How to Stop Labrador Puppy From Biting? (Explained) 2022

Are you struggling to stop your mini fur ball from biting? Is Labrador biting behavior is getting extreme day by day?

None of us want an ill-mannered Labrador chewing or biting each and everything and even the hands of the owner and kids at home. So, now you are wondering how to stop Labrador puppy from biting?

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It is crucial to stop Labrador biting habits at a young age so you will not have a Labrador with bad habits. According to me, the Labradors are wired to be calm and loving, not to bite or be aggressive.

But Labradors never bite without any reason, so if your puppy is getting this habit, you must notify the root causes. Maybe something is bothering your brand new puppy, or it is into the teething phase.

Is puppy bite normal?

No matter what is age, Labradors spend their best time playing as well as enjoying and exploring different types of objects. All of these activities reflect that our Labrador is quite healthy and growing properly.

In all of their actions, using their mouth for fun and exploring is their priority. They love to use their needle-sharp teeth to chew things.

Labrador bite is never a problem until they jump into the 7th week of their age. Even at this age, their bite is not dangerous, but still, we never want to raise an ill-mannered Labrador.

Firstly you should know that puppy biting is quite normal, and each Labrador does this at some certain age in their life.

The reasons are quite obvious that puppies love to use their mouth to explore this word, and this is their type of exploring.

Moreover, there is a possibility that your Labrador is into the teething phase, which causes some irritation in gums due to which they chew everything.

It is inherited in dogs that they play hard with their siblings soon after their birth, in which using teeth is the priority. Labrador retrievers are wired in a way to pick up objects in their mouth for longer Times.

It is crucial to mention that biting is normal just when Labradors are four months of age. After that, it is a behavioral issue that should be stopped at the very first step.

Puppy bite can be dangerous sometimes, but mostly, it is not harmful to owners. The bites are dangerous if the Labrador injects bacteria into the skin, which in result causes infection.

So it is the bacteria that is harmful to humans, not the Labrador’s teeth directly. Also, if your Labrador is suffering from some serious contagious disease, then the bite is dangerous for you.

No matter what, consulting a doctor after the puppy bite is always a good approach because you never know when your Labrador is carrying bacteria in its mouth.

How do you discipline a puppy for biting?

Training dogs at a very young age is always a good approach when you want to raise a well-mannered Labrador.

Parents need to understand that dogs need training soon after their birth; otherwise, the habits may become part of their personality.

By redirecting

Your Labrador needs to learn that biting human skin is not acceptable. Redirection is the most simple and easiest way to stop Labrador from biting.

All you have to do is to pull back your hand whenever Labrador tries to bite you. When you are taking your hand back, you must provide him with a treat away from you so that he will run for it rather than biting your hand.

The dog parents need to understand that touch games are not good when the Labrador is into the biting habit. Playing tug of war or fetching a ball are good options.

Along with the redirection, ignoring is highly recommended. There is a possibility that a Labrador is biting your hand to get your attention, and even with redirection, you are somehow giving attention to it, which means the Labrador succeeds.

Before redirection, you need to ignore Labrador so that it will understand biting is not the key to get your attention.

Biting means game over

Stop playing when Labrador starts biting you. Again it is a way or a suggestion to ignore Labrador when it starts biting your hand.

Labradors are quite social, and they love to play, so they never want to end any game early.  With time it will understand that biting me no more playing and hence a well-behaved Labrador.

Provide something else to chew

Relating this point with the redirection giving the biting or gnawing toys is consistently a great way to deal with the disposal of canine nibbles.

Along these lines, your pup will quit gnawing the furnishings or anything which he finds. The majority of the brands are offering sound-biting toys in which you can add some spread with the goal that your little dog will cherish it.

Just as giving the issue that remains to be worked out is likewise a decent alternative because your little dog will get sharp teeth along these lines, and he will realize what to bite and what not to nibble.

Use of no command

Selecting an effective command is a good option when you want your Labrador to stop biting. Ensure that your no is strict and loud enough to grab your lab’s attention to make him feel that you are not happy with bites.

For example, use the word “no” whenever Labrador tries to bite you. Mentioning, yelling should not be there when you are teaching some new behavior to your darling pup. Using and selecting the commands wisely will solve more than half of your problems.

Don’t be aggressive

Dogs observe their owners deeply and even tries to copy them. Similarly, they may copy your behavior when you are yelling or hitting them. Hitting Labrador and even hitting someone else in front of them let them into aggressive behavior.

There is a possibility that Labrador also starts biting to show their anger even to the owner.

How long is the puppy biting phase?

Lab puppy bites; it’s their natural behavior that they carry soon after birth. But the period is very small, and after that, you can train them not to bite.

For the Labrador breed, the biting phase is from the 6th to the 10th month after their birth. Even they may stop this behavior before these months if you are strict enough to stop them from biting.

At what age do lab puppies stop biting?

Maybe you’re not getting Angry, but none of us like the biting behavior of Labrador. At some level, all of this starts getting irritating for the dog owners, and they started exploring that when Labrador will stop this behavior automatically.

As mentioned above that puppy bite is normal, and natural behavior and they will avoid this with time. But still, you need to know that when your Labrador will understand not to chew our hands.

Don’t be panic; it is the phase of 8 months, and after that, Labrador will stop biting your hands and even everything.

But if you can’t wait for the 8th to 10th months, you can train Labrador at a young age. However, if you are encouraging the bites, it may take longer than 10 months.

Parents need to relax and give some time to their fur Balls because the biting nature is not permanent, and they will soon stop this all.

If you are teaching the proper commands from the first day, Labrador may not bite you even in the teething sessions.

To wrap it up

Yes, Labradors are friendly breed, but they contain unacceptable behavior by birth and biting.

Don’t feel bad if your tiny Labrador is getting a biting habit because it is quite normal in their breed.

The puppy bite is not dangerous when they are at a certain age but can be harmful to humans after that age. The presence of bacteria in the lab’s mouth causes serious infections.

Therefore, it’s important to train your dog not to bite because we never want to raise a Labrador who bites everyone. Not stopping a puppy from biting means encouraging it and embedding this behavior permanently into its personality.

Just keep calm and follow the instructions because it’s the only way to avoid behavioral issues in puppies.

Training them is important, but before that, parents should know about the actual causes of this behavior. In this way, training Labrador becomes easy just by reversing the causes.


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