Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much? (Explained) 2022

You came back home after spending a hectic day, and your puppy greets you by shaking his tail and serving you with wet sloppy kisses. But is licking a reflection of affection? You Might be wondering why does my dog lick me so much?

It may indicate that your pup is happy to get you back after a long day; there can be multiple reasons behind this licking behavior.

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Within the blog, explore some complex psychology of the puppies licking their owners. Know about the behavior, whether it’s a positive or a negative thing. Should I train my dog to stop licking? And many other points

Our puppies are rich in codified series of ways to communicate and transfer their emotions to their owners. Figuring out the form of communication may vary from dog to dog. 

There is a wide range of ways in which dogs communicate with their owners, such as barking, leaning, and showing their beautiful eyes to you.

So, the question is, why my dog lick so much? Maybe it is happening incessantly, or it is for some time. 

This behavior fascinates the dog parents to find out the methods to up bring a well-mannered dog.

Why does my dog lick me so much?

There could be several reasons why your puppy licks you so much. Let’s discuss all of them one by one in detail.

1. Sign of affection

Most of the time, pet dogs lick you because they want to reflect the affection and love from their actions. Some dog parents can get too much and want to get rid of the licking behavior of their pup. 

In this way, they explore the internet to know “how to stop my dog from licking”? While on the other hand, some dog parents enjoy getting love from their darling pups. 

Mostly, dogs do not bother their parents with their licking behavior; they lick to show that they are fond of you.

2. Gauging your mood

In case if your puppy enjoys licking your sweaty hands or feet, the reason is somehow different, quite interesting to know.

Note that all of their senses much drive dogs, and it’s the first part to reach the body of your pup. 

Our sweat is rich in pheromones which the dogs decode to understand our mood and energy. In this way, dog matches the vibes with their owners, isn’t it interesting? 

They do not use their tongue to understand your mood directly, but licking sends a signal to their vomeronasal organ.

 3. Maybe you taste good.

Almost all of the dog breeds do anything to get something to eat. No matter if it’s about licking bread crumbs from bed or achieving the last scraps from the bowl. 

They will be the first ones to get involved in the food. Similarly, they lick you for the same reason. 

They are maybe licking the last food bits from your hands which is making you tasty. Even they are attracted to the salty taste of our skin.

4. Way to communicate

Within the wild world, wolves lick the face of their mothers when they want some food or milk. 

Similarly, if your puppy is licking your face or hands at some particular time, maybe he wants to communicate with you. Perhaps they are demanding your attention, or they want to eat some treats. 

Puppies not just lick the face of their owners, but sometimes they may also start licking strangers to know about their attentions or to show some submission.

5. Seeking your attention

When your puppy is licking you, maybe they want you to respond in their desired manner. Dogs may associate your attention with the licking activity that whenever they lick your feet or hand, you give them the attention. 

Most of the time, they interpret this agreement to encourage and start licking when they want you to play with them. 

Moreover, dogs’ body starts releasing endorphins whenever they lick their owners they feel comfortable and protected.

6. They are trying to be submissive to you.

Showing submission is another reason due to which puppies lick their owners. It is into the Instinct of the puppies to lick the face of their mother to get food. 

It is the same case that your puppy wants some interaction, and it is trying to be submissive with you. 

It is your dog’s way to communicate and to be interactive with you in an effective manner.

7. Enjoyment

There is a possibility that your puppy is getting bored, and he wants some enjoyment, so he may start licking you. 

As mentioned above, your puppy’s body releases endorphins, which provide them a calm and comfortable feeling. 

So they are just being selfish and start licking you for the sake of their time pass.

Should I let my puppy lick me?

dog licking so much

I understand that you love your dog more than anything, and you love to accept kisses from it. Also, some say that the mouth of a puppy is cleaner than the human’s mouth, but honestly, it is not valid. 

You may not like this, but you should not let your dog lick your body, especially your face. We humans are not meant to get affected by bacteria present in the Saliva of dogs, as we know.

 Dogs keep exploring this word by their mouth and interact with the parasites and worms from the environment.

 And if you are letting your dog licking you, it means you are welcoming that bacteria and parasites in your body. 

Whether you are brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and your dog is getting vaccinated each month, licking should not be allowed at any cost.

None of us will like the harmful effect of the trash and some animal Poop or dead animals that the puppies are bringing to us by just licking our bodies. Therefore move to the other room and do not encourage your puppy to lick your body. 

In this way, your puppy will understand that you do not like this habit, and he will not get any reward or tension for this behavior.

How do you stop a puppy from licking you?

Along with many other dog behaviors, you should also train your puppy not to lick the dog owners. There is a simple guide to follow by the dog parents to stop their dog from licking.

Identify the exact reason for licking behavior.

As I mentioned into the reasons that most of the puppies start licking their owners to get their attention or to communicate, it’s the same case. 

Before getting rid of this habit, you must be aware of the exact reason. In this way, you will also get to know how you respond to why your puppy is licking you.

Take away the reward or treat

There is a possibility that you are sitting near the treat and reward of your puppy, and he is licking you to get that. 

Please don’t give pleasure to your puppy when she is licking you because it may interpret the activity in the wrong way. 

I am not saying to scold your puppy, but at the same time, don’t encourage it. Just say no and keep the treat away from it.

Reward when your puppy stop licking

It may take time to understand your puppy that it will get a reward for not licking. When your puppy removes tongue from your body, you should provide the tip by praising.

 Trust me, your dog can feel your energy, and he can Vibe with you; therefore, praising is always crucial in training.

Use of command

Select a specific word you will use in this training session to stop your dog from licking your body. Our recommendation is to use no case or simply a no word. 

While providing a treat or reward to your puppy, keep saying this command, so he will understand that it does not have to lick you to get that record. 

It would help if you had a firm grip on consistency for the desired and quick results.

Stay within the course.

If you have two or more people at home, you should practice this training session to get effective results. 

It will not help if one of you is it raining him to stop licking and the other one is letting him lick. 

Again consistency and lots of practice are required to teach something new to your tiny friend.

Along with this method, you can walk away from your puppy. Leave the room and then come back after a long time so your puppy will understand that it should not lick you. 

Even within this method, consistency and practice are highly required, while your dog will not learn. 

Keep in mind that you do not have to ignore your puppy, but you have to give him attention and teach new behavior with love and care.

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