Are German Shepherds Dangerous?(Explained) 2022

German Shepherds make great family dogs, but they still have their pedigree traits in them. Many people still fear them, mainly from their looks. They want to judge them by looks and conclude that they are dangerous. But are they right?

Are German Shepherds dangerous? Yes, German Shepherds are very vicious animals. GSDs have been ranked among the top 5 harmful dogs in the United States of America. The research carried out to verify this fact was based on the seriousness of the injuries the dog caused and the regularity of biting.

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It is no secret that GSDs have a very fierce physique. Their vast size, large teeth, snarls, tremendous bite force, and barks. But under all this stature, they are certified, softies.

Although they have been proven to be dangerous animals, just like every other dog, they act violently when provoked.

Furthermore, German Shepherds were bred to be tough and deadly. They were bred as guard dogs for security. This training has become an identity for GSDs, passed on from generation to generation.

Will German Shepherds attack their Owner?

Despite their fierceness, GSDs are very affectionate towards their owners. Will German Shepherds attack their owner? No, German Shepherds will not naturally attack their owner.

It has been discovered that German Shepherds are overprotective of their owners. They are also very clingy and intense lovers.

A German Shepherd will always want to please its owner and not hurt the one person who has most likely been good to them.

GSDs are likely to have aggressive attributes, but they usually grow up as calm and guarding family dogs with the proper training.

How a German Shepherd act is wholly dependent on how they are trained or the kind of environment, they grow up in.

If your German Shepherd is showing signs of unnecessary aggression, then you should have it checked. It could be caused by an illness or discomfort, or even something you’re not doing right.

Most GSDs attacking their owners were investigated, and it has been decided that a history of abuse causes this attack. Its owner must have maltreated the dog. Attacking was its way of defense.

Also, being rude to your German Shepherd makes them snap. It’s good to discipline them, but always be calm and loving when you do that. Avoid harsh punishments like locking them up or hitting them.

A GSD would always protect its owner, but it will do anything to stay alive.

Are German Shepherds dangerous around babies?

German Shepherd

German Shepherds certainly do not feel threatened by something that shows no sign of violence. Especially not babies, the most peaceful creatures.

Are German Shepherds dangerous around babies? No, German Shepherds are great with babies when they are well trained.

If you’re confident in your dog’s training, you shouldn’t have any fear when your dog is around your baby. Some poorly trained German Shepherds still don’t know how to relate with or treat babies. This is entirely the fault of the owner.

If you are not confident in the training of your German Shepherd, then you shouldn’t leave your baby with them, especially if they are still puppies. Older dogs are better with babies.

To debunk the myth, no, they also don’t eat babies.

There are numerous videos all over the internet of cute babies being watched over by a German Shepherd. Videos of German Shepherds rescuing babies or being sweet to them. Such videos aren’t fiction, they’re real.

Quite shockingly, German Shepherds actually help babysit. They get along with babies, love people, they can be trained to do anything feasible for them. They definitely make good babysitters.

Other than babies, German Shepherds are good with older children too. Teach your kids how to play with the dog, when to play with the dog and how to discipline the dog.

It’s a perfect training for everyone involved. It helps the family and the dog bond easily as well.

Training your German Shepherd with your child assists the German Shepherd to know how to relate more with humans and become less aggressive.

But remember, German Shepherds, are large dogs. They might accidentally hurt your kid while playing. So be sure not to leave them alone together for too long.

Are German Shepherds Dangerous to Strangers?

German Shepherds attack strangers

A German Shepherd will do whatever it takes to protect its owner and its territory if it feels threatened. So, are German shepherds dangerous to strangers? Yes, German Shepherds pose a significant threat to strangers.

German Shepherds are very intelligent canines, and they actually know this. They think and act based on whatever interaction goes on in their head.

If a German Shepherd perceives you to be a potential threat to it, its owner, or someone it cares for, you’re in big trouble. It will most likely attack.

A larger percent of the dog bites or injuries inflicted on humans by German Shepherds we’re strangers. People the German Shepherd had no relationship with.

A German Shepherd wouldn’t just hop on someone and begin to tear them apart. That person usually provokes them.

When seeing a German Shepherd for the first time, try not to get too engaged with it. Avoid eye contact. They see it as a form of “challenge” or threat. Most of all, try to stay calm and confident and avoid movements that suggest violence.

If you’re already familiar with a German Shepherd, but it hasn’t opened up to you yet, don’t stress it. Be nice, wave at it, smile. It reduces the tension piling up. Eventually, the German Shepherd will reciprocate the gesture and feeling.


German Shepherds aren’t dangerous when trained

German Shepherds wouldn’t be topping the charts of the best family dog if they weren’t capable.

This dog can fit in anywhere. You can find them napping comfortably on your lap as your family dog, working at a disabled people’s organization, as rescue dogs, or at the police force sniffing out criminals.

German Shepherds are not naturally aggressive. They only become what you train them to be or what circumstances turned them into.

The only German Shepherds that would just bite you for no reason are stray ones with no training, and that’s a scarce thing to find—a stray German Shepherd, considering how popular and demanded these dogs are.

German Shepherds love their jobs. They love being active and using their brainpower. These creatures are intelligent. Too smart to cause any harm that is uncalled for.

They try their best to mind their businesses and do whatever they are good at.

But always take caution. German Shepherds are big animals with a history of aggressiveness.

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