Do German Shepherds Attack Strangers? (Explained) 2022

It is good to research dog breeds before adopting them. In this way, you get to know about the sudden mood swings and other behaviors of the dogs.

Do German shepherds attack strangers? Ask any of Shepherd’s parents or experts you will get the same answer that YES, German shepherds attack strangers only if they are not raised or trained correctly. So it is the point of your responsibility to Train Your German Shepherd properly at the right time so that it will be friendly with the guest and strangers.

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When you are willing to adopt a German shepherd, this first question that pops up in your mind is about German shepherds attacks strangers or guests at home.

Ask any of Shepherd’s parents or experts you will get the same answer that yes, German shepherds attack strangers only if they are not raised or trained correctly.

It can be pretty embarrassing for you when you are out with your German Shepherd, and it starts attacking each person in the park. Even your neighbors and Society is never going to allow you to keep a dog with aggression to ruin people.

German Shepherds are known to have aggression and tendencies because of their dominant nature. Ill-mannered and untrained German shepherds do not just attack strangers, but they may attack other dogs and as well as each creature.

I believe that none of us want a companion like this who is ready to kill anyone at any time. German Shepherds actually love to chase other animals. They may apply the same behavior to strangers, which may turn out as attacks and injuries.

However, this is just one aspect of adopting a German shepherd. You must know about some other sides of the story.

Are German shepherds friendly to strangers?

The large structure and size of the German Shepherd give them an aggressive and intimidating look.

Their role in security and as we in guardian make it clear that they are not easy to be friends with. But still, parents ask this question: are German Shepherds friendly to strangers.

Luckily German Shepherds are rich in easy-to-learn nature, and they can be molded into any form as parents want. Similarly, you can grow up a friendly German shepherd who is not attacking strangers and even on other dogs.

Again German shepherds are friendly to strangers with proper socialization and as well as upbringing.

Ideally, you should socialize German puppy shepherds around people along with some other animals. In this way, your Shepherd will not grow up with any fear or aggression in mind.

It will not perceive strangers as a threat and will not attack them and hence a friendly pup.

In this case, there is a possibility that the German Shepherd is friendly when away from home but shows a protective nature when some stranger is entering into its territory or home. You cannot help their defensive behavior because they are wired as a guarding dogs.

Do German shepherds attack guests?

We are aware of the aggressive nature of our German Shepherd, which forces us to think twice while inviting someone at home.

Yes, there are chances of German shepherds attacking guests if they are not appropriately trained. Lack of exposure and as well as socialization results in an aggressive dog that is attacking everyone entering the house.

But this is not the end of the story, the breed is easy to teach new behaviors, and there is a possibility to make it friendly.

As mentioned above, proper puppy training and as well as upbringing can reduce their tendencies and aggression. Also, a mixed German shepherd does not attack guests, and it is much friendly compared to the purebred.

Don’t interpret German Shepherds wrong because the only reason behind the attack is their feeling of threat or fear, as they are selfish for owner and home.

Again, the guarding nature of the Shepherd forces them to bark and chase each person coming home. It’s crucial to mention that protective nature is something different from aggression. Don’t mix the terms before putting your pup into training.

Putting a German shepherd on the leash and training it correctly is possible to control the overall scenario when some guests are at home.

So, adopting the breed is not the end of the story because it’s a huge responsibility, and you will have to train it even from the very first day.

Does a German shepherd Attack Intruder?

In case if your GermanShepherd is trained, then YES, it will attack the Intruder.

Even there is a possibility that your German Shepherd may go extreme when it is defending its owner and as well as its home.

As we know that German Shepherds are known as the best guard dogs, so they attack Intruder. This is the situation in which German Shepherd shows their loyalty to the owner because it is in your dog’s DNA

Although training a German shepherd may take time along with a lot of money, but it pays off later when you need higher security of home.

While on the other hand, if your German Shepherd is friendly with strangers and not even trained to attack intruders, then there is a possibility that it may not bark or attack at them.

The reason is the same, due to which you may notice that some German shepherds bark at intruders while some do not.

So if you ask me, will a German shepherd attack an Intruder? I will say that it depends on the individual German Shepherd and on the training.

It is crucial to mention that German Shepherds are protective in nature by birth. But attacking depends on their personality along with temperament and how your German Shepherd is connected to the home.

Why is my German Shepherd aggressive towards strangers?

How to Keep Your German Shepherd from Biting You

Showing dominance

As we know that German shepherds are highly dominant, so this dominance causes them to attack or bark at strangers.


All the German Shepherds are aggressive in nature and giant in structure, but still, they may get afraid of strangers. Fear can be a reason due to which your dog is showing aggressive nature towards strangers.

There is a possibility that your German Shepherd is mistreated by the stranger, which provokes the dog to attack them.


German shepherds are possessive by birth; you cannot remove the possessiveness from them. If your dog is showing anger, maybe it is just being selfish for the home and for the owner. Also, dogs get aggressive and possessive for their toys, along with accessories.


Daily exercise and a good workout is the key to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Know that your German Shepherd requires a lot and a lot of exercise, and if they don’t get it, they may get frustrated.

The frustration will result in aggression, and mainly they get aggressive towards strangers. Chewing, biting, and as well as growling is your dog’s way to show its aggression.

Similarly, the aggression is the same for the other dogs and as well as on small creatures. Socialization can help your dog in reducing aggression along with other behavioral issues.


Illness can be the cause due to which your darling pup is showing aggression even on strangers. Consulting a vet is always a good approach when you notice the behavioral issues in your German Shepherd.

Pain in the body, some sort of internal injuries along with tumors are the leading causes of aggression in German Shepherds.

To wrap it up

German shepherds are more prone to get behavioral issues and especially aggression. Your dog may put you in embarrassing situations by attacking strangers and neighbors.

Therefore, it’s curial for the parents to train their dogs about self-controlling and put them into behavioral corrections.

At the same time, German Shepherds are best as the guarding dogs, and we want them to be aggressive at intruders, so train them accordingly.

Having a guarding dog never means that your dog is allowed to bark and chase everyone, even small animals such as cats.

Importantly, focus on the possible reasons if your German Shepherd is showing more aggression than usual. Consulting the vet is always an excellent approach to solve the behavioral issues of your furball.

Also, providing proper exercise and time to German shepherds will really help the parents to reduce the aggression in their darling pup.


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