Do Huskies Like To Cuddle?

Siberian Huskies popularly known as Huskies are adorable dogs you will love to have if your desire is to have a pet whose activeness in the house will be noticeable.

I own three and these furry guys are a delightful experience around her apartment as they create beautiful and interesting memories that you won’t forget.

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They’re super welcoming even when I go visit a friend, and heck, who does not want a loving, easy-going, and welcoming dog breed?

They’re great companions whose presence will become a part of your life.

However, the question is;

Do Huskies like to cuddle?

Huskies are companion dog breeds which you should expect to be cuddly. They have amazing personalities which make them great dogs for first-time owners. Being cuddly, these four-legged friends don’t like to be left alone. Their all-around friendliness is marvelous whether around kids, family, strangers, or other pets.

I happened to read through the breeding books of these beautiful dog breeds and found out that Huskies are interestingly a mixed dog breed. As a result, they inherited their parents’ traits of being lovable, intelligent, playful, and companionable.

How does the Husky behave?

Whether your Husky inherited more traits from the parents, a Husky is one of the friendliest dog breeds around.

Yes, there are exemptions if yours has not been properly socialized as a puppy -as he may not like the idea of being cuddled. But a well-raised Husky will enjoy spending the day being held and cuddled when you’re watching TV, gaming, taking a nap, or doing your homework. They’ll always want to be in your arms. 

These creatures don’t like to be victims of separation anxiety. Leaving them alone for long periods will have them develop negative behaviors.

Why do Huskies like to Cuddle?

Well, despite being companion dog breeds, there are different reasons why Huskies like to cuddle.

Let’s have a look at them;

  • Oxytocin: This is the main chemical reason why your Husky likes being cuddled. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released by dogs when there is a positive interaction (e.g cuddling) between them and humans. It triggers happy and comfy feelings for your pup.
  • Affection: Some dog’s social behaviors might not matter to us but for Huskies, cuddling is a way of showing them that they’re part of us and that we value them. You cuddle them to show love and they enjoy the cuddle to show you how much they adore you too.
  • Warmth: Just like dogs pile together or cuddle each other, Huskies will love to be in your arms for warmth.

Does the Husky like to be lifted for a cuddle?

As the stats say, Huskies were intentionally bred to be a lapdog and one thing is for sure, they like to be cuddled.

They have short, soft, and wavy or curly coats with a great touch and feel for your hands. 

Having raised different companion dog breeds, it is evident that you will build a strong bond with them. Doing so will bring about the need for these pets to be around for a long time you will live and for these furries, they will live to your expectations. 12 to 15 years lifespan is all you need for such adorable companions.

As long as you pick or lift them carefully, without squeezing or hurting them, you will be doing them a favor to lift and cuddle them.

Their love cuts across the entire family and will enjoy romping around with kids.

However, be sure to supervise any interactions between them and children as they are small and can be injured by kids who play aggressively.

How much should you cuddle a Husky?

Do Huskies Like To Cuddle - How much ou should cuddle a Husky

Because they have an amicable and winning personality, they are happy to spend time with their family whether relaxing or playing.

However, even if they’re super cuddly, you need to train them in such a way that they can accept being left alone even for an hour or two.

Staying around them is not a problem. It makes both you and your puppy happy but I’d advise that you cuddle them only when you want to cuddle them. They have a tendency of climbing up your laps, jumping in your chair, and always seeking attention to be held. Don’t let them do that. Let them know that you’re the only sheriff in the house and you will cuddle them when it’s appropriate.

With that in mind, don’t be punitive and rough with them when they jump in your arms. Carefully, let them know that it’s not the time for cuddling and they will learn as Huskies are easily trainable.

What if I am not a cuddle person, will that make my Husky less cuddle?

If you’re a Husky owner and you’re not a cuddle buddy, that won’t make your Husky less cuddle. 


Because Huskies being cuddly is a trait they were bred with. They inherited this and it does not in any way relate to you as their owner.

They will simply adjust to the surroundings if by any chance they end up in a home with few or no cuddly people. Their personality, temperament, and adaptability as a dog will come into play. They thrive best on affection and being part of the family.

But my advice will be, if you’re looking for a new puppy for the family and you don’t like to cuddle, for the sake of these beautiful canines, it will be necessary to take another dog breed if you don’t enjoy cuddling puppies.

Cuddling a dog is not a responsibility so not forcing yourself on this breed is beneficial for both you and the dog because, for Huskies, cuddling enhances the relationship. It is vital in building the bond and you should not overlook it just like food, water, exercise, and playtime.

Do Huskies like to cuddle while chilling out?

Well, we’ve already talked about when you should cuddle a Husky -only when you want.

The question is, what about him? When can you tell he wants to be cuddled?

Most of us think that when these friends are relaxed that it’s the time to snuggle and cuddle them.

You need to understand that when a dog is relaxed, a sudden touch can startle them in a way that they could even nip your hand or run in fright. If you do that often, be sure to raise a Husky who fears being touched.

Well, it’s not like I am saying that it’s wrong to cuddle them when they are chilling out, you just need to take some precautions not to startle them. 

For example,

Touch them when they have their eyes open and are aware that you are going to touch them. If you have to touch them when their eyes are closed, call them by their name, or do something that will make them feel your presence.

What do I mean?

Choose to have your Husky’s attention first before you can cuddle them when they’re chilling out.

Do Huskies like to cuddle while eating and is it safe?

You need to understand that these canines are not aggressive. 

For that, if you have to give him the odd scratch behind his ear while they curl up on their yummy chew, just go ahead. They will not resist your touch after giving them a yummy meal or treat because they understand it’s a sign of motivation.

Maybe you’re wondering, is it safe to cuddle them while eating? 

Well, I will pause these questions for you.

Does your Husky growl at you when you touch him while eating? Is he afraid that you will grab the food or remove their food bowl before he’s done with eating?

Well, if you see signs of food aggression when he is eating, don’t try to cuddle them at this moment. It is not safe!

Nevertheless, if you trained him well, he should not growl at you when he is eating.

You must teach him that you or people do not have bad intentions with their bowl when you or they try to touch them when eating. This will be a huge turnaround for both of you

How do I tell if my Husky enjoys cuddling?

Since we and dogs don’t have a formal way to communicate, it can be difficult to tell if your Husky truly enjoys cuddling.

Dogs might not be as communicative as you may want them to be but there are some noticeable actions that can help you when they’re or not enjoying cuddling.

Some obvious signs I usually notice with mine are wagging their tail, nuzzling, rolling over, softly ‘headbutting’ you.

If your dog is always avoiding eye contact, his tail is low or licking his lips trying to jump off your arms, they may be just tolerating the affection but not enjoying the cuddle.


Making sure that you understand when you should and when your Husky wants to cuddle is very important if you like having pups in your arms. 

You need to understand why they want to be cuddled as it is part of what they are.

I am hoping that you’re now able to understand why these beautiful canines like being cuddled. Have a friend with one of these? Why not share this article with them so you can help them understand their pet better.

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