How To Stop Dog Pooping In A Certain Area?

If you want to alter or stop your dog pooping in a particular area, then maybe you are looking for the best solution that can help you as soon as possible. In this guide, I will help you know how to stop dog pooping in a particular area. Let me tell you, there are many methods to alter this kind of behavior without being too much aggressive on your dog. 

Most dogs do this behavior out of boredom to seek attention or when they are not appropriately trained on where to go for potty. This kind of behavior is easy to tackle if you know what is needed to be done. This is why – potty training is a must for your dog to be taught.

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If you’ve already given your dog the proper potty training session, then maybe there is something else you need to do to tackle your dog pooping in an area where you don’t want them to. So, without wasting time, let’s learn 13 methods to stop your dog from pooping in a specific area.

7 Reasons Why A Dog Poop In A Certain Area

3 Reasons Why A Dog Poop In A Certain Area, How To Stop Dog Pooping In A Certain Area
3 reasons why a dog poop in a certain area
  • Out of boredom

Boredom can cause your dog to do something that you don’t want to. It has been noticed frequently that most dogs who get easily bored tend to do what their owner doesn’t want to keep themselves busy by doing something unique. If you are not giving your dog proper attention or care or not providing them the toys, other things that can keep them busy all day long, maybe this is why your dog has started this kind of behavior. If your dog has recently started this kind of behavior, that may be that isn’t can be the second one. 

  • Sand On Ground

Dog loves sand because it makes them crave to dig. You might have noticed that most dogs love to dig into the sand and pee/poop on it. Sand on the ground can attract a dog to pee or poop. This could be the other reason for your dog pooping in a particular area also. To tackle this problem, you can use citrus peels because the smell of the citrus is irritating to a dog’s nose. Alternatively, you can also remove the sand from the ground. 

  • To seek attention

Some dog owners tend to be very clingy and want their owners to be by their side. This could be the reason why your dog has started to poop in a particular area. If you have noticed your dog changing his behavior and began to poop in a specific area, he may be looking for your attention or love. Most of the dog owners seem to get angry at the dog at that moment which is wrong. 

A dog tends to live in the moment, and they will never get why you are angry unless you make them aware of what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

  • Keeping a dog outdoor

Your dog is like a family member, and you shouldn’t keep your dog outdoor most of the time. If you have been keeping your dog outdoors most of the time, this could be the primary reason your dog has started Pooping in a specific area. The dog also wants to be feel loved, belonged as well as cared for. 

If they feel that you or your family member has ignored them, they can start behaving. To stop your dog pooping in a specific area, you will need first to give your dog some attention and love and then acknowledge the problem.

  • Ignoring potty training

If you have ignored the potty training basics given to your dog, you will never learn where to go to pee or poop. If this is the case, then this article will help you in which I have discussed how to potty train a dog and raise them into a well-mannered pet.

  • Getting scared

You should first check the site where you have trained your dog to go potty. In the past, if your dog used to poop in the designated area where he was introduced, his behavior changed suddenly, then maybe something scared him. A spider or insect can also disturb your dog because some dogs tend to be oversensitive to bugs and insects. If this is the case, you can easily tackle them by removing whatever has been scaring them off and making your pup aware that whatever it was, now it’s gone. 

  • Absence of poo-zone

If you haven’t created a poo-zone for your dog, this could be another reason your dog has started pooping in a particular area. The first thing you need to do is prepare a designated area for your dog to poop and then retrain your dog.

9 Easy Ways To Stop A Dog Pooping In A Certain Area

3 Reasons Why A Dog Poop In A Certain Area, How To Stop Dog Pooping In A Certain Area, 9 Easy Ways To Stop A Dog Pooping In A Certain Area
9 Easy ways to stop a dog pooping in a certain area
  • Mulch and Plants 

Many species of mulch and plants are available in the market online and offline that often irritate your dog’s paws and nose and make them stay away from it. You can keep that kind of mulch and plant in the area where your dog has frequently been pooping. This could be the best way to eliminate this problem and alter his behavior. 

Many dog breeds hate walking on mulch or any ground that has been covered with something that could irritate them or scare them. The best plant to keep in this kind of area could be a thorny plant. The tough plant can be clipped from any large wood chips, Rose plant, or cactus. 

If your dog has been pooping in a particular area where the ground is covered with sand, this could be another reason. The first thing you should do is remove the sand from that area so that the dog’s behavior digging up the sand gets stopped because sands always attract the dog to take a dig, pee, and poop. 

Mulch and plants are the best methods to keep your dog away from a particular area. You can also pick pretty plants like barberries, korma aloe vera plant, and korma hole is huckleberry plant and prickly pear plant. 

  • Show discouraging signs

If you have a problem with your neighbor’s dog, you should install a signboard showing or indicate that they will be found if their dog is caught peeing or pooping in your area. Alternatively, if the problem lies in your dog, you can use sign language to discourage your dog from pooping in a specific area. 

This could be anything. If you notice your dog again going to a particular area to poop, you can start pointing your finger towards the area where they should go. You should also cover the area by standing in the place where your dog is frequently pooping. This will gradually make your dog aware that you are not liking he is or her habit of pooping in that particular area. 

However, you must make a designated area for your dog to pee or poop so that you can also make them aware of where and how to go whenever they feel like pee or poop. 

  • Fences/barriers 

Alternatively, you can install some barriers or fences to keep your dog away from that particular area. This will be the fastest method to stop your dog pooping in one specific area. However, it will cost you an installation price, but if you have one or more pets, it will also help you keep one or more pets from that area. 

A barrier will cost you more compared to the fences. If the particular area is a garden, front yard, or backyard, then this is the method through which you can stop your dog from pooping and make your garden or the backyard escape-proof. 

  • Repellents Products

Suppose you have some extra bucks in your pocket and want an effective and reliable solution. In that case, you can also consider investing in good quality dog repellent products that can help you keep your dog away from any designated area. This is the most frequently used method by most dog owners who want to stop their dog from visiting or pooping in a particular site. 

Plus, this method is safe for dogs and other pet animals by preventing any damage to the pet or the property. However, I would recommend you look at the dog repellent products that have been derived and prepared with organic natural ingredients rather than chemicals. 

Most of the dog’s repellant products available in the market state that they have been prepared using natural ingredients, but most are treated with chemicals. If you want, you can look at this dog repellent product that I have been using for the past 18 months. This one has been prepared using natural ingredients, including cinnamon oil, thyme oil, and citrus. 

You don’t have to be worried about anything, including plants, because it will not harm or damage it. It is also safe for humans as well as children, so use it without worrying. 

  • Sprinklers

If you don’t want to invest in a dog repellent product or are not looking to install any fence or barriers because it won’t suit that area or is not suitable for them, maybe sprinklers will help you out. There are lots of automatic sprinklers available in the market that can detect the movement of any pet animal as they detect light. 

Within a few days of using automatic sprinklers, you can make your dog aware that the specific area where they have been pooping/peeing now needs to be avoided, and they have to seek an alternative. Automatic sprinklers will make your dog seek out another place to pee or poop. Here are a few sprinklers according to the specific area helping you to stop your dog from pooping in a particular site. 

  • Create a designated area as pee-zone and poo-zone 

If you haven’t indicated or made your dog aware where they should go for a pee or poop, this could be the primary reason your dog has been pooping in a particular area. In this scenario, the first thing you must do is create/prepare a designated area where your dog or other pet should pee and poop. 

Once it is created, you can start retraining your dog from where to poo. The potty training basics help you and your dog, making them aware of this kind of thing, and helps you in raising your dog into a well-mannered pup. If you have already trained your dog potty training, you may also have to retrain your dog. 

  • Retrain Your Dog

If you have already trained your dog with the basics of potty training, you will need to retain them to make them aware of why they shouldn’t do it in a particular area and where to go. On the other hand, most veterinarians and experts always recommended training the basics should be done when a dog is a puppy 3 to 4 weeks old. 

If you have to train your dog when they are adults, you may face this kind of problem. Consider teaching your dog using the proper guide like this, or hire a good pet trainer who can help you with that. 

  • Use natural dog repellent mixes.

Another alternative to the repellent product is using natural dog repellent mixes prepared at home by yourself. You can take help from the below DIY method or follow the steps as I say.

How To Prepare Natural Dog Repellent Mix?

How To Prepare Natural Dog Repellent Mix?
How to prepare natural dog repellent mix
  • Mix 4 tbsp of the white vinegar with 8 tbsp part of the apple cider vinegar.
  • Add 2 tbsp of lime juice.
  • Mix it well.
  • Sprinkle or missed a particular area.
  • Alternatively, so the ball into the mix and place them in the specific area where your dog.

The very first thing you must avoid is sprinkling the mix on the plants because the vinegar is harmful to mulch and plants. To make the natural repellent more effective, you can also use few drops of crude essential oil with water like lemon, orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and sour Apple. Avoid any commercial oil or substitute because they usually contain harmful chemicals potentially causing more damage. 

Seek professional help

The last option would be to seek professional help or hire a good pet trainer if you cannot keep your dog away from pooping in a specific area. Many people have asked me how to keep a dog pooping in a particular location, so we have gathered all the data and information to help you understand the ways and methods to stop a dog pooping in a specific area. 

Bhilwara few other methods that are considered as popularly die approaches helping you in keeping dog pooping from a particular area.

4 Diy To Stop A Dog Pooping In A Certain Area

4 Diy To Stop A Dog Pooping In A Certain Area
4 DIY to stop a dog pooping in a certain area (Tab)

Vinegar tends to be the most effective way to stop your dog from visiting or pooping in a certain area. Most dogs are highly sensitive to the smell of vinegar and hate it. So, just spraying the vinegar over that area will keep your dog away from it. To keep your dog away from it and make them aware that they need to stop it, considered spraying the area once a week continuously for a few months.

If your dog is pooping in a certain area outdoor then prevent using the vinegar on the organic bed of the garden or outdoor. It could be harmful to the grasses and the plant. If you are looking to know how to stop dog pooping in a certain area in the house then the vinegar smell can again be effective.

If you are comfortable with the smell then considered using it but not on the furniture otherwise, the outcome will burst you out. The main advantage of using vinegar spray is that it is cheap, eco-friendly as well as considered a harmless substance.

Plus, Its scent is detectable to the human nose only from nearby. The smell of the vinegar along with the vinegar can dissipates quickly as it doesn’t contain any kind of harmful chemical like repellents available in the market.

Ammonia is very much effective in keeping your dog away from any place but it is a really hardcore method. If your dog has been pooping in a certain area where you don’t visit frequently then ammonia could be the solution. To dissipate the odor of poop/pee consider using ammonia or bleach.

The advantage of using ammonia is that it is cheap and available easily even in a $1 Store or at your local nearby store. However, the ammonia smell is also going to irritate you if you rinse it nearby. Consider using ammonia only if the area is few yards away from you.

You can get any brand of ammonia or even no brand. Just the ammonia would help keep your dog away from the area. The disadvantage of using ammonia is that it is harmful to plant as well as few months if ingested. It will also reek to you for a while after applying.

However, it is still effective if you use it continuously three or four times at least to alter your dog’s behavior, and then as time went on, you can train your dog to a new spot.

You can easily get a citronella oil at a few bucks from your local store helping you in keeping your dog away from it. The main advantage of using this kind of oil is that it is not only helpful in keeping a dog away from that certain area but will also keep the mosquitoes and the flies far far away.

Another advantage of this citronella oil is that it provides a coating on the plant as well as on the grass making the application of the oil to a limited number. You don’t need to use citronella oil on your garden bed frequently. However, the disadvantage would be the rain. If it rained then you will need to re-apply the citronella oil.

Plus, If your dog accidentally ingested the citronella oil then it can make them very sick. You don’t need to worry about the smell because it will be pleasant at first and will soon dissipate after the application of the oil. It may not be as much as cost-effective as vinegar but it is very helpful in keeping your dog from pooping in a certain area.

It may not be the best way but it is still effective. You just need to clean the area to remove the smell and the coating of there be using vinegar or ammonia. After that, you can mix chili powder with the water and rinse the area. It is only effective on the concrete or wooden floor. If the floor is hard then it is going to be effective and will make your dog regret sniffing before whooping.

This is not the method that has been recommended by experts for the veterinarian but few owners have found success using this method. We don’t recommend using this method because it can make your dog irritated or frustrated or even angry. Plus, I don’t think that it is a human thing to do to your beloved pet.

Final thought 

I hope that I managed to give you all the information on how to stop a dog pooping in a specific place in the home or outdoors. I have told you nine natural ways and 4 DIY methods to stop dog pooping in a particular area in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, make sure you share it with your friends with dogs to help them. 

Do let us know what method you implemented and what kind of success you got. If you find any other form more helpful, share it with us to include in the article. Any mistake found in this article will be administered if help us letting know in the comment below. I hope you will also check out our other guide on dog care; till then, take care, and goodbye.

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