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20 Ways Labradors Show Affection

As a Labrador parent, have you ever wondered how Labradors show affection? There are 25 ways Labs show their love to you. Read our list to discover them all.

How Labradors Show Affection? 

Labradors show affection in several different ways such as a wagging tail, following you, licking your face, jumping on you, playing with you, watching you, being loyal to you, socializing with you, sleeping near you, rollover, guarding you while you eat and many more.

1. Wagging their tail

Surprisingly, Labradors use their tails to communicate and express emotions such as fear, happiness, and as well as aggression. Similarly, Labradors show affection for their parents by continuously wagging their tails when they are near their loved ones.

Interestingly when your Labrador is happy, it just starts wagging its tail, and it looks as if its whole back is shaking. This sign ensures that your dog not only loves you but trusts you more than any other person.

2. Following the owner

Labradors, especially when they are young, they require full-time security and safety, due to which they keep following their owners.

If your puppy is continuously following you, then be happy because it finds you a source of security and peace with the growing age, this behavior will turn into an expression of love and as well as affection.

3. Licking your face

Labradors love to lick you to show affection. As we notice that puppies lick the face of their mothers to communicate, and the same is the case when dogs lick the face of their owners.

There can be multiple reasons for a Labrador licking your face, such as asking for food, or maybe they are grooming you. By licking, a Labrador makes their bond stronger with its parents.

4. Jumping

A Jumping Labrador’s actions are quite unacceptable behavior within the breed but know that it is your dog’s way of showing excitement and love. Your Labrador never meant to hurt you or people by jumping on them.

All they need is your attention, and maybe they want to cuddle with their parents because they feel it soothing and comfortable.

You will notice that when you come home after a long day, your puppy will greet you by jumping on you and by licking your face.

5. Playing rough with parents.

Playing rough is actually your dog’s usual method of showing friendship. Roughhousing assists with framing a connection between the owner and their dog.

Make sure to train your dog on what type of play is appropriate – no yapping, gnawing, or swiping. 

6. Social with owners

Your Labrador wants to hang out with you all the time. They’ll even follow you to the bathroom! This is their way of socializing with you. 

7. Loyal to you

Your Lab is extremely loyal to you. They only want to cuddle with you.

8. Sleeping near you

Just like a human, dogs also like to sleep with their loved ones. When you live with a Labrador, know that they enjoy sleeping close to you.

They love your vibe and energy that helps them keep calm and sleep well. By sleeping near you, Labs show affection and feelings of blind trust.

9. Watch over you

It’s so sweet of Labradors that they keep watching over you, especially when you are sick. They try their best to care for the dog owners in order to make them feel better. In this way, Labrador shows that it wants your quick recovery.

10. Lean on dog parents

When you’re sitting on your couch your Lab will gently lean on you. Know this is just one of many ways they show their love for you. 

11. Smile at their parents

Trust me, they smile, and their smile gets bigger when they are around their owners. Maybe you don’t know, but dogs indeed try to mimic the facial expressions of their parents.

12. The dogs will sniff between legs

I realize how humiliating and irritating it is, however to a dog, this conduct is intended to be cordial. It’s in a real sense a “become more acquainted with you” signal.

13. Recognize the owner’s name

Try this, call your name and notice the reaction of your dog. Again, it’s your Lab’s love for you that it recognizes your name even in public. The Lab may reply with a barking reaction when someone is calling you.

14. Give you their toys

Dogs are selfish when it comes to their favorite toys, but there are no restrictions for owners. Even Labrador will pick the best of its toys and give this to you to show affection.

15. Guard you when you are eating

Dogs are highly protective even when there is no threat. Most of the time, Labradors show their affection by looking at their owner when they are eating.

16. Labrador rub their face on your face

Know that, when your Labrador is rubbing their face on your face, it is another sign of affection by your Labrador. With this behavior, they reflect that they are yours and you are the most important for them.

17. Gaze in your eyes

Gazing into your eyes for a long time is another attempt by your Labrador to show its love for you. 

18. They sense your sadness

Your dog can easily sense your sadness and they try to make you happy.

19. Cuddle with parents

Labradors are famous for cuddling all the time with their owners. 

20. Nose nudge

It’s cute to watch nose nudging from the dogs, another way they show care and love.

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