How is Labradors As A Pet? (Explained) 2022

It is always good to research the breed before adopting and adding a new member to the family. You are willing to adopt a Labrador and want to know each aspect and fact.

How is Labradors as a pet? Labradors are very friendly and popular breed around the world. Labrador retrievers are loyal companion along with the babysitter and best friend of a person. So we can say that Labradors are quite suitable as a family dog. You will always find them patient, and they never reflect the sign of aggression.

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However, aggression is quite normal when they are provoked. Along with their friendly nature, their giant body is perfect for making them a watchdog and as well as a family protector.

Evil Labradors are safe to keep when you have kids at home. Furthermore, keep in mind that you will never find Labrador lying on the couch and enjoying TV, but they are highly social and need a backyard in your home.

So go ahead with Labrador adoption only if you are ready to serve them with plenty of love because they love getting parent’s attention. Additionally, Labradors are active and hence have a healthy appetite which is also crucial to regulate their diet.

Finally, 30 minutes of walk or play is essential for their giant body and bodily functions. Otherwise, they may get hip dysplasia or other bone issues because they are wired in a way to exercise daily.

Along with this, there are several other points to discuss when you are living with a Labrador.

Is a Labrador a good pet?

While talking about Labradors, it is more positive and less or no negative points to discuss. Labradors are almost perfect as a family dog and as well as a companion to live with.

It’s unfair to admire Labradors in one line because they deserve more. Know about the actual reasons due to which we are declaring them good pets


Cuddling is Love by anyone, isn’t it? Labradors are friendly in nature, and they actually like to please their parents and hence to cuddle their way to show affection and love.

So when you want a companion and a protector at the same time, you must adopt a Labrador because they prove themselves good pets.


You will not deny that almost all dogs are loyal, but Labradors are known as the most loyal breed in the dog world. Adopt and feed them today, and they are never going to ditch you till their death.

Even you will always find them loving and caring for you without asking anything. So we can say that dog’s loyalty is unconditional.

Calm in nature

How is Labrador as a pet?

Adopting a pet means adding a new family member to our life, which should not be aggressive, and Labradors prove them as the best pet because of their calm nature.

Almost all of the Labradors are friendly, and they don’t even bark at strangers. If you want them to guard you, then you will have to train them as aggressive dogs because they are not wired angry.

Easy to train

Another point that clearly shows that Labrador is a good pet is easy training. The quick learning and conservative nature of Labrador make them easy to train and no matter what is a lesson.

Most trainers are now training Labradors out of the box, which means adding new behaviour in this breed that is not in them by birth.

No harm to kids

How Labradors show affection

As mentioned above, Labrador is a friendly and loving breed, so there is no harm in keeping them as pets when there are kids at home.

Labradors are highly protective of the kids and care for them just like parents. However, Train Your Labrador not to jump because it is by birth behaviour in the breed which may harm kids.

What problems do Labradors have?

Some problems are also there, along with the perks of having Labrador at home.

Big size

Labrador’s big size is an overall advantage, but it turns into a problem when a parent handles it during a bath or training session.

Even when Labrador jumps in excitement, it may injure you or kids at home. Also, Labrador needs too much food to feel energetic, making it hard for parents to manage a budget.

Energy level

Labradors are active dogs, and this energy is not acceptable 24/7 by parents. When owners are busy and don’t have enough time to spend with the lab, the dog may get into behavioural issues because their energy demands workout.

So they may get themselves into chewing furniture and digging holes in the lawn. Otherwise, they will gain weight and becomes lazy.

Frequent shedding

Before adopting Labrador, bring the vacuum cleaner at home because Labradors shed a lot. The presence of a double coat forces them to shed it with each upcoming season.

At the start of winters and summer, Labradors shed all of their dry and loose hair and carry a brand new coat. Although a fresh coat is pleasant to watch, who will clear the fur from corners?

And the major issue is that you neither can reduce the shedding nor stop it. So all you have to do is to prepare yourself mentally before each shedding phase.

Not a guard

Though Labradors are loyal, selfish and as well as protective for family, but they are not wired to be guarding pup.

They never bark at strangers and even become a friend of each person in their surroundings. However, labradors can’t ditch their calm and friendly nature and hence end up with bad guarding skills.

However, lengthy and tricky training sessions may turn your sweet and cool Labrador into an aggressive one.

Diet plans

Labradors include themselves into the large breed, which means bringing lots of food to match their energy level. They are energetic and more prone to lose weight which makes them weak, so healthy food is recommended.

The Labrador breed should be served with a diet rich in nutrients and essential minerals to cope with level of energy. Also, when meal is homemade, it should have all complex nutrients in it. Labradors are not going to feel full by the cheap dog foods. Also Read How Much to feed Labrador?

Health issues

Labradors are more prone to get health issues such as elbow and as well as hip dysplasia along with the weight issues. Moreover, they may also suffer from the kidney and urinary infections. When not cared properly, you may notice a reduction into their life span.

Although they are, for the most part, solid, their medical problems will increment when they become hefty.

Labrador retriever’s body demand for a balanced eating regimen plan that should not aid into the weight gain. Additionally, consulting vet and seeking help is always a good idea to prevent lab from different diseases.

Are Labrador’s high maintenance?

Yes, Labradors include themselves in the high-maintenance dogs because of their structure. When we mention maintenance, it’s not just about grooming, but health issues are also included under the same discussion.

As we know that Labradors are more prone to get hip dysplasia, so they need proper care and exercise. Along with this, the regular shedding season again makes them high maintenance.

Their demand for quality time and excessive exercise may make them complex to manage when parents are busy. Therefore, the high energy level, intelligence, along some health issues make the lab breed high maintenance.

To conclude

According to us, adopting Labrador is not just enough because they are high maintenance and expect too much responsibility from parents.

There is a wide range of traits that makes the Labrador perfect as a family dog. Their nature to cuddle, loyalty, easy training, and quick learning make it easy for the parents to spend smooth life with Labradors.

However, at the same time, Labradors may reflect some problems that give you a second thought when planning to adopt them.

Their super active behaviour can be the significant point of rejection because parents do not have much time for regular exercises and games. Along with this, the regular and frequent shedding of fur is another problem in Labrador.

Due to the large body, Labradors are more prone to suffer from bones and muscle tissues. Hip dysplasia is common in Labradors; 7 out of 10 are suffering from it, for sure.

Therefore, go ahead with the adoption of Labrador when you have enough time to serve them with attention and care.


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