How To Travel With A Parakeet?

how to travel with a parakeet
how to travel with a parakeet

It might feel uneasy for the pet owners to travel alone, with their pet birds left at home. No matter how long you choose to stay away from your dear Parakeet, you would miss her a lot throughout the journey, thereby making you feel sad. 

Also, it is quite a hectic and an expensive task for others to take care of her in your absence. But what if you can bring your little companion with you? 

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Well, that’s the good news! 

This article will give you a complete guide on how to travel with Parakeet. 

However, you must also understand that traveling with a Parakeet might seem a challenging task.Traveling with a dog or a cat is a different matter but little birds like Parakeets requires a lot more attention. 

The first question that may pop in the owner’s head is what to do with her pet bird? 

Actually there are numerous reasons why traveling with a Parakeet might not be a safe option. 

One major concern is the fear of boarding. 

You might be worrying about her throughout your journey, whether she will get proper care and food or not, and how she will interact or socialize with others. But there is always an end to worry, when you get your little friend back in good health. 

They will soon get back to their normal rhythm. 

So, the question is, what needs to be done if you are planning to travel with your Parakeet this year? What should be your move? 

Well, if you think carefully, this journey can bring joy and a fun adventure to both of your lives.This opens more chances of socialization of your bird with other people and you can learn a lot more about her behavior. So, all in all, a great opportunity to understand and strengthen the bond with your pet buddy. 

How to know if your Parakeet love to travel or not? 

how to know if your parakeet love to travel or not
how to know if your parakeet love to travel or not

Different birds have different temper. But when you decide to travel with a Parakeet, note that little birds usually love to be at home  and they might feel stressed and worried while traveling. But in some cases, they often enjoy traveling because this gives them the opportunity to interact with more people. 

So if you think that everything is fine and your little friend can come with you, don’t hesitate to make her a part of your journey. 

5 Things To Look Out When Traveling With Parakeet

Routine Follower 

It is important to know that if your Parakeet is too young and stills needs attention to orgnise her sleep, play and hygiene routine, it is not the best time to travel with her.

However, if your pet bird is mature and can adapt to the changes in her regular routine, she can surely come with you. 

Keeping An Eye On Her Stress Levels 

You are already aware of the many moods of your Parakeet at home. But when you decide to take her with you in the cage , you must take extra care of her and see if she is stressed or not. 

Taking a few, short trips with your Parakeet before going on a long trip would ensure increased time duration with her next time. 

Nausea Or Sickness 

As humans may get nausea and feel sick when the vehicle is in motion, similarly birds can detect movement. This movement can often cause nausea in your little bird. 

Hence taking shorter trips than longer ones proves to be a better choice while traveling with your Parakeet.

Health Of Your Parakeet 

It’s better to take your pet bird to a vet for a proper health checkup before the journey begins. 

Follow the vet’s advice. 

Understand that Parakeets also get stressed while traveling due to sudden changes in their diet, sleeping patterns and play time. Also, make sure you have enough time to spend with your bird. 

If you think you will be busy most of the time, then home-care would be better for her. You must be aware of the various responsibilities like feeding her on time, regular interaction and fun, cleaning her cage and so on. 

10 Essential Travel Tips 

Here are a few tips you need to know if you are planning to travel with your Parakeet :

Safe Reservation 

To ensure safety for your pet bird, make sure the room you reserve is free from smoking, else your bird may get ill. 

Pack The Essentials 

You are well aware of the essentials your Parakeet needs. Make sure you bring all of that with you. 

Cage Of Your Parakeet 

Note that a regular sized cage is less likely to fit in your car. And it’s safer to keep her on the rear seat, as an inflated airbag has a tendency to cause serious injury to your Parakeet if she’s on the front seat. 

You can look for cages that are a good fit for cars as the regular ones hardly fit in. Moreover, you may need some extra space for family members or for other essential stuffs. 

You should also keep the cage covered as that will prevent your Parakeet from nausea.You can also bring toys for your bird to keep her entertained throughout the journey. But don’t forget to bring the essential stuffs that your bird needs. 

Enough Food And Water 

Keep in mind that your Parakeet should not overeat the day before her trip. And make sure you bring enough food and water for her. 

As you can’t afford to waste your time in pet shops during the journey, ensure there’s no compromise on her food supply. 

Carry Water Bottles 

Don’t forget to carry water bottles in adequate supply to quench your Parakeet’s thirst. It’s important to note that traveling doesn’t make you free from responsibilities. You need to take care of your little friend from time to time.

Also ensure that she gets her favourite healthy foods and try to avoid sugary and fat foods at all costs. Give foods she already enjoys at home as changing foods in the trip can cause digestive issues which is neither good for your pet bird and nor for your trip. 

Keep her hydrated and offer smaller pieces of apples or other juicy fruits. And most importantly, keep feeding her on time. (Planning the time of feeding can be helpful) 


Keeping your Parakeet’s cage clean and free from dust during the stressed hours of travel is yet another important factor.  

Pack all the cleaning supplies like cleaning clothes, cage liners and disinfectants to ensure proper hygiene. 

Health Essential

To ensure health and safety of your Parakeet, bring first aid kit with you. This will help deal with any unfamiliar emergencies. 

Also, stay in touch with your veterinarian throughout your journey. 

Maintain Her Daily Routine 

You should make little to no changes to your Parakeet’s routine to ensure a successful journey. 

Following are a few tips on what to do and how to prepare for the journey right before the trip starts : 

  • You must ensure that the Parakeet’s routine is not disturbed right before the trip. This includes her eating time, interaction, proper rest and cleanliness. 
  • Get her travel cage a week before the trip and take few local trips with your little friend in her new cage. This will help her get used to this cage. 
  • Also, add a few stress relieving vitamins and minerals in her diet. You can also make an attempt to wash your Parakeet as it will be hard for you to arrange time for a full bath until the destination arrives.
  • You may even clip her nails, if needed. Also make sure your pet bird knows how to drink water from a bottle. 

During The Trip 

Always keep an eye on your Parakeet’s behavior. Here you can learn all about Parakeet’s behaviour. If you notice any mood swing or behavioral changes in her, talk to your vet on the phone for proper advice. 

You can also keep some medications for stress and anxiety as prescribed by the vet. It can be helpful to cover the cage as this may also reduce the symptoms.  

Also stay prepared with a flight suit attached with its lanyard if she gets out of her cage. Offer a light food before and during the trip and cover her cage for optimum sleep. 

Reaching The Destination

Travel cages, due to their compact size, are least recommended for regular use on an extended trip. It’s better to put her back to a regular cage  after arriving. This makes her feel comfortable and back to normal. 

Put her cage in a noise free environment, preferably away from doors and windows. And make sure you spend enough time with her. Keep her routine unchanged and ensure your Parakeet gets enough sleep. 

Final Thoughts 

Though it’s true that traveling with a pet bird is not as easy as we may expect, but proper planning and preparation can make it possible. It’s just that you need to be aware of your various responsibilties as a pet owner throughout the journey. 

Now, go and have a safe and fun journey! 

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