Husky Showing Teeth – Meaning and Training Tips

One of the important virtues of a good dog owner is to understand the body language of your dog when demonstrated in different situations. Showing of teeth is a dog’s familiar facial expression peculiar among the husky breed.

When huskies show their teeth, it can be confusing to discern the reason and meaning of such facial language. This is because there are many reasons why your Husky may decide to bare its teeth.

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Generally speaking, when the husky breed shows teeth, it could mean a sign of submission, showing friendliness, dislike for the restriction of the leash, aggression towards other dogs in the home, response to pain, or guarding something kept on their watch. Meanwhile, some huskies are trained to bare their teeth and growl, while others do so when they are fearful of a threat.

Let’s look at these reasons one after the other to see how they apply to your dog’s situation.

Why do Huskies show their teeth?

Huskies show their teeth primarily as a mode of expression or communication. Given that they can’t talk as we do, expressions like the baring of teeth, posturing, and other body language substitutes.

Showing of the teeth is a general thing among dogs, including pulling back their lips to further display the dentitions. This is one way they can communicate their feelings to people around them.

In other words, you will be able to better respond to your Husky needs the more you learn to understand the meaning behind the baring of their teeth.

5 Meanings behind Huskies showing their teeth

1. To express submission

When huskies want to express submission to you as their leader, they bare their teeth. However, a way you can differentiate this from that of aggression is by studying their posture which is often relaxed in this scenario

2. Reaction to pain

Generally, dogs tend to show their teeth when they are in pain and huskies are no different. Showing of teeth, in this situation, is deployed as a coping mechanism for huskies to protect the injury. So, your dog is likely to do this when an injury is being nursed in pain.

3. Sign of friendliness

Just as how huskies are known for making their displeasure and aggression known, they can also let you know they are ready to play and get friendly with you. The obvious expression for this is through the showing of teeth. What we observe is that the pouncing of the dog in this notion is rather playful than attacking.

4. Dislike the restriction of leash:

Showing of teeth is also a behavioral reaction by dogs, particularly huskies when they are aggressive about being on a leash. This can accompany growling and lunging. I noticed that my dog demonstrates more body language when on the leash than when freed. If it’s been a while since you saw your dog displaying its dentition, then try putting him on a leash.

5. Hostility towards other dogs around

When you have your husky dog among other dogs around, a hierarchical hullabaloo can set it which invariably leads to the jostling and loggerhead among the dogs. When they begin to contend with one another even to the littlest things like the water bowl, this is reflected in their facial expression as they show their teeth in aggression.

Aside from the aforementioned, and as cited earlier, Huskies also love to guard something that is kept on their watch or important to them. This is one of the cases where they show their teeth. Meanwhile, some huskies are trained to bare their teeth and growl, while others do so when they are fearful of a threat.

What do I do when my husky shows teeth?

Having understood the possible meanings behind your Husky breed showing teeth, you will agree that your response to this expression ultimately depends on the situation at that time. If the situation is about expressing playfulness or friendliness, there is no issue, only that you have to grant them the attention they are craving.

However, situations of aggression against going out on a leash require the response of ensuring the dog is kept away from other dogs so that they don’t erroneously see other dogs as negative or dangerous.

When the showing of teeth appears aggressive and persistent, it means the dogs view some elements in the environment as a threat and so you want to either adjust their environment or identify the cause of the reaction.

From my experience with the husky breed, I can clearly say that most of the dogs who bear teeth are doing so from the position of fear, which leads to anxiety that causes them to react in a pretty aggressive manner.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful.

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