How German Shepherds Show Affection? (7 Ways Explained) 2022

German Shepherds, like every other dog, love their masters. They do not speak in human voices as we do, so there are several ways they show affection towards us humans. 

How do German Shepherds show affection? German Shepherds show affection by; wagging their tails when they see you, making direct eye contact, leaning on you, following you everywhere, licking you, asking you for rubs or cuddles, bringing toys to you, raising their eyebrows when they see you, among many others.

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These are the few signs to look out for when wondering whether your German Shepherd loves you or not. 

How do German Shepherds show affection?

1. Wagging their tails

This act is widespread among all dogs. They wag their tails when they see someone they love or are familiar with. When a German Shepherd wags its tail when it sees you, it means it is genuinely happy to see you.

The way you can confirm this is if it runs towards you and climb on you or hug you. They also show signs of excitement by the wagging of their tail. 

2. Direct eye contact

When two humans make eye contact, many emotions are passed. This occurrence is similar between dogs and humans too. When your dog holds your gaze for over 3-4 seconds, this usually means pure love and trust. It’s caused by the release of the hormone responsible for the love emotion, oxytocin. 

3. Leaning on you

German Shepherds are clingy animals. They always want to be around someone they love. Also, they will always run to you for comfort when they’re scared or sometimes even without reason. 

If you’ve noticed your German Shepherd always around you or struggling to be beside you or on you, don’t see it as pestering or annoying. They are telling you they love you. Perhaps, it is comforting to have them around you most of the time anyway. 

4. GSD Following you everywhere

GSD Following you everywhere

If you have a German Shepherd that loves you, be ready to constantly hear their voices every time because they will follow you everywhere. They always want to be with someone they love since they love human company.

Even when you’re in the bathroom, they’re probably outside scratching the door and crying to be inside with you. 

You could get tired of having them always around you, but they will never get tired of your company. It’s a big deal leaving them at home when you have to go out.

5. Licking you

It’s not strange for your German Shepherd to lick you thoroughly when they’re welcoming you. Take it as welcome kisses. They really love to “kiss” you. 

This licking is a sign of affection or showing you how much they missed you. If your German Shepherd loves to lick you a lot, especially your face, don’t be grossed out. It’s a sign that they love and adore you. Kiss them back.

6. Asking for rubs or cuddles

Whenever your German Shepherd needs a hug or a rub, it is not afraid to ask for one. They often do this by nudging your hands or sitting on you and staring at you to make sure that they have your attention, then they give you the “cute stare.” 

You just can’t resist them at that point. GSDs have several ways of demanding a rub or a scratch. If you have a good bond and understanding of your dog, you will know when they ask for one.

7. Raising their eyebrows

It is not always that your German Shepherd is confused when it raises its eyebrows, especially one of them. In most cases, it is a form of communication. They are randomly displaying their affection towards you. 

A study that some researchers led by Azabu University Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology proved this. They further discovered that the happier your German Shepherd is to see you, the higher it lifts its eyebrow.

Are German Shepherds Affectionate?

A lot of people ask this question, are German Shepherds affectionate? Yes, German Shepherds are affectionate. All dogs are loving. Just like people, they reciprocate emotions. If you care for them, pay attention to them and love them, they will love you back and be affectionate towards you. 

When you do not treat a German Shepherd nicely – like not spending quality time with it, for example – it doesn’t display affection for you. This makes some people think certain dogs are not affectionate or are less affectionate. 

However, German Shepherds are very affectionate animals. So if you are a German Shepherd owner and you and your dog have established a bond, be ready for endless cuddles and licks. These dogs are not only very affectionate, but they also don’t mind showing it as well.

Do German Shepherds Attach To One Person?

Now that it has been established that German Shepherds are affectionate, the next question is, do German Shepherds attach to one person? German Shepherds get attached to one particular person. Although they are good family dogs, they always tend to pick out their favorite person. 

As strange as it may seem, their favorite person is not always their master. It could be any other member of the family. They just choose that person to join them in carrying out most of their activities. 

This trait is primarily dependent on the master. German Shepherds are generally attached to whoever shows them the most attention – by cuddling them, seeming happy to see them, bathing or grooming them, giving them the most treats, or often playing with them.

It makes a lot of sense that such a person would be their favorite person. It’s only natural. And since German Shepherds are very clingy, they will definitely attach themselves to that person.

Although they have their favorite person, they can still show affection to other family members. They bond with different people in different ways depending on how these different people treat them. 


Now that you know a few different ways your German Shepherd may display its affection for you, you should not be too bothered about certain traits they may exhibit. German Shepherds are very affectionate animals. When they love you, they are not afraid to show it.


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