Do Golden Retrievers Love The Beach? (Explained) 2022

Dog lovers are always looking to take their lovely pets out to be able to bond with them. However, a Golden retriever’s owner could be wondering if their pet loves being in the water. It could be the river, swimming pool, lake, or beach.

Do Golden retrievers love the beach? Yes! Golden retrievers love the beach. This breed of dog will most certainly enjoy goofing around in the water and making splashes anytime the weather gets hot. The beach helps them relax and builds their mental health. It also helps build alertness in your Golden retriever.

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Should You Take Your Golden Retriever To The Beach?

Most certainly, yes! Golden retrievers are outstanding swimmers, they love any spacious water body, and the beach is the perfect place. Their webbed feet, which are specifically for this purpose, make it even easier.

While at the beach, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind as a responsible dog owner. They may come in handy:

Your dog may not know how to swim

Its true Golden retrievers are exceptional swimmers. Their webbed feet are one feature that makes it possible. Despite this, you should not risk throwing your dog in the sea if you have not put it through any swimming lessons.

It is risky to assume it automatically knows how to swim. Instead, try to save up for a life jacket for your furry friend to avoid future problems.

You shouldn’t let your Golden Retriever drink saltwater

Golden Retrievers

Saltwater is very unhealthy for your dog, just as it is for you. Whenever you’re out on the beach, you should take a few extra bottles of water along with a bowl for dogs to help stay adequately hydrated.

While at the beach

You might be needing sunscreen for your little furry companion to avoid sunburn. Ensure that the sunscreen you use is specially meant for your dog. The nose and ears shouldn’t be left out.

Cover your furry friend up

Playing in the sun can be very dehydrating for your dog. Therefore, you should take breaks between fun times, get a shade for proper relaxation and rehydration.

Don’t let your dog overwork itself

Golden Retrievers

While having all the fun at the beach, your Golden retriever can end up overworking and overstressing itself. Make sure you take breaks while playing.

However, some of the breaks will have to be forced because your little friend might not realize when it’s tired. If your dog doesn’t take these breaks, you might have to see the vet sooner than expected and get doggy treated for heatstroke.

Be cautious about sand

Golden retrievers are known to be very free dogs that adapt quickly to any habitat, thus making them able to feed on anything they can find.

However, this doesn’t exclude sand, so while at the beach, ensure your dog doesn’t eat sand. sand can cause a fatal stomach upset, choking, and gastrointestinal problems.

Always rinse your Golden retriever after a time at the beach

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are very hairy dogs and can have anything stuck in their fur after all the jumping and rolling and playing on the beach.

Therefore, you will need to rinse your little friend thoroughly after the day at the beach to avoid skin infections and wash away any bacteria, sand, and salt on the skin surface.

Benefits Of Taking Your Golden Retriever To The Beach

Taking your Golden retriever to the beach to swim and play has some benefits attached to it aside from having fun. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

  • Taking your dog to the beach and letting it swim in the water is one way of exercising your little friend. You may not know this, but a minute of swimming equals four minutes of running.

    In addition, swimming has a lot of impacts on your dog’s health, some of which are: enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation, improving metabolism, and strengthening the heart and lungs.
  • Stress relief: swimming is not just good for your dog’s physical health. It is also very essential for their mental health and wellbeing. Dogs need all the mental stimulation they can get to enable them to go about their daily activities and duties.

    So a tired dog will always want a nap after beach time to regain its lost energy and relax those stressed nerves.
  • It is excellent for helping overweight dogs burn down some fat: water supports most of the dogs’ weight, thereby reducing the stress it goes through during regular land exercise. It is also the most advisable for overweight dogs to burn down excess calories and enhance metabolism without risking injury.
  • Pain relief(warm water swim): An excellent therapeutic exercise for Golden retrievers is swimming in warm water. This helps in fortifying muscles and building up worn-out ones. It strengthens joints and facilitates circulation, which could be just what your injured dog needs to relieve it from pain.

    Warm water also enhances blood flow and warms up muscles quicker to reduce the risks of further injury.


Even though Golden retrievers are known to be water lovers, some are as unique as they are.

Avoid the beach if you notice your Golden retriever always gets nauseous around water and if she is pregnant. Some pregnant Golden retrievers have zero tolerance for water when they are still heavy.

If your Golden retriever pet doesn’t seem to like water or to like swimming, you shouldn’t force them to. Some dogs are hydrophobic, which means you will be causing severe mental stress to your dog if you keep pushing it to learn how to swim or forcing it to fall in love with water.

While going to the beach to have an exciting time, here as some things you might want to keep handy:

  • Bottle water.
  • A water bowl.
  • An umbrella.
  • A doggy bed/blanky.
  • Towels.
  • Sunscreen.
  • First aid kit.
  • Waterproof.
  • Doggy goggles.
  • Food/doggie treats.
  • Baggies.

If you encounter any confusing circumstance as a dog owner, never hesitate to fix an appointment with your vet. Your little furry friend might just need it.


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