Is Labrador A Large Breed? (Explained) 2022

Bringing the Labradors under the limelight, they prove themselves the top breed among all dogs due to their smartness and flexible nature.

From the term flexible, we mean they are pretty easy to train compared to the other breeds.

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In addition, Labradors make the best and unbreakable bond with the owners because of their social behavior.

There is nothing wrong if we say, Labradors are people-oriented dogs, isn’t it amazing?

While having a discussion about Labradors or adapting Labradors, owners must ask, “is Labrador a large breed”?

Despite their strong and athlete look, Labradors are a medium-large breed.

So yes, they are somehow significant than the other dog breeds, but still, they do not include themselves in the large dog breeds.

So let’s throw some more light on the same question from a different perspective.

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Is a lab considered a medium or large breed?

You adopted a Labrador, which you love.

It is kind and sweet and loves to play outside with you as you are spending quality time with your brand new furball and curious to know more about its breed.

As a responsible dog parent, you want to know what size dog Labrador would be in the future.

Or, the other possibility is that you are moving to some area in which large size breed is unacceptable.

So you want all answers relating to the size of your brand new Labrador.

Highlighting the same point again, Labradors are a powerful medium to large-sized dogs, whether male or female.

The normal Labrador height is twenty-four inches in range for both males and females. However, sometimes the size may vary from dog to dog depending on the routine and as well as health.

At the same time, the Labradors are too big to become a lap dog, but still, they will demand this to grab your attention.

Unlike other dog breeds, Labradors grip the height quickly and get their complete height within 12 months. Similarly, they put on their complete weight within the twenty-four months of their age.

As a medium-sized dog breed, Labradors are pretty easy to manage during walks and games.

However, for people who are willing to adopt a guarding dog that is highly friendly and full of energy, then Labrador will be a perfect choice.

What is the giant lab breed?

Currently, Great Dane Mix is the most giant lab breed with a height of 3.7 feet.  This endless mountain kind of dog is getting jaw-dropping reactions from people.

Even their loving and friendly nature keeps impressing people from the entire world.

Another name for this is Labra Dane which reflects the cross between Labradors and Great Dane.

Loyalty, protective nature, and playful behavior are inherited equally by both of these breeds. The combination is flawless that is serving mankind with the giant Labrador breed.

Labra Danes are famous for being delicate dogs who structure adoring bonds with grown-ups and kids the same.

The variety is friendly and will consistently be down to spend time with you. However, the canine’s additional huge size makes them an eye-getting hit with bystanders when you’re out for a walk.

Recollect that this is a highly huge canine, and you will require a good room both inside your home and outside for work out.

How do I know if my Labrador is purebred?

Without the official registration papers, it will be difficult to specify if your Labrador is purebred or not. 

Know that Labrador is one of the best breeds, and due to their efficient traits, they are always under crossbreeding.

Even the crossbreeds are more biased to look like Labradors which may confuse the owners.

Most people favor adopting a pure breed of Labradors, so they think a DNA test is the last option to ensure this.

While, along with the DNA test, some other features can also clarify whether the pup is pure Labrador or not.

Labrador specific Standard

Luckily, there is a Labrador standard that helps the dog parents to ensure the purity of the breed. 

According to the standard, a male dog is 22.5 to 24.5 inches in height at the shoulder. While on the other hand, females are slightly less from 21.5 to 23.5 inches.

Labrador Standard HeightMeasurement in Inches
Labrador Male22.5 – 24.5
Labrador Female21.5 – 23.5

The weight of the male Labrador is from 65 to 80 pounds while females are 55 to 70. Both male and female Labradors are rich in solid bones along with a powerful jaw.

The feet of the Labradors are compact but robust at the same time.

Coat colors

Coat color is another feature that makes the Labrador unique from the other crossbreeds.

Noticing the coat color at the time of adaptation can clarify whether you are going with a real Labrador or the crossed one.

For Labrador, three solid colors such as black, chocolate, and yellow, are specific. Other than these, colors reflect the mixed or crossbreeds.

Moreover, purebred Labradors can contain white spots in the area around their chest; color may vary.

But, the presence of white sites at the face or feet signifies that Labrador is not of pure breed.

The color is a clear difference between the pure Labrador and a crossbreed, so it is easy to identify without even a DNA test.

DNA testing

DNA testing is the flawless and evergreen method to know whether you own a pure or mix blooded Labrador.

For this purpose, purchase the DNA kit by specifying the breed of your darling pup. The kit contains the swabs to fetch the sample along with the guide to use it properly.

All you have to do is put the swab into the mouth of your pup and that back into the container. Mailing it back to the company will serve you with accurate results.

Mix breeds

At times cross variety canines with Lab are challenging to recognize from the actual bred dog. The ideal approach to differentiate is by a close investigation of the head, tail, and coat.

Labs have a twofold coat, with the undercoat a lot gentler than cruel, water-repellent top coat. The short, straight layer of the certifiable Lab has no padding.


The tail of Labrador is somehow different form the other breeds. The Labrador tail is swimming oriented therefore its shape is somehow different.

By noticing the tail you can easily identify whether you have a pure Labrador or a mix breed. Therefore, notice the tail when you are about to adopt a Labrador.

By this, you can know about the purebred without even performing the DNA test.

Love for water

Pure Labrador dogs are more into swimming through the streams and lakes; they just love it. It is the clear symptom that you have a pure breed of Labrador and not the crossbreed.

You will always find them friendly and calm when you bring them to the beach with family.


It is crucial to mention that Labradors are never the frequent or excessive barkers.

They are pretty friendly even with strangers, and you have to train them to bark when needed. Therefore it is another clear sign that you have a pure breed of Labrador.

If your Labrador is barking at silly things and not giving a friendly behavior towards strangers, it may be a crossbreed.

If your heart is in favor of adopting a purebred Labrador so you must read the official papers. Papers of your puppy are going to reduce the overall chance of getting a mixed Labrador.

Ask the administration to bring the registration documents and never accept the excuses because you may get crossbred.

Meeting the mother Labrador is also a good approach when you are about to adopt a brand new Labrador puppy.

Notice all of the above-mentioned features in your puppy before bringing it home.

To wrap it up

There is no match of a purebred Labrador with any other breed, no matter the size and color of this mix pup.

Having a Labrador means all-time fun in a friendly and loving way which is never possible with any other breed. Labradors love to show affection in many different ways.

That is the reason due to which dog parents are very conscious about purity while they are going to adopt a Labrador puppy.

DNA tests along with some clear signs of purebred Labradors are there, which makes it easy for the owners to identify whether they are adopting a crossbred or a pure Labrador.

Don’t rely on the registration papers because there can be a Glitch by the administration, so also go ahead with other ways.


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