Do German Shepherds Have Feelings? (Explained) 2022

Note this; your German Shepherd is not an organic robot. They can feel the energy and as well as the vibe of their owners. While petting a dog and observing them deeply, parents may wonder about different aspects.

Do German shepherds have feelings? Yes, German shepherds have feelings. Know that German shepherds also go through the same chemical and hormonal changes, just like humans. The previous point makes it clear that dogs do experience emotions depending on situations.

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The only difference is that dogs can’t be verbal about their feelings. Also, dogs feel their emotions on a very basic level. It is crucial to mention that a mature German shepherd has the same feelings as a two-year-old kid.

As humans, we keep developing our emotional senses with age, but dogs get their emotional level at certain ages, such as in 6 months.

Even there is a list of emotions that your German Shepherd feels. Have a look at all feelings of your German Shepherd

Do German Shepherds Have Feelings?


Although dogs are not verbal, you can see happiness and joy on their faces.

You will notice that they are very excited and happy when involved in their favorite activities, such as chasing or playing fetching games.

 No matter what the time and location, they will find a way to keep themselves happy.

 They know what they are feeling and how to cope with that emotion.


Do German shepherds have feelings

You will be happy to know that German Shepherds actually love to be excitable, and they are easily surprised.

They make the overall situation hilarious by showing their behavior.

Their way of getting happy at surprises is another proof that they have feelings.

When you have a healthy and active pup, there will be new experiences each day.


Do German shepherds have feelings

Just as our German Shepherd can enjoy the good moments, he also can feel disgusted and distress.

In case if your dog is reflecting wholehearted behavior, don’t panic! It just means that you are raising a healthy emotional dog.


Do German shepherds have feelings

As we know, German Shepherds are more prone to get scared if they have some bad past experiences. Such as they don’t like thunderstorms and lightning.

Loud voices can be another fear of your German Shepherd. As a Shepherd parent, you will be aware of the fact that some scary movements or sounds easily provoke them.

Guilt is another emotion that is associated with this breed. But you will find some level of disagreement because some experts say that dogs cannot feel guilty; they fear punishment.


Sadness is the pup’s first feeling observed by the dog’s parents.

As we know, the German Shepherd is a people-oriented breed, and they get sad or upset very easily when you are not spending quality time with them.

Even most of the dogs get sad along with their owners because of their companionship.


German Shepherds are famous as aggressive dogs, so we can say that they also feel anger. The Shepherd’s anger is just due to its guarding or protective instincts.

You will find them aggressive towards strangers and intruders because they are quite protective of their family and home.


Have you ever wondered why you are a German shepherd is continuously looking outside the window!

Why is your Shepherd digging in the soil!

Why does it start barking when something is weird around it!

All of this happens because of your German Shepherd’s curious feeling.

Your dog will use its sense of smell just like a detector, and it will sniff something strange and funny when they are curious to know more.


The German Shepherd is all about giving and accepting love. They feel love and even unconditional love for their owner and keep showing other signs of affection.

Their cuddles and glue behavior are clear signs that your dog has a feeling of love for you.


The term refers to jealous and possessive dog behavior. Envy is another dog emotion that is never absent in any breed.

Whenever your dog notices you playing with some other dog, they will give you some jealous behavior and other tantrums to get your attention.

The specific behavior of your German Shepherd will be clear when there are multiple dogs at your side.

To wrap it up

As dog parents, we always wonder how our dog is getting sad and happy with our moods.

We always have a question: do German Shepherds have feelings? According to science, each of your pups’ behavior reflects that they have feelings.

Whether it is about being protective or suffering from separation anxiety, emotions are clear. You may wonder that dogs have a sense of curiosity, fear, and as well as of jealousy.

The way they get aggressive at strangers is another proof that your German Shepherd has feelings or emotions.


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