German Shepherds Cry So Much? (20 Reasons Explained) 2022

German Shepherd undergoes many unusual behaviors. These behaviors may cause trouble for the owners. Crying is also one of those behaviors. But the question is why do German shepherds cry so much:

Why do German shepherds cry so much? The German Shepherd cries because of the discomfort due to several reasons, like isolation for a long time, disease, fear, new surroundings, attention-seeking, hunger, boredom, excitement, nature, stress, unusual happenings, starvation, and pain.

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This is a thing to get worried about. This should be taken into consideration by the dog owners. It can lead to serious physical and psychological disorders.

Reasons why GSD cry and the solutions to avoid crying

Following are some reasons that result in the crying of GSD.

1. Ailment

Ailment or any injury to the GSD either outside the body at skin or inside the body results in crying. He tries to tell his owner that he is in pain. This is also an instinct that pain or injury results in crying.

The external ailment can be an injury or a tick infestation and the internal ailments are various like stomach dilation, volvulus, intestinal infection, Endo parasitic infestation, pain in the visceral organs, and some foreign body that injures stomach or intestines.

Following signs are visible in such cases:

  • Drooling of saliva
  • Loss of weight
  • Foul smell in breath
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Irregular Panting
  • Digestive issues
  • Excessive intake of water
  • Eyes turn cloudy
  • Skin gets rough
  • Eye’s secretions

Rush to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible in case of any such issues.

2. Fear

Why do German shepherds cry so much?,Reasons why GSD cry and the solutions to avoid crying,

Fear is a factor that can be dangerous for the development of the behavior of a dog. Fear of anything is an alarming situation. It can be from the owner, the visitors, the guests, or the unusual thing that he sees and makes him scared.

The angry behavior of the owners, the scary attitudes of the guests and the visitors, the new and the fearful items for a dog in his environment especially at night can make him fearful.

Train your dog to make himself used to such fearful things. Socialize your dog so that visitors do not become a source of their fear.

3. Attention seeking

German Shepherd dogs are very fond of their owners. GSDs love to spend time with their owners. Attention seeking is an instinct in German Shepherd dogs. When the owner does not pay attention to them, GSDs start crying to seek attention from their owners.

Pay attention to your dogs and spend much of your time with them. GSDs will start paying in return. GSDs will pay love and care to their owners.

4. Hunger

Why do German shepherds cry so much?,Reasons why GSD cry and the solutions to avoid crying,

Hunger is a natural need of all the living beings on earth. Similarly, it is an essential requirement present in the German Shepherd. In case, if a German Shepherd is not provided a meal or snacks at its proper time, he starts crying. This crying is just to notify the owner about his feed requirement.

Provide well-balanced and nutritious feed at a regular interval on daily basis to your dog. Do not forget and miss the meal of your dog.

5. Boredom

If your German shepherd has nothing to do or he is not doing any activity for a long time, he will get bored. On this tedious routine, he will start crying. GSDs are very active, energetic, and watchful dogs.  GSDs love to do exercise and play games.

In such a case, bring some toy or a partner to remove the boredom of your dog. Otherwise, spend most of your time playing with your dog to avoid his dull routine. Go walking and running with your dog.

6. Excitement

In case of excitement, a GSD can also cry. It is possible only in such a case if something will excite him. This is not an alarming condition. This is an instinctual behavior of your German shepherd to show his feeling of joy and happiness.

7. Nature

Crying can be a natural habit of a German Shepherd dog’s breed. This can be a natural problem for a dog as well. This can be a wondering issue for an owner and a mysterious issue for a doctor. Because a dog crying without any reason is scary for an owner and the doctor finds nothing in such cases.

There is no need for medication in such cases. Being a natural habit, it is a normal thing for the German Shepherd to cry.

8. Punishment

Punishment is always painful for everyone. If an owner will punish his German Shepherd, he will certainly start crying. Avoid punishing the dog in such cases and try to solve the problem with patience. This is a behavior of dogs in which is used for complaining of punishment.

9. Separation Anxiety

The most common issue a German Shepherd is facing is separation anxiety. When you leave your beloved pet alone and leave home, he will get worried. GSDs love being with their owners and like to get socialized. GSDs like to play and remain active in a company.

If a dog is feeling the case of separation anxiety, do not overreact. Try to make him feel happy when he is alone. It all depends on your training.

10. Stress

Stress can also induce crying and it can be of various kinds. It can be management-related, environmental, or physical. Managemental stress can be a lack of feed, water, and other such necessities. It involves regular grooming as well. environmental includes temperature management. Physical involves injuries and normal physiological maintenance.

In such cases, try to figure out the type of stress and the stress factors. It will help to alleviate the stress from the GSDs and he stops crying.

11. Distress near other dogs

The presence of the other dogs or pecks of other dogs also makes a German Shepherd fearful. It is a discomfort for the German Shepherd. it can be due to overcrowding or a sense of fear from other dogs or their pecks.

In these cases, first of all, try to let them socialize with the other dogs either single or in a group. Secondly, take them away and teach them how to get rid of this discomfort by proper training.

12. Alarm about unusual things

When a German shepherd will see unusual things around himself, he starts crying. These can be a dog entering the home of the owner or the outsider that is not visiting the home regularly. This is not an alarming situation at all for pet owners.

This is a natural behavior of a dog because he is known for being watchful. This helps the owners to know about the outsiders or the thieves as well.

13. Need something

To ask someone about anything one needs, humans make sounds to tell their loved ones. The German Shepherd dogs make various sounds to tell that GSDs need something. Crying is one of those sounds. If a GSD needs something to eat or to play, he can cry.

Do not get worried in such a situation. Just providing the required thing that is suitable will solve the issue. If the GSD cries for the things that are not useful for him, try to teach him by training.

14. Welcoming the owner

Some behaviors of German Shepherds are very mysterious. We know them as energetic dogs. GSDs can also cry to welcome their owners.

It is a behavior that can blow the mind of the owner and he starts thinking about whether his pet is happy with him or not. Do not get panic or psycho. Just treat him to change his behavior.

15. Feeling Sorry

Expressing the feelings of sorry by saying it is the quality of human beings. But if a GSD will make some mistake or do something that is not liked by his owner, he will start crying to say sorry. This behavior is just to show the feeling of shame and sorry for what have GSDs done.

On such an act, just praise them and give them a treat without getting angrier. It will build confidence in them and GSDs will try not to make any mistakes.

16. Refusal of Treat

Refusing to eat something that is not liked by them will make them cry. It is not like GSDs are hating something or having some digestive disorders. it is just to tell that what GSDs are feeding is not a thing that GSDs like. If food has some unwanted material, foul smell, or anything fishy, the GSD will refuse to eat it.

17. Empathizing the owner

GSDs have empathic behavior. GSDs love not only their owners but also the other dogs. If GSDs feel that any of their fellow or their owner is disturbed and is in discomfort, GSDs also start crying to show sympathy to them about their discomfort.

This is just a feeling of love and care for your GSD. Love them and care for them in return.

18. Incomplete pack

The GSDs that work in the form of pack care for each their member very much. GSDs are very much cautious and conscious about each member of their family.

After the walk or during the normal routines, if GSDs will find anyone of them missing, GSDs will start crying very loudly. This is an alarm for the owner as well.

he can come to know about the missing GSD. This will help him find that missing dog.

19. New surroundings

it is not easy to get regularize with a new environment. It is always difficult for a GSD to maintain and be used to the environment more easily.

The new environment is a stress factor for a GSD to get acclimatize to a new area. Anything unusual there can result in open-mouth crying.

Try to spend time with your GSD in this case. Provide him with love, care, and affection.

20. Dirt in eye

In case of any irritation to any part of the body will cause discomfort to the GSD. The dirt in the eye is a distress to the GSD.

He will first try to relieve himself from it and afterward start crying when he will not get himself free out of it.

Take him to the nearest vet instead of making any lame experiments. The veterinarian can help the GSD to get calm in such a situation.

Concluding Remarks

Crying is a phenomenon that can happen with the GSD. It can be both alarming as well as peaceful.

A GSD can cry in many situations like an irritation to the body, injury, disease, any stress, and separation anxiety. It can also be to alarm the owner about something not familiar, for greeting, welcoming, saying sorry, and empathizing with the owner.

In case of any unusual signs, rush to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible you can.


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