one in other’s adult age. Socialization, along with training, plays a vital role when it’s about German shepherds with other breeds.

Make sure that you are good at controlling your German shepherd and it’s well aware of all commands or verbal cues. So you will be able to stop it from chasing and unwanted barking.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry when your choice of the other breed is Labradors because they are super sweet and friendly.

As mentioned above, German shepherds will not try to chase or attack Labs because both of these are of the same structure and size.

Ways to Make Sure That a German shepherd And a Labrador Get Along?

Adequate Space for Both Dogs

Serving your pets with adequate space is the best way to ensure that German shepherd and Labrador will get along well in an efficient manner.

As mentioned above, both of the breeds are large in structures, so they are highly energetic and demand adequate space along with excessive exercise. While having the large species keep in mind that exercise is their crucial need, and you cannot be irresponsible in providing this.

For this purpose, you must provide them with a large yard having their own space rather than a small yard and sharing the space.

Separate bowls and feeding time

If there is slight aggression between a German shepherd and Labrador, you must keep their separate feeding time and even the bowls. Keep their bowls at a significant distance so they will not interrupt Each Other while having a meal.

If a separation of the bowl is still not working, then you must keep different times for feeding them rather than providing a meal at the same time.

Separate sleeping areas

It is essential to mention that dogs do not like to share sleeping areas with other dogs until they are good friends.

At the very start, if you want your German shepherd to get along with Labrador, you must keep them separate in their separate sleeping areas.

Most of the dogs perceive that their crate is a safe place, and they like to sleep in that, so bring a different crate for both dogs. Even you can get a large crate with a divider in it so that there will be no fight and separation will be maintained.

Separate toys

Maybe you are not aware of the fact that dogs actually love their toys and especially if it is a bone. Dogs are highly selfish and possessive of their toys, and they don’t think that it is not something to share with other dogs.

So if you are noticing any conflict over the toys, you must bring different toys for a German shepherd and as well as for Labradors according to their nature.

To wrap it up

Maybe you are willing to keep two or more breeds under the same roof while having a German shepherd at home. If your choice of other breed is Labrador, then don’t worry because both of these get along really well.

However, their ability to get along also depends on the training of your German shepherd because they are the troublemakers. When it is about getting along with other breeds, Labrador is not the mess creators pan card but the friendly one to offer a quick friendship.

Some traits make the breed good while they are getting along or Living Together. Such as their exercise needs and their equal size makes them good companions. Similarly, some features may not let them get along well. Possessive and dominant is the example.

When you want a German shepherd to live with a Labrador, there will be ease because German Shepherds do not chase dogs of the same size. Moreover, if your German shepherd is quite well-mannered and knows about self-control, then you must bring the Labrador at home.


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