Should You Take Your Golden Retriever To The Beach? 2022

The Golden retriever is known for its affinity for water, primarily due to its ingrained trait passed down from generation as they were bred to be a hunter’s dog, swimming in waters to retrieve game.

The ancestors of the golden retrievers passed down these traits to their present existing kind imbibing them in their DNA.

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This, together with certain added structural features, has enabled them to be ranked as one of the top swimming dogs that not only have a liking for the activity but are also actually good at it. 

Should you take your golden retriever to the beach? Yes, it would be best if you took your golden retriever as they are excellent swimmers, and they would really enjoy going on an activity that involves water. They can actively participate in activities in the water, so you do not have to worry about them.

Golden retrievers love the attention, and taking them out in your leisure time is really good for them, and like most dogs, golden retrievers love the beach as much as you do. Coupled with their docile and fun nature, they would be an excellent company.

How Can I Keep my Golden Retriever Safe at the Beach?

They are certain precautions that should be taken to protect your dog from sustaining any injury or infections at the beach. So, If you may be planning on taking your golden retriever to the beach next summer, certain precautions can go a long way.

These are minor things that can be done quickly to safeguard the health of your dog, and they shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to prevent you from going to the beach altogether with your golden retriever.

Keeping your dog healthy is one priority of every dog owner, but keeping them happy is also paramount, and the beach is a sure way of keeping your retriever happy.

If you may ever wonder how you can keep your golden retriever at the beach, it is safe to say that they are certain precautions you would want to follow.

These precautions will be outlined in detail in the next section so you can be aware of how to effectively look after your golden retriever at the beach to ensure you and your dog have a great time during and after your beach visit.

Ensure your dog is capable of swimming in large bodies of water

Yes, Golden retrievers are excellent swimmers, this is a fact that is popular about them, but every golden retriever is different.

Some get the hang of it instinctively, while others are slower to learn. Some may not even be fond of water due to experiences in the past when they were pups, or they are not so used to swimming and tend to get tired quickly.

The best option is to invest in a life jacket for your dog to ensure its maximum safety in the water, and it can be able to stay afloat if they eventually get tired when swimming.

Watch out for the sand

Like most dogs, the golden retriever does tend to gobble up many inedible things, and one of such is the sand at the beach. This may cause some problems later, such as an intestinal blockage.

So when you are on the beach, please pay attention to what your golden retriever puts in its mouth.

Beware of how to treat superficial cuts and injuries

Taking your dog to the beach may lead to specific minor injuries here and there, from sticks or sharp stones. Ensure to check your dog roughly every hour and treat any cuts with an antibiotic spray to prevent infections.

Beware of saltwater

It is known that salt water is not safe for human consumption. So, Is sea water good for Golden retrievers? Ensure to provide fresh water for your dog readily available for drinking.

Why Should You Take Your Golden Retriever to the Beach?

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are good companions. They are docile, intelligent, and loyal. The beach can be scary for some dog owners as they may be worried about their dog in the water. But it’s safe to say that the golden retriever has no problem with swimming and seems to enjoy the sport.

Whether it be taking your golden retriever for a good time at the beach or actually hoping to get to see your dog splash in one of its favorite elements, both are actually significantly beneficial to the retriever.

The companionship at the beach accounts for an overall better mental health as golden retrievers love the attention, and swimming contributes to the dog’s overall general health.

Golden retrievers are known for their love for swimming. But, unknowingly, they are a lot of health benefits associated with swimming for the golden retriever.

Benefits such as;

  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Exercise for the joints and can be used as a form of rehabilitation
  • Improvement in mental health; serving as a means of relieving stress and giving them attention
  • Progress in the general health of your golden retriever.

Do Golden Retrievers Like the Beach?

Golden Retrievers

Most Golden retrievers love the beach. Their love for swimming, coupled with their inherent nature for companionship, makes the beach an ideal place for the golden retriever.

Most golden retrievers love to swim and are usually really good at it. So if your golden retriever rarely sees enough puddles to splash in at home, they would always be happy when you take them to the beach.


Golden retrievers are amazing dogs, their personality, features, and inherited traits are all huge contributing factors as to why you can and should take them to the beach. Their compliance makes them perfect around people.

Their love for the water and features ideal for water makes them enjoy their visit to the beach even more. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions, and you and your Golden retriever would have a lovely time at the beach!


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