German Shepherd Jumping Over The Fence? (4 Hacks) 2022

German shepherds are a crowding breed with stable muscle tissue and a dynamic charter of their qualities. This makes German Shepherd jumping over the fence.

Dogs use their hind legs to leap. The greater the hind limb muscle tissue is robust, the top the soar goes to be.

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German shepherds have extremely intellectual abilities and senses that they employ to hunt and search for things; another incredible thing is they find it difficult to forget issues or anything.

These incredulous abilities are the most characteristic trait the law enforcement desires when picking pets for companions during their bid for spying or investigations.

Stopping your pet from jumping over the fence requires a certain level of understanding of your pet. Firstly try to understand why your German Shepherd does what it does. That way, it is easier to find a solution to the problem.

Solutions to your dog jumping over the fence isn’t as hard as figuring out why; that way, it is easier to curb the dog from continuing in the act.

Your German shepherd jumping over the fence? 

German shepherd leaps over the fence

It is often baffling to see your dog jump the fence without knowing what’s wrong, and that is very understandable. As expected, your pet dog or security dog should remain in your compound where you left it.

Yet, it keeps skipping over the fence repeatedly. There are several reasons why the German Shepherd keeps jumping over your fence, and the reasons behind this should be figured out first.

Several things might have caused your dog to want to keep jumping over the fence, as discussed below. 


Well, if I were operating at less of my capacity at work, I would make efforts to run away too. It sounds funny, right? I know, but it’s true; the German Shepherd gets bored of being idle because they are an action breed always active.

Their minds and body are always energetic and might want to try something new when it gets boring. It will fix up an energetic activity for itself, and jumping the fence provides such engagement.

No Hunts

It is hard to make natural abilities go away or to suppress them without effect. As puppies, they learn to track and seek out stuff by smell and other abilities.

They are genetically wired to search always; making a habit of feeding them steadily would relax their senses but not dull them.

Attention of owner

Relationships with German shepherds are always strong and inextinguishable. German shepherds rank up among the top 5 most loyal dogs on earth always crave attention too. 

German shepherds, according to experts, suffer from separation anxiety which always occurs when the owners get busy or travel. It is inexcusable not to have time for your German Shepherd.

It’s best if you are the one keeping tabs on your dog than when it decides to start jumping fences to grasp attention which can be very stressful.

Exercise Lacks

Even with humans, exercises are important from time to time; talk less about having no exercise routines for your dog.

A dog like the German Shepherd is an athletic dog with muscles that need regular workouts. They also love activities that involve the use of their physical characteristics.

German shepherds need to be afforded space to exercise regularly, as little as allowing them to sharpen their senses for hunting and searching for things.

No matter how little, every walk with your dog is important and outdoor runs, or jogs are effective for exercise.

Stop your GSD from jumping over the fence!

Stopping your dog from continuously jumping over the fence is as easy as figuring out why it jumps because you can now figure out how to tackle it.

These techniques might not work for every dog, but a sure it’s worth the try if you want to curb and control your dog’s activities.

Increase your fence height

For the sake of your safety and that of your dog, the size of your backyard should be directly proportional to the height of your fence.

Standard-sized backyards should have higher fences because the amount of space required for the run-up will greatly assist your German Shepherd in trying to getaway.

They possess a jump power that allows German Shepherds to jump as high as 6 to 7 ft, and a run-up of approximately 10 – 15 ft will give the build-up for the jump. 


Swimming is incredibly good for German Shepherd. The same benefit your German Shepherd gets from jumping over the fence is also gotten from swimming and even better.

Dogs don’t always know how to interact with water, but the skill can be acquired.

Let your dog swim regularly, keep it busy and active always, and jumping over the fence would be a long-gone action forgotten about before you know it.


Every dog has a favorite toy, and every dog has a favorite game. No dog is always grumpy; they either enjoy chewing on toys or running around or discovering things.

The German Shepherd likes to run and discover things, so their favorite toy can be hidden somewhere for it to seek out in the backyard.

Block fence holes

Fence holes might stimulate or provoke your dog from being too enticed by the outside, especially when you are not there.

Your German Shepherd only needs to see the outside when you are either taking a walk or jogging together. There will always be other animals to be chased outside.


Also, go away toys to stimulate your German Shepherd while you aren’t around. On the off threat that your German Shepherd likes to hop, deliver a few trade strategies to permit it to dance for its fulfillment. 

Hopefully, this text has helped you with easy approaches on “the way to forestall German shepherd from leaping over the fence.”

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