How To Groom Labrador At Home? (Explained) 2022

Lucky your Labrador is rich in the wash and wear a coat, but still, there is a need to groom your darling dog regularly.

Mostly new Labrador owners have a question in the mind How to groom Labrador at home? 

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Grooming your Labrador improves your Bond with it and keeps your dog away from the worms and parasites.

In addition, grooming is an effective and easy way to spot problems before getting out of the hands.

Naturally, each dog parent wishes a well-groomed Labrador with an impressive personality and a tip-top shape.

Grooming is not all about washing and bathing your pup, but it’s about cleaning teeth, ears, and as well as feet.

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Moreover, proper care about the eyes and coat of your dog is another way to groom it. In this way, you can easily judge the presence of medical issues, if any.

Following the excellent grooming tips for your furball will reduce the chances of skin infections, and there will be fewer trips to VET.

Yes, I agree that bathing a puppy or heavy Labrador of 60 to 70 pounds is not an easy task. Still, you are lucky that you own a water dog.

Labradors are never the cause of a headache to their parents when it comes to bathing them.

All you have to do is introduce a pool to your Labrador and then note down the actual swimming methods.

But, as mentioned above, grooming is not just bathing but brushing the coat, trimming the nails along oral care.

So, how often should a Labrador be groomed? How to groom your lab safely? What kind of grooming does a lab need, and parents ask many more questions.

How often should a Labrador be groomed?

Grooming your Labrador 4 times a week will be a good approach when it’s into the shedding season.

While on ordinary days, grooming two times a week will be good. Know that when we say grooming, it’s more about brushing your lab coat than bathing.

Bathing is another crucial part of grooming which is time taking so decreasing its frequency twice a month is enough. 

Trimming nails will be dependent on the growth of your lab’s nail, of course. If your pup is not giving you a tough time when you are about to cut its nail, then you can do this weekly.

Otherwise, wait for the excessive growth of nails so that your dog does not feel pain and irritation.

Cutting hair needs to be done every 6 to 8 weeks not to get any ticks and fleas. 

Parents may assume that their Labrador does not need grooming because of the attractive look and short hair.

Although, Labradors need low maintenance as compared to the other dog breeds.

How can I groom my dog without getting bitten?

There are several different methods to make grooming easy and fun. Of course, a biting dog is always the problem when you start the grooming session.

But, by following the proper methods, you can make the overall process easy and effective. 

The redirection method is getting the primary score of positive reviews; let’s look at it.

Take Labrador outside

Firstly you must take your pup outside the home to pee and poop before starting the overall grooming process.

In this way, you can calm your Labrador, and there will be no disturbance during the process.

Even during the process, you must give a pee break to your dog and notice if it is coming back for grooming or not.

So that your dog will not be bored while you are trying to groom it. Make sure not to irritate your pup by forcing.

Otherwise, the lab may get aggressive, and you will be unable to groom in the future.

Select the appropriate location

Select the best spot of your home, turn on the soothing music and keep the lighting according to your dog. There should be no distractions for your dog so that it will not run away from you.

Praise your Labrador

If he is acting and permitting you to prepare him without chomp, make sure to commend him and give him treats (he will connect appropriate conduct with getting treats).

If he begins to pivot, tenderly divert his regard for what is happening outside, or turn on some delicate (music relieves the savage monster).

You can likewise discover something on the TV for him to watch. By diverting his consideration, it gives him another thing to zero in on other than the thing you are doing.

Talk to your Labrador

Keep your tone down no matter what your pup is doing. Try to be engaged and talkative within the grooming process so that your dog will not distract and it will feel a stronger bond with you.

Try to praise your puppy’s behavior for feeling motivated for the subsequent upcoming grooming sessions.

Make this Fun

Try to be creative and entertaining when you are grooming your dog not to bite you. The grooming session should be rich in several breaks and some playing to keep your dog interested in the grooming.

Try to be gentle with your Labrador to make the overall process fun and quick.

Do Labradors need a haircut?

No, Labradors don’t need haircuts because of their low-maintenance coat. The regular shedding patterns serve the dogs with complete protection from the weather and even from haircuts.

Therefore, the haircut is never included in the Labrador grooming sessions. Even there is no haircut equipment within the Labrador grooming kit because of their ready-to-wear coat.

What kind of grooming does a lab need?

Following are the essential grooming points related to Labrador.


Before each grooming time or session, you should inspect your Labrador from head to toe by giving a massage. In this way, you will feel the presence of lumps, bumps, or hair loss and dry patches, if any. 


Soon after giving a detailed message to your Labrador, the next step is brushing. As mentioned above, a Labrador needs brushing twice a week to remove the dry skin and loose hair.


Moving ahead within the grooming session next step is bathing which is required twice a month. The frequency of bathing can change depending on the presence of Dirt on the skin of your Labrador.

Cleaning the eyes

If any regular discharge or irritation in the eyes of your Labrador, you should increase the eye cleaning frequency.

Moreover, this inspection will lose the dead hair and skin, brushed away in the next grooming part.

What is the best grooming tool for a Labrador?

The royal Labrador breed requires some particular sort of equipment or tools when it’s about grooming.

Most of the top-class brands are offering high-quality tools to groom Labradors. The best tools among all are the following.


is the tool that vets mostly recommend for dog grooming. By using this tool, you can continue grooming safely.

Slicker brush

is another tool that is getting the bulk of positive reviews from the parents. 

In the direction section of the tools, you will get the complete methods about its usage. In this way, you can groom your dog safely and quickly.

But, on the other hand, the wrong selection of the tool may get you in trouble and may not give you effective results in the end.


Adopting a Labrador is not the end of the story, but it is a great responsibility for regular grooming.

When you are living with a Labrador, you must know about the complete steps of its grooming.

Although your Labrador is rich in a defined and attractive coat that never requires a haircut, parents should not ignore other points.

You must inspect, brush, and bathe also clean ears of your dog and clean your eyes when grooming Labrador.

Labrador grooming is highly recommended because it is an effective way to know about skin infections if any.

Regular grooming keeps your Labrador away from fleas and ticks and serves them with Shiny and healthy skin.

Visiting the dog stores makes you realize a wide range of equipment or tools available for Dog grooming.

Purchasing these tools will make the overall grooming process easy and quick when hiring a grooming person.

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