German Shepherd Follow You Everywhere? (21 Reasons Explained) 2022

As a German shepherd parent, you will not deny their habit of following you everywhere. You may wonder that why your Shepherd is following you even when you are not carrying any treatment for it. According to research, there can be multiple reasons due to which a German Shepherd shows this behavior.

Why do German Shepherd follow you everywhere? There is a possibility that a German Shepherd is demanding attention, or maybe it is expecting tasty food from you. Moreover, separation anxiety also forces the German Shepherd to follow their parents. It is GSDs nature to follow you everywhere, and you are maybe reinforcing this behavior by providing what it wants.

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At the very start, you may feel special that your German Shepherd is giving you attention or GSD showing love and affection by following you, but with time it may get irritating for you. As mentioned above, you may reinforce this behavior intentionally or unintentionally.

Don’t panic; you can efficiently Train Your Shepherd not to follow you just by avoiding or ignoring its presence. We cannot deny that this intelligent breed always has a reason behind each of its behavior.

So, before training your Shepherd, you must know about all of the reasons which make your GSD follow you everywhere.

What does it mean when your German Shepherd follow you everywhere?

You have been living a happy life with your German Shepherd for a few months now.

It is adjusting very well in your family. But some days, the German Shepherd is becoming your shadow, and now it’s getting difficult for you to manage this habit.

It’s not that you are angry about its behavior but concerned about what it means when your German Shepherd follows you everywhere.

We want to know the root of this behavior to get rid of this glue habit of dogs. As we know, German Shepherds include themselves into the loyal and intelligent breed, and they had a great history in guarding and solving crimes.

There is a possibility that your Shepherd is following you everywhere to herd you and your home because they are wired to herd livestock.

When there is nothing to herd, then they start following the two-legged creatures who are even standing in the room or going anywhere.

So we can say that it is not always about the food due to which pup is following us.

Along with this nature, there are some other reasons which are not ignorable when you want to know the root cause of dogs following behavior.

Reasons Why GSD Follow You Everywhere

GSD Following you everywhere

1. Attention 

Within the list of reasons for German Shepherds following you everywhere, attention is the first one. As we know that German Shepherds are people-oriented and love to be social, so they want your attention all day and each moment.

There is nothing wrong if we say that each act or behavior of a German shepherd is to grab their parent’s attention. The same is when they keep following you everywhere in the home and even out of the home.

The German Shepherd is a breed that was bred to help its owners with intensive tasks regularly. So this breed requires a lot of exercise along with attention to stimulate correctly.

If your Shepherd is not getting the correct quantity of exercise, they may start following you to mention that they are waiting for you to give them some time.

2. They want something

Suppose it is not attention then maybe anything else which they are demanding from parents. Maybe they want any food leftover present on your face or clothes.

There is a possibility that your German Shepherd learned that following you is the way to fetch food from you.

3. Separation anxiety

As mentioned above, German Shepherds are people-oriented and social. Maybe they are suffering from separation anxiety which forces them to follow you everywhere.

4. Bred to work with human

Another reason to consider is that The Breed was bred to work with parents regardless of the task. So maybe your Shepherd is following you to get the right direction because it wants to work with you.

5. Encouragement

The intelligent breed is perfect at connecting the scenarios and in driving some results. Maybe your dog learns that following you is the way to retrieve some treat or attention from you.

6. Want food

German Shepherds are always hungry and want the food leftover from their parents. Following you everywhere is your dog’s way to demand food from you.

7. Clingy and needy

If your dog is following you everywhere, even in the bathroom and in the kitchen, then you are raising a clingy dog. Their clinginess can be due to some hearing or vision issues.

Consultation with a vet is an excellent approach to noticing a bit of clinginess in the German Shepherd’s behavior.

8. Herding the family

As mentioned above, German Shepherds are bred to herd livestock, and the same is the case when it keeps following you everywhere.

9. Emotional reasons

Hanging out with you or demanding food is not always the case, but there are maybe some insecurity or other emotional reasons. Some bad experience of your Shepherd’s life forces it to move around you everywhere.

10. Nothing else to do

Moving ahead into the reasons boredom is never neglectable in the list. When your energetic dog has nothing to do, it will stand up and start following you everywhere.

Because it was getting boring and you were not spending time with it.

11. Love companionship

The giant German Shepherd loves their parents’ company and companionship. It is a dog’s way to please their parents.

12. They want to study you.

Have you ever wondered how German Shepherd knows about your moods and the Vibe? It is because they study you and notice your habits while they are following you.

13. No concept about personal space

Personal space? What’s that, there is no term like that in your pup’s dictionary? They are social and want you to keep giving them company by ditching your personal space.

14. They trust you

When your German Shepherd is following you, feel lucky that they trust you, and they will not be aggressive at you even when you are rude to them.

15. Feel a bond with you

Although German Shepherds are not friendly, they are loyal to their parents. Following their parent is another way to mention that if they share an Unbreakable Bond with you.

16. Need to go out for potty

Most of the time, German Shepherds start following their parents when they need to go out for potty.

It happens when your German Shepherd is potty trained. So it would be best if you did not always ignore your pup when following you; try to understand the root of the behavior.

17. Showing love

If you study the signs of affection, you will know that following the parent is Shepherd’s way to shower its love and affection.

18. Velcro dog

A Velcro German Shepherd has the craze to be with the owner everywhere, no matter what the location. This sort of dog will keep trying to stay with you when you are around.

19. Follow the leader

German shepherds include them into the excellent learners and as well as into the intelligent breed. When you are training your German Shepherd for any new lessons, they interpret you as a leader and follow you everywhere.

20. Want to play

You will notice that your German Shepherd picks up the Frisbee and follows you because they want you to play.

21. Protective

German Shepherds are protective by birth, and it is in their blood to protect their parents and home. Continuously following you means feeling something weird around you and want to protect you with all of their energy.

To wrap it up

We love to accept affection and love from our German Shepherds, but then things start getting irritating when they become your shadow and keep behaving like a Velcro. None of us wants our dogs to follow us everywhere and even in the bathroom.

So we start exploring the root of this behavior to get rid of this. There is a possibility that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, or maybe they are just showing their love for you.

Getting into the discussion will make you realize that there are several different reasons due to which dogs follow you everywhere.

Sometimes the reasons are pretty silly but can be severe at times, so we must study them. Even before training a German shepherd to stop following you, knowing about reasons is highly recommended.


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