Do German Shepherds Attack Cats? (Explained) 2022

You have a large German shepherd at home and willing to adopt a small fluffy cat, but before that, you want to know whether your pup will accept it or not. Keeping the German Shepherd’s chasing nature in mind, parents question.

Do German Shepherds Attack Cats? The straightforward answer is YES; German shepherds attack cats intentionally or maybe unintentionally. German shepherds are obsessed with cats, and they never miss a chance to run after them; during this, chasing a pup may harm the cat.

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Along with the chasing nature, the strong prey drive within the German shepherds is another reason due to which they may attack the cats. Maybe your German Shepherd is jealous of the new cat at home, and while being selfish for the attention, it can attack your cat.

Again, they never meant to kill or attack cats, but their big size and aggressive mood can cause harm to cats. Although German shepherds around the cats are pretty dangerous, still you can train German Shepherds to get along with cats.

Introducing your pet dog with the cat is a good approach when you want to reduce their rival relationship. This is not the end of the discussion; you need to know all of the crucial aspects when you are deciding to adopt a cat while having a German shepherd at home.

Would a German shepherd kill a cat?

Having a cat and German Shepherd at the same time means a big war for the complete 24 hours, especially when they are not introduced properly. As mentioned above, the German Shepherd is rich in prey drive, due to which it can kill a cat, unlike other dogs.

Adopting a cat is not the problem when you have some other dogs breed at home. But when it’s about a German shepherd and a cat, you must think twice.

But still, if you dare to keep both under the same roof, keep noticing their behaviour carefully. Don’t take the chasing lightly because, in the end, it’s dangerous and can cause the death of your cat.

It’s crucial to mention that parents should not force the German Shepherd and cat to be in a friendly relation just to ensure if the dog is harming the cat or not, especially when the scenario is not under control.

An ill-mannered German Shepherd will always put you in embarrassing situations when neighbours are complaining that your dog is chasing their cats and even giving them serious injuries.

In this situation, one and the only solution is to Train Your German Shepherd to be friends with cats so it will stop chasing and killing them.

How do I get my German Shepherd to like my cat?

Ok, you have a big heart and courage to adopt a cat while having a German shepherd at home. Now be a responsible and hardworking parent of both and Train Your Shepherd to like your cat.

After this significant decision, dog parents ask the same question: how do I get my German Shepherd to like my cat. Luckily there are multiple ways in which you can smoothly perform this task to Train Your Shepherd.

Total Separation

Firstly, keep them separate soon after the adoption. Otherwise, the overall process may get wrong, and your German Shepherd will not like a cat.

Make sure that you are spending equal time with both of the animals and they are not feeling jealous of each other. This operation should be both visually and as well as physically.

Keep in mind that you are just isolating them. It is not a punishment or any restrictions, so provide them with toys and beds separately.

Introducing scent

The next step is to exchange their scent by exchanging their blankets for pillows. Keep doing this each night, so both pets will understand that there is a presence of some other animal in the house. Also, they will get used to each other’s scent.

I think you know your pet well, so you will get an idea of how long you will have to exchange their scent.

Make good plans

Create a scenario to make good things happen; for example, feed them from the opposite sides of a closed door. In this way, animals will feel the scent and will realize that scent is quite familiar.

Switch the rooms

Moving ahead, the next phase is to switch their rooms. In this way, both of your pets will spend quality time in each other’s room and will sense the scent there. Try spending time with both pets after switching their rooms.

So you can make them feel comfortable at their places. Keep moving back and forth so that your pet will notice your behaviour and will try to follow you.

Make sure that you are consistent when you are following the method, due to which German Shepherd will start liking the cat.


Here comes the core of the general cycle, which is the Introduction of German Shepherd with your cat. At the time when your cat and GSD are altogether alright with one another’s fragrance, they won’t act peculiar at presentation.

Even though you followed the past advances effectively, still the climate ought to be in your grasp on the off chance that any of these act forcefully.

Make a point to keep your doggy on a rope so you can pull it back in the event that it attempts to pursue your feline. Never expect sweet conduct at the primary presentation because your furry cat may murmur.

The German Shepherd may bark and attempt to hop over the feline, which is quite regular. As German Shepherds are quiet and agreeable, there are chances that a feline may show more forceful conduct.

As the aftereffect of incitement, the German Shepherd may nibble or attempt to be predominant. If the circumstance is more regrettable than this situation, there is more need to keep them discrete.

In any case, fortunately, the conduct is transitory, so you don’t have to stress.


Moving ahead to the next step, which is meeting your darling German Shepherd with the cat. It will be the first time when both of your pets are going to interact face to face with no limitations and restrictions.

Again it is highly recommended to keep the overall scenario in your hand and make sure to keep your German Shepherd on a leash. Because there are chances that your Shepherd me start chasing or attacking the cat

At their very first meeting, you never know what is going to happen. There are chances that your cat starts running which provokes the German Shepherd to run after it.

We agree that controlling a giant German Shepherd on a leash is not an easy thing. Still, you must have some courage to keep it on the lease because there may start a war if the situation gets unmanaged.

This is the only method due to which you can convince your German Shepherd to like your cat. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep them under the same roof, and there will be a war each day.

At this point, it is crucial to Train Your German Shepherd about self-control and to be friendly with other creatures.

There are numerous families who are keeping a German Shepherd and cat together without any mess because they trained their pup correctly.

And even they managed to introduce German Shepherd to a cat in a professional way which helped them a lot.

To wrap it up

Most of us love cats as well as dogs at the same time, but when you are living with a German Shepherd, think twice about whether you should adopt a cat or not.

All the German Shepherds are quite friendly and people-oriented, but at the same time, their chasing and dominant nature force them to run after the cats.

None of us is willing to face a massive fight between our cat and dog because our love is equal for both of them.

At this time, the only hack is to convince your German Shepherd to love your cat rather than chasing it.

The only method you can use is to introduce both of the animals in the best way. You will have to keep them separate before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Make sure to keep a firm grip on the overall situation when you are trying to get both of them to get along well.


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