Do German Shepherds Like Water? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

You love swimming and want your dog to like water, but it’s a German shepherd. Do German shepherds like water? Unlike other dog breeds German shepherd is not wired to love water by birth.

That is why nothing is surprising when some parents ask if The Breed likes to swim. However, after so many training sessions and passing through a complicated procedure, you can be able to say that yes, my German shepherd likes to swim.

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While on the other hand, some other parents may say something exactly opposite to this statement. Either way, you will not deny that there is a wide range of questions about the German shepherd and swimming.

You may think that your German shepherd hates water because that’s quite usual in the dog world. Some of the dog breeds love water while, on the other hand, some hate to be wet.

But when it comes to the German shepherd case, it is different. They do not particularly like or hate water. You may interact with the parent whose German shepherd is an expert in swimming while your dog is running away from water and you think Can german shepherd swim?

There is always a sophisticated reason due to which dogs Give reactions to water. As we know that German shepherd include them into energetic and athlete breed so they can easily be trained to swim if done at the right time

Are German Shepherds afraid of water?

It is true that most of the German shepherds do not like water, but some of these are afraid due to some fair reasons.

If your German shepherd is not familiar with water, it may react weirdly and may get afraid of water. This can be the case when your German shepherd is grown up with a water fear.

Moreover, there is a possibility that your German shepherd is associating water with some other traumatic situation and may get afraid of it.

Also, there can be a situation that your German shepherd is afraid of cold or warm water but not from normal temperature water.

Depth of the swimming pool or the overall structure of your bathroom frightens your dog.

Make sure that you are not taking your German shepherd to small lakes or Ponds because they may not like it and get afraid of water.

Similarly, dogs are also afraid of the larger lake and as well as oceans so select a small beautiful swimming pool with clean water.

At this point, proper patience and discipline are demanded from the dog parents to introduce their German shepherd to water at the right time so that they will learn to love water.

Turning a German shepherd into a water lover is crucial to make them a Cooperative bather; otherwise, there will always be a mess at the time of washing the dog.

Let me clear the point that all German Shepherds are not afraid of water, and you may notice some of them swimming incredibly with their parents.

Are German shepherd’s natural swimmers?

Yes, some of the German Shepherds are natural swimmers, but they are not purebred. When all of this is dependent on Genetics, German Shepherds can be natural swimmers.

I mean, ask yourself if your German shepherd has webbed feet, and in case of no, it reflects that your dog does not have proper swimming genetics.

For the dog parents who are willing to get a natural swimmer German shepherd, then they must go ahead with cross-breeding them with a Labrador. Almost all of the features within the Shepherd and Golden Retriever are similar except the swimming part.

Why German shepherds don’t like water?

You may notice that your German shepherd does not like to go in the water, and you may wonder what the reason is. Know that German Shepherds are wired this way. It is an inherited trait that they do not like water.

Sometimes the unfamiliar situations or not having a comfort zone is the reason due to which they do not like water. Also, some sort of bad experiences or any trauma forces them to avoid going in the water.


German Shepherds do not like water because they are unfamiliar with what is happening and what is going to happen next. There is a possibility that they do not feel safe going into the water or pool.

Bad experience

There is a possibility that your German shepherd had a very bad experience with a pool of water. For example, it was thrown into the deep bathtub in its puppyhood, or the water was cold. So your German shepherd is afraid of water because it is associated with the experience.


Maybe your German shepherd does not like water because they do not like how it feels. They don’t like to keep their coat wet or don’t want the wet feeling on their skin. You can make them feel comfortable with the proper training.

So if you want your German shepherd to like water, then you will have to reverse these reasons.

How do I get my German shepherd to like water?

German Shepherds Swim

German shepherds are easy to train, and even they learn new lessons quickly. So just by following the steps, you can get your German shepherd to like water.

Don’t throw German shepherd into deep water.

Throwing a German shepherd forcefully into the water, especially in deep water, is the worst thing to do with them.

Rather than throwing them into a sea, start with a small pool of clean water and let them learn slowly. Ensure that the creek contains multiple places for standing so your dog will be more comfortable in it.

Praise their very first step into the water so that they will feel dedicated and motivated.

But, if you are throwing them in deep water, it may end up as trauma, and German shepherds will become resistant to water.

Go In With Them

German shepherds like to follow their owners because of the trust level.

Rather than forcing them to swim, convince them to follow you while you are entering the pool.

When parent and pup both are in the water, it becomes fun to teach your dog about loving water. In this way, your GSD will learn about swimming flawlessly.

Bring a life Vest for a German shepherd.

There is a possibility that your dog is not strong enough to be a swimmer, but you still want it to dive in the water.

In this case, bringing the life Vest will be an excellent approach for your German shepherd.

Once your dog understands that it’s safe, it will start liking water and will follow you while swimming.

The overall idea is to keep your dog in its comfort zone even when you are teaching it something new.

Provide them treat

Treat is the key to convince your dog for anything and any behavior.

While bringing your dog to the swimming session, make sure to get his favorite treats.

Soon, a German shepherd will associate the treat with water, and hence it will start loving water.

If your dog is in love with fetch games, use them positively in swimming classes. Throw a treat or toy into the water and wait to see if GSD is going to fetch it or not.

Also, you can go into the water and try offering a treat to your darling German shepherd; there are chances that it will come to you in the pool.

To wrap it up

German Shepherds are not swimmers by birth, but you want them to like water because it is the best way to keep them cool in summer. And it is good to teach each lesson to make them the best breed ever.

Moreover, swimming is the best way to fulfill the exercise needs of the German Shepherds because they are pretty energetic. Most parents want their German shepherd to like water because the bathing session becomes easy if the dog is easy in water.

Wishing for something is not the end of the story; you must put in some effort. Similarly, you will have to train your German shepherd to like water or swimming if you want it to be your best companion at the pool.

All you have to do is to be patient and consistent for the desired and quick results. While you are putting your German shepherd into the water, you must keep in mind that some dogs may not learn it because they don’t like it.


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