Do German Shepherds And Pitbull Get Along? (Explained) 2022

Know that each and every habit in German shepherds are affected by their training and upbringing. All of this depends on how you are introducing both breeds and how you are raising them under the same roof.

Do German shepherds and pitbulls get along? There is a possibility that you have a German shepherd and Pitbull under the same roof, living together from puppyhood. In this case, a German shepherd will get along with pit bulls. While on the other hand, there can be the situation that you have an adult German shepherd at home and adopt a brand new Pitbull, less or no chances of them to get along.

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Fortunately, if you have done a great job as a parent and both breeds are good friends with each other, then they are best to get along. Their almost same behaviour makes them compatible with each other and makes them great companions.

But, unfortunately, if you fail, then the same level of tendencies and aggression in breeds will give you a war scene with a never-ending rivalry. So, deep research before adopting a breed is always a good option and highly recommended to dog parents.

Do German shepherds like pitbulls?

When German shepherds are under the limelight, no answer is going to be straightforward. Their frequent mood swings and tendencies make them hard to judge.

Again, it’s totally up to the parents; if they are adopting both breeds as a puppy, there are chances that a German shepherd may like Pitbull.

But if a parent is bringing a Pitbull in the adult times of the German shepherd, they are never going to be friends and will not get along.

Proper socialization and as well as training play a vital role in the shepherd’s life when you want it to get along with other dogs.

A properly managed and controlled situation is highly recommended when it’s about mixed breeding, especially when it’s about German shepherd.

In this discussion, are you sure that you want a German shepherd to get along with Pitbull? I mean, both of the breeds are hard-headed and can create a huge disaster in case of any mistake.

But still, if you dare to get them along, then you should know about all possible situations.

Reasons that German Shepherds and Pitbulls can get along well?

Both of the breeds contain some traits which make it easy for them to get along. Let’s know about the features when you want the breeds to get along well.

Play styles

Both German Shepherds and Pit bulls show the same features and styles when they are playing. There is always a chance that different breeds may have different styles of playing.

Still, when it is about German shepherds getting along with Pitbull, they carry the same style. You will notice that both of these like to run around along with the bouncy and jumping wrestling.

If your German shepherd and Pitbull are good friends, then it will be fun to watch them playing wrestling and fighting together. When they are good friends, they create a dog fight in which they are playing.

Jumping on each other along with rolling over and biting one another can be their favorite plays. This kind of playstyle can be overwhelming for other dog breeds, but German shepherd and Pitbull play together in the best way.


German shepherds and pit bulls both the breeds that are most loyal in the dog world. Even both of the dog breeds are serving the parents as the best guarding dogs.

When it comes to protecting livestock and family, German shepherds and pit bulls are the names above the list. Their loyal and guarding nature includes them into the all-around farm dogs.

Moreover, both of the dogs tend to be devoted to the families, especially when they see each other as a member of the same family.

There are chances that breeds may not get along properly, but you will find them highly loyal to each other.

Protecting the families together and showing affection to all members is the top priority of Pit Bull and German shepherd.


Furthermore, knowing about the traits due to which German Shepherds get along with Pitbull, the next one is trainable.’

Luckily, both of the breeds are quite easy and train, and you will find them willing to do anything for the sake of the owner’s happiness. Focusing more, GSD is easier to train while both have the same level of drive to please parents.

Again, even if German shepherds and pit bulls are having hesitation to get along, still they will put effort to please their families. Expert says that breeds will get along happily just for the happiness of their owner.


Due to the large body structures, the breeds may seem aggressive and hard to control, but we perceive them wrong. You will be happy to know that both of the dog breeds have incredible self-control over their temperament.

Why German shepherds and pitbulls do not get along well

Both of the breeds contain some behavior or attitude due to which they may not get along. These traits are their aggression and their love for chasing.

So dog parents should not interpret it wrong that Pitbull and German Shepherds are going to hang together when they live under the same roof, but you may notice the opposite situation.

Both are born fighters.

Unfortunately, both German Shepherds, as well as Pitbull, are more prone to get aggression because of their fighter nature. There are chances that aggression becomes extreme when both breeds are of the same gender. Checkout Can German Shepherd beat pitbull?

High Prey drive

Moving ahead, both Pitbull and German shepherds are more prone to have strong prey drives, which makes it difficult for them to get along. Their high Prey drive forces them to attack other dogs, which makes things complicated.

Also, Dogs with some level of prey drive do not show aggression Around The Other dogs of the same size, but when there is even a slight difference, you will see a war.

Brave and bold

German shepherd and Pitbull dogs carry an attitude of not to back down from anything. Rather than showing submissive behaviour, they will give priority to fighting whenever they face other creatures.

Again their brave and bold nature makes it difficult for them to get along with each other.

How to set your German shepherd and pitbull up for success

So we can say that it’s a 50 50 that your German shepherd may get along with pit bulls, and it may not. However proper training is always in the hands of parents so use it in your favor.

Self-control training

When you are rigid about your decision that you want your German shepherd and Pitbull to get along, then you must train them about self-control.

Self-control training is not just beneficial when you want your breed to get along with some other, but it is good behavior for each dog. Even in this way, you can teach them not to chase other animals and even strangers.

Introduce them professionally

Keeping a German shepherd with some other dog breeds under the same roof needs courage and a big heart. If you don’t want things to get complicated, then you must professionally introduce both of the breeds.

Make sure to keep them separate soon after the adoption and let them get used to each other’s scent.

To wrap it up

Dog parents think a thousand times when they want their German shepherd to get along with another breed and especially when the other breed is Pitbull.

We are well aware of the aggression of Germanshepherds, and even we can’t ignore the bold nature of Pitbull. In this situation, the only question that pops up in mind is, do they get along or not?

Luckily both of the breeds are trainable and even easy to train, so you don’t worry if you have good training abilities. Why not hire a professional if you want to keep both breeds under the same roof.

Fortunately, there are some features in both breeds which make them good companions when they get along. Features such as loyalty and as well as a playstyle. Both of these may enjoy hanging out together once they are introduced properly.


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